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A/N: emerald onyx pixie is under the spotlight now. I will call her Emerald. 


Edith:  Welcome back to Harry Potter Jeopardy! Today's contestants are Neville Longbottom!


Edith: emerald onyx pixie!


Edith: And yesterday's winner with 6 points, Fred Weasely!


Stella: *applauding for Fred more than the others*

Edith: Now, let me introduce you to our host, Stella Beckett!


Fred: *applauding for Stela more than others*

Edith: *fangirling inside* Stella, start.

Stella: First question. What animal represents Ravenclaw?

*screen shows Emerald*

Stella: Go ahead emerald.

Emerald: What is eagle?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Emerald now has 2 points. Stella, Calliope_Rhea, WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter, and little ravenpuff all guessed that correctly.

Stella: Ok, this is our next question. Professor Sprout has agreed to give you the clue.

Professor Sprout: Name a plant that restores people who have been petrified or transfigured.

*screen shows Neville*

Stella: Neville.

Neville: What is the Mandrake?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Emerald and Neville both have 2 points.

Stella: The next question is: Which ear did George lose in the Battle of Privet Drive?

*screen shows Fred*

Stella: Fred.

Fred: What is left?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Fred now has 8 points. Onto the final bonus round question.

Stella: Get your pens ready. The question is: How many ghosts are in Hogwarts according to the books?

*Jeopardy music*

Stella: Pens down! Neville, you first.

*screen shows "What is 5? 2 points"

Edith: Neville, that is wrong. Your final score is 6 points. Emerald?

*screen shows" What is 6? 2 points"

Edith: That is correct. Emerald, your final total is 4 points. Fred?

*screen shows "What is 6? 0 points"

Edith: That is correct. Fred, you have 6 points.


Edith: Gals and gits, the winner of today's game is Fred!



Edith: Hey Emerald?

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: You know how Frella is real in Harry Potter Interviews, right?

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: Well, I need to make it real here as well. Fred and  Stella have been flirting like crazy!

Emerald: You're right. But, what do we do?

Edith: *evil smirk* We do the classic Echo_Slytherclaw move.

Emerald: Um, I can see your inner evil Slytherin coming out. I'll go find a broom closet.

Edith: I'll get them over here. Wait, Emerald, the broom closet is right here.

Emerald: Oh. GO get them. 

Edith: *walks over to Fred and Stella* So, you two wanna play a game?

Stella: What game?

Edith: It's a little something that Emerald and I are doing. You wanna join?

Stella: Sure I guess.

Edith: It's over here. Hey Emerald!

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: You ready?

Emerald: Yup.

Fre: Wait, what?

Edith: *whispers to Emerald* 3, 2, 1.

Emerald: *shoves Stella into the broom closet*

Edith: *shoves Fred into the broom closet*

Fred: Damn it.

Stella: I regret coming here.

Fred: Edith said that she wouldn't do this.

Stella: And you believed her?

Fred: Yeah.

Stella: Ugh. This closet is smaller than the one from my story.

Fred: Well, there's kinda something I wanna do.

Stella: *locks eyes with Fred*

Fred: *locks eyes with Stella and leans in*

Stella: *leans in*

Edith: *starts fangirling*

Emerald: *starts fangirling*

*Censored stuff*

Edith: *screams*

Emerald: *screams*

Edith: That's the end of this chapter! See y'all later!


A/N: Yup, I am Frella shipper for life!!!!! I censored the Frella kiss because Stela censored it in her story. Hope you like it, Emerald!



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