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A/N: Hola! This chapter will feature Alexis1234. I will be calling Alehli.


Alehli: Hello.


Alehli: Hello?


Alehli: *goes to Slytherin girls' dormitory and finds Edith sleeping* WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

Edith: Who's dead?

Alehli: No one. You told me that it's my chapter today!

Edith: *checks watch* Alehli, it's 4 in the morning!

Alehli: Exactly! There's so much that we need to do!

Edith: Ugh, fine. Let me change. 

Alehli: Ok. I'm gonna wake everyone else up.

Edith: Don't scream like that to anyone else. They will probably punch you in the face.

Alehli: *doesn't hear*

Edith: *yawns and gets ready*

*later in the Great Hall*

Edith: *finally awake* Alehli, where are you?

Alehli: Right here. Can we go to the fandom quiz?

Edith: Sure. Is everyone awake?

Alehli: Everyone except Draco.

Edith: That is convenient. You can stand for him in the quiz. 

Alehli: Yay!

Edith: I'll get Stella. Meanwhile, can you bring everyone else over there?

Alehli: Yeah.

Edith: *calls Stella* We need you again.

Stella: *through phone* What for?

Edith: Fandom quiz.

Stella: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Edith: Great! See you there.

Stella: Ciao.

Edith: *goes to playing area* Ok, Alehli, Ginny, Fred. Get up over here to where you were before.

Stella: *arrives* I'm here!

Edith: *conjures headset microphone thing* Catch. *throws one to Stella*

Stella: *catches it* Thanks. *puts it on and goes to host stand*

Edith: *puts the headset on* Ok. Welcome back! Our previous competitor, Draco, has overslept and therefore has been eliminated. Alehli will take his place. The question from last time was "What was the name of Voldemort's mother?" 

Stella: The first person who rang in was Draco. Alehli will answer the question, however. Go ahead.

Alehli: What was Merope?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Alehli earns 2 points for that!

Fred: Wait, I have a question.

Edith: Yes?

Fred: Why did Alehli say "What was"?

Edith: Because that is the way Jeopardy works. If you don't say that, your answer will not count. 

Fred: Oh.

Stella: Ok, next question. This is the question that Edith asked in the Author's Note in the last chapter. What is the name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff?

*the screen shows Ginny*

Stella: Ginny?

Ginny: What is Arnold?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Ginny has 4 points. May I also say three people got the answer right on this question in the reviews. Congrats to little ravenpuff, AngieKim0813, and Stella!

Stella: Next question: Who accidentally blasted George's ear off?

*screen shows Fred*
Stella: Fred?

Fred: Who was Snape?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Fred has 2 points!

Stella: Who was the female Ravenclaw prefect?

*screen shows Alehli*

Stella: Alehli?

Alehli: Who is Padma Patil?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Alehli has 2 points!

Stella: Next question. How many fouls are in Quidditch?

*screen shows Fred*

Stella: Fred?

Fred: What is 700?

Stella: Yes.

Edith: Fred now has 6 points because he answered the Daily Double correctly!

*crowd cheers*

Edith: The final results of today's game are Ginny with 2 points, Alehli with 4 points, and Fred with 6 points! Now, it's time for the bonus round. The topic is:

Stella: Harry Potter non-canon ships!

Edith: Please get your pens ready. Stella will ask the question. You will write down what you think that answer is and you will also put the number of points that you decide to wager. If you answer correctly, you will have that number of points added to your current score. If you get it wrong, the number of points you wagered will be deducted from your current score. Stella, go ahead.

Stella: What is the most popular ship created by Potterheads?

*Jeopardy music*

Edith: Time's up! Ginny, with 2 points, what did you guess?

*screen shows Ginny's answer: Dramione 1 point*

Edith: That is wrong, leaving you with 1 point. Alehli, with 4 points, what did you guess?

*screen shows Alehli's answer: Ronmione 1 point*

Edith: Alehli, that is wrong. You are left with 3 points. Fred, with 6 points, what was your answer?

*screen shows Fred's answer: Drarry, 6 points*

Edith: Wow, correct! Fred, you are the winner of today's game with 12 points! How did you guess that?

Fred: Quite a few people wanted you to make Drarry real. So, I guessed it. 

Edith: Great! Next chapter, I'll bring in someone else to compete against Fred and someone else. See you guys then!


A/N: So, good job to little ravenpuff, AngieKim0813, and Hufflepuff4Ever! This chapter's trivia question is simple: What is the animal that represents the Ravenclaw house?

See y'all later! Bye!



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