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A/N: I am very, very, very, sorry. I have 0 ideas for this story and I have 4 people who still need a chapter. Anyway, I'm back. This chapter is very special to me because I make a huge announcement. I think I spelled that wrong. Anyway, this chapter is for Ravenclaw 4 Ever. She ( I think you are a she) made her own variation of HP Conversations. Check hers out! I'm calling Ravenclaw 4Ever "Stella". Anyway, let's start!


Edith: Sqeeeeeeee!

Ron: What!

Edith: Nothing.

Harry: I'm pretty sure it's more than nothing if you're squealing like a banshee.

Edith: Well, it's really good news. 

Harry: Which is?

Edith: Well...

Fred: Did someone say good news?

George: I'm listening.

Neville: We really need good news these days. 

Edith: What? Voldy died, like, 3 years ago.

Hermione: One year actually.

Edith: Whatever. Anyway, the good news is...

Ron: Wait, let me guess. You are finally leaving us. 

Edith: *hurt* You want me to leave?

Ron: You're not going?

Edith: No, I'm staying, but I can leave if you want me to.

Ron: Yes!

Fred: No!

George: No!

Ginny: No!

Luna: No.

Hermione: Your choice.

You: No!

Stars: No!

Fish: No!

Bacteria: No!

Edith: Ok, I'm not going. Also, Ronald, I'm getting payback.

Ron: How?

Edith: Well, I am a friend named Stella and-

Ginny: Wait, Stella. I know her.

Edith: Yeah, I know. She also wrote her own variation on Harry Potter Conversations. It's called Harry Potter Interviews. You guys should check it out. It's amazing! If you want to read it, you can find it on my favorites list.

Harry: How is that payback?

Edith: Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, in Stella's latest chapter, we all played a little prank on Ickle Ronniekins and we captured the footage of it.

Ron: Oh, no.

Edith: So, who wants to see it?

Ron: No!

Everyone else: Yes!

Edith: Great! *shows video*

Everyone except Ron: *laughing their asses off*

Ron: *fuming* I'm leaving.

Edith: See ya never!

Edith: Anyway, the good news is that this story is my most popular fanfic!

Hermione: So?

Edith: You don't get it. This is my first story to reach more than 1,000 views and more than 100 reviews.

Hermione: Wow. That is impressive.

Luna: What are the exact numbers?

Edith: Um. *opens phone* 1,103 views and *checks phone* 109 reviews. 

Ginny: Damn. You're famous, girl!

Edith: Not really. 

*dolphin patronus appears*

Dolphin Patronus: Stella is coming.

Fred: What?

Edith: I texted Stella this morning. She wanted to be featured and this is her chapter. 
Fred: Wait, Stella? As in, Ravenclaw 4Ever?

Edith: Yeah, why- Oh! 

Fred: Shoot. 

Edith: You have a girlfriend though.

Fred: We broke up.

Edith: What! Why? 

Fred: Reasons

Edith: So, Frella can set sail?

Fred: Hopefully, not.

Edith: Well, she didn't give me a crush in the form, so you guys ain't gonna date.

Fred: Good.

Edith: However, I am gonna fangirl at you guys the entire time!


Edith: So, you don't wanna be with Stella.

Fred:*blushes* Well, I kinda do, but-

Edith: Yas!

Stella: Hey!

Edith: What's up!

Stella: The sky.

Edith and Stella: *laughing*

Harry: You guys are weird.

Stella: Why thank you!

George: So, what now?

Stella: Well, I was thinking-

Edith: Wait, are you thinking of that?

Stella: Yes!

Ginny: What is it?

Stella and Edith: Fandom Quiz!

Harry: Which fandom?

Stella: Harry Potter of course.

Draco: Can we start?

Edith: Nice of you to join us!

Stella: Let's go to the playing area.

*everyone teleports to a Jeopardy-like place*

Edith: I'll be your game show host. Stella is the question person.

Stella: Ok, I'll get the question cards.

Edith: *female game show voice* So, our three competitors are *drumroll* Draco, Ginny, and Fred!

Stella: Let's start our questions. 

Edith: How this is going to work is, Stella will ask a question. If you believe that you know the answer, press the white button on your buzzer stick. The screen in front of you will display the person who pressed the button first. If the person answers the question correctly, they gain two points. If they get it wrong, they lose two points and someone else has a chance to answer the question for one point. 

Draco: This is going to be easy.

Edith: Another rule. No one from the audience can answer the question. I'm looking at you, Hermione.

Stella: And Harry. 

Edith: And Harry.

Edith: So, Stella, ready to start?

Stella: Yup!

Edith: Fire away!

Stella: *clears throat* What is the name of Voldemort's mother?

*the screen projects-*


A/N: That's all for this chapter! Should I keep the Fandom quiz? Should I stop it? Tell me!
I'm going to stop poll questions. 

You guys: Aw.

Instead, I'm going to ask a difficult question about Harry Potter!

You guys: Yay!

You can't use Google. Just saying.

So this chapter's question is: What did Ginny name her Pygmy Puff?

Answer it and I will announce the correct answer next chapter!

Hope y'all enjoyed!

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