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    Hello! This is RavenclawGirl's chapter! She goes by Olive :)



    Olive: What? 


    Me: I accidentally wiped Harry's memory so Ginny is taking him to the hospital


    Olive: *sarcastic* greeeeeaaaaat


    Umbridge: BOOO! 


    Olive: YOU! 


    Me: HEX! HER! 


    Demumbridge Fans


    HEX! HER! 


    *Hexes Umbridge* 




    Me: Good job Olive! 


    Olive: Thanks :) 


    Me: Okay, so, would you like to come with me to feed oblivated Harry lies? 


    Olive: Ummmmm... Sure????


    *whoooosh and we are at St. Mungos!*


    Harry: Oh hello! 


    Me: Hi Darth Vader! 


    Harry: Ohhh is that my name? 


    Olive: Yep... And... The annoying blonde who comes in to visit with all the other people is your best friend

    Me: *smiles* 


    Me: Annnnnnd your girlfriend's name is Katniss 


    Harry: Ohhhhhh... Okay! 


    Me: Also, the redhead girl who comes in here is called I Hate You


    Me: Make sure to tell her your girlfriend is Katniss


    Harry: Great!


    Ginny: Hi! 


    Me: Quick, hide!!!


    Harry: I hate you!!! 


    Ginny: Oh... You jerk! 


    Harry: My girlfriend is Katniss




    Harry: Excuse me, my name is Darth Vader


    Ginny: Calliopeeeeeee!!!


    Me: *whispers* RUN! 

    RavenclawGirl, I hope that you liked your chapter! Thanks for reading, and please review! 

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