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    Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy this new chapter in Interviews! Please review and also, OC forms are coming out soooooon! By the way, I am going to be calling myself Calliope, because it's my absolute FAVORITE name :) WARNING: SKIP THIS CHAPTER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ HUNGER GAMES. 

    Ginny: Harry is missing!!! 


    Me: *secretly laughing* Oh no! That's terrible!


    Hermione: Where could he be? 


    Me: Guys, I bet I know what happened! 


    Everyone: WHAT! 


    Me: I bet Moldy Voldy is back from the dead! 


    Everyone but Draco: GASP


    Draco: You mean Potter is gone? For good? 


    Everyone: *Hexes Draco* 


    Me: *evil laugh* 


    Ron: Calliope... What was that? 


    Everyone: *accusing look* 


    Me: Okay... I may have kidnapped Harry. 


    Everyone: AND???


    Me: Sent him to Hunger Games???


    Everyone: WHATTTTT!!!


    Luna: Wait, what is that? 


    Everyone but Luna: Yeah. 


    Me: Okay-


    Hermione: *speed reads Hunger Games* 


    Hermione: NOOOOOO!


    NOOOOOO Counter: 1


    Hermione: He's helpless! He'll never get out alive! 


    Me: Hellllpleeeeeesssss! I look into your eyes and the sky's the liiiimiiit...


    Everyone: *glares* 


    Ginny: We MUST rescue Harry


    Hinny fans: YES! 


    Linny fans: NOOOOOOO!


    NOOOOOOO Counter: 2


    Me: Fine. HPFF, take us to Hunger Games. 




    Everyone: AHHHHHH


    Me: YAY! 


    Katniss: What the ****


    Me: Hi Katniss! 


    Katniss: Ummmmm


    Me: You wouldn't have happened to have seen a boy, he goes by Harry or Potter, depending on who you ask


    Peeta: Yep! I tied him to a tree


    Katniss: Awwwww. Peeta... 


    Ginny: Where is MY BOYFRIEND??? 


    Neville: Where are we? 


    Katniss: WHO ARE YOU?


    Me: No questions. We need to rescue Harry before someone kills him


    Gale: *aims arrow at Harry* 




    Me: *Kicks Gale and unties Harry*


    Me: *Oblivates Harry* 


    Ginny, Ron, Hermione: HARRY! 


    Harry: Who are you? 


    Me: Ooops


    So I hope you enjoyed that chapter! Also, please go check out my other story, L'Amour, it's a Dramione :) OC forms are coming soon if anyone's interested. Please review and have a great day!




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