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    October 3rd 1985 


    Harry had been having a great time at school but he loved the weekends. He didn’t have to worry about secrets and could do anything he wanted. It surprised him on this particular Sunday when Padfoot woke him up and told him to get ready to go. They didn’t have school on Sunday. 
    “Where are we going?” He asked. 
    “It’s a surprise.” Padfoot replied, handing him his clothes for the day, “but I promise it’ll be worth the early start.” 
    “Okay Padfoot.” Harry said as he left to go wake up Dudley. 

    At a few minutes past nine everyone was ready. They all linked arms and apparated. It felt like Harry was being incased by a straw and someone was sucking all the air out of it. When he was freed from it they were on a grassy field. Around them children of various ages were  on broomsticks. Harry could see Nym blowing a whistle at  her team and yelling for them to pay attention to the game. 
    “Welcome to little league quidditch.” Padfoot said smiling widely. 

    From the depths of his coat pockets Moony produced a picnic rug for them to sit on while they waited, not that they’d needed it. Almost as soon as they sat down a young woman came to introduce herself. 
    “Hi, I’m Amber and I’ll be running your skill assessment for today so we know what team to put you in.”

    ”I’m good at going fast.” Harry said. 
    “And I’m good with a bat.” Dudley said. 
    “I’m sure you are, but we want to look at all your skills right now. This way you can get better.” 
    “What brooms will they be using?” Petunia asked. 
    “We like to start them off with modified brooms. They’ll hover five feet off the ground and the pitch will have nets just in case.” Amber said cheerfully, as though children falling from great heights was something to be celebrated. 
    “Okay, lead the way to the broom shed then.” Sirius said. 

    The broom shed turned out to be incredibly boring. Unlike the one at home there were no secrets to be found underneath the old brooms, Amber never stopped to tell a story about any dents or nicks in the wood or smile at trophies from long gone students. Harry wanted his broom not a strangers, but he didn’t say that because he knew it was for his own safety. 
    “Alright, here are the comets you’ll be using today. Remember not to go at a speed that doesn’t feel safe and most importantly to have fun!” 

    Sirius was more than happy to sit on the grass and watch the try out. He knew they were good enough (better than ‘enough’ if you asked him) to get on the team and enjoyed getting to sit with and cheer on his family. 

    They started with laps, which seemed to make Harry happy. Like his father, Harry pushed the broom as much as he could, leaning until his nose was touching the handle. He was at the maximum height and seemed to be trying to break the incarnation stopping him from getting any higher. 
    Dudley was a future chaser. His balance was impeccable and he had no fear taking his hands off the handle just to feel the airbrushing over him. His whole face was bright and alert, he waved every time he went past them. 


    The next task was catching and throwing. The boys had been using each other as partners since they’d started flying and had no problem getting into the right place at the right time to catch the quaffle. They didn’t speak so much as nod and glance in the direction the ball was going, their faces screwed up in concentration and commitment to the game. 

    The final drill was run by Nym and her friend. The boys were thrilled to see her and refused to start without giving her a hug. 
    “Aw, you guys are so cute.” Nym said, she kept looking at them then glancing back at their parents, “Now I’m gonna give you bats and your job is to hit the balls we throw at you. They’re made of foam so they won’t hurt if you miss.” 
    Harry and Dudley mounted their brooms and took the foam bats.

    Nym and her friend seemed to be having fun. They’d ditch the ball then grab three more to make their shots difficult to get. Nym kept glancing over at the adults and Sirius had a good idea what (or rather who) she was looking at. 
    “Tuney, I think we have competition.” Sirius whispered, a devilish grin on his face. 
    “We do?” Petunia asked, oblivious to what Nym was doing. 
    “Our Moonpie has an admirer.” Sirius wailed, putting his head in his hands dramatically. 
    “I do not.” Remus replied, struggling not to laugh at Sirius’ antics. 
    “Yeah you do, see how Nym’s looking at you.” 
    “That’s disgusting, I’m basically her uncle.” 

    “She’s a Black, wouldn’t be the first time we’ve married family.” 
    “I’m old.” Remus said forcefully. 

    “If you’re old, what am I?” Petunia asked, “Plus, now that I look he’s not wrong, Nym’s constantly glancing this way. I can see her friend giggling.” 
    “Oh Tuney I think you’re missing the point, Nym’s going to steal him away. We’ll lose him forever.” 
    “Pads, you’re a nightmare.” Remus said sighing “she’s twelve and might I add I’ve changed her nappies. She doesn’t fancy me.” 
    “Aw, keep telling yourself that. You just don’t know what to do now people have realised you’re actually quiet the catch.” Sirius said, smirking. 
    “It’s all the mystery about you, makes people wanna know more.” Petunia said, trying not to giggle. 
    “Keep telling yourselves that, I’m going to watch my honorary godsons play quidditch now.”  

    Unsurprisingly (to Sirius at least) they both made the team. They were both chasers and their first team practice was in a week. 
    “Well done!” Sirius yelled, scooping them both up in his arms, “I knew you’d be able to do it!” 
    “I’m very proud!” Petunia said. 
    “You’re both exceptional quidditch players!” Remus added, ruffling their hair.

    “Merlin Moony, not the hair ruffling again.” Sirius pretended to groan.
    “I’m just being supportive.” 
    “James wouldn’t ever stop doing that, he looked ridiculous. Remember when he got dandruff one year during Christmas and it snowed more in our dorm than outside.” 
    Remys shuddered, “Ergh, you’re right. No more hair ruffling.” 
    They boys laughed and asked to be put down so they could go for a fly with Nym before they left. 

    “You know, she might be trying to steal you but she’s good with the boys.” Sirius said. 
    “She’s doing what we did with her, we were older though.” 
    “Didn’t we once drink most of Andy’s cheap liquor?” 
    Remus laughed, and so did Petunia despite not being there when it happened. 
    “You two need to tell me some stories when we get home.” She laughed. 

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