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This is my first ever fan fiction. So PLEASE REVIEW! Thank you. I can accept any flame comment but mean it in a good way, I have feelings you know. ;] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Christmas day in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has finally arrived. And plenty of surprises came into our young trio. "Ill be expecting you to finish the research I gave you,” said a cold voice. He then move closer to a frightened boy who was now shivering in horror that dumbstruck him. The boy was very kind, very friendly, very scared right now. The boy is Neville Longbottom. And the long black robe man was none other than Snape, the Head of Slytherin and the Potion's Master. He was still shaking in horror as Snape came towards him and glared at him. "And you. One more failed report and your done." said the Snape, while his silky jet black hair was falling into his face. Then the bell rang. Everybody then leave the classroom especially Neville who was still eyes widened. "When is he going to stop bullying him?” said a fiery haired young man, it was Ron Weasley. Then a jet-black hair that was everywhere spoke and he was wearing round glasses and has a lightning bolt scar in his forehead. It was none other than the boy-who-lived, Harry Potter. "Well I don’t expect him to be that nice to Neville-" he said then was interrupted by Ron. "I was really going to get him this time. I was gripping my wand very tightly. And point him in his face. -" He said then a girls voice then began to speak. "Are you serious Ron? Cause if you are, you might as well be packing your luggage before you do that!" said the girl who has bushy brown hair and was carrying 5 hard cover books. None other than their best friend, Hermione Granger. "Ron. Could you help-me-with-this-please!" she said giving the books to Ron. But Ron then collapsed by the heaviness of the books. "How could you carry all this stuff?" he said protesting. "You don’t even need them!" he said shaking his head, and Harry helped him with the books too carry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally, the trio is in the Great Hall to have some lunch. The Great Hall was still the same, four long house table, a staff table in front, who was packed with their professor's, and the ceiling. The ceiling was bewitch, at least it is, according to Hogwarts, A History. Snow was falling from the ceiling and snow flakes, who was the tiny Professor Flitwicks works was giving the Great Hall more enchantment. And the Christmas tree who also was his decoration, but was cut by the Half-Giant Hagrid. "Hey you two." Hermione began as both of the boys listened to Hermione. Then she continued. "I was thinking on going to Paris for this Vacation-" she stops and a protesting voice began to talk. "WHAT!" Ron said looking at Hermione. "But what happened to the vacation we planned? Were supposed to be going to our house!" Ron said angrily. Harry then just listened at the argument while eating his fried chicken. "But I have to do something there. I have to cancel the vacation. Sorry." Hermione said looking down. Ron then just closed his eyes then opened it again. "Its. Ok. I’m going to owl mom and say were not going.." he said looking at her. Hermione then looked at Ron and smiled and hugged him. "Thank you." she said then came back to reality then pulled away from Ron. She blushed slightly then began to eat her meal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron then whistles then a tiny owl came fluttering around. It was Ron's owl, Pigwidgeon, given by Sirius. "Ok. I want this task nice and clear.. Take this to mom, at The Burrow. ok?" he said to the tiny owl and it fluttered cheerfully. Ron then attached the mail then set Pigwidgeon fly. "Now who bewitch a rock into a flying bird?" said an arrogant sly voice. It’s a blonde boy who was accompanied with a two pop knuckling sidekick, Draco Malfoy. Draco then gave a smirk while his two-bully friend pop their knuckles. "So Weasley, I heard you vacation on your wood strapped house has been cancelled,” he said with a smirk. "Why don’t you keep your dirty pointed nose out of people's business Malfoy!” Harry said glaring at the boy. "Potter still having a day dream and shouting your parents name?" Malfoy said coolly. Harry then stood but Hermione pulled him back down. "Ohm... so what are you going to do Mudblood?" Draco then said with a smirk. Then set-off. But with a second, Hermione pulled him back then punches his face very hard; he was knocked away with his two stupid friends. Nose bleeding, "You’ll pay for this Granger. You’ll pay,” he said setting off out of the Great hall. Ron then was shocked, jaws dropped. "That was the second time Hermione." he said eyes widened. "And there will be a third time, when he came on and nosing around." she said rubbing her hands on her robe and smiled. "You two are crazy." Harry said with a smile then put his right arm on Hermione's shoulder and the other to Ron's. As they came to their next class. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was now past midnight, and the term has ended. Hermione was still packing at the deserted common room with Harry and Ron. "Oh you guys. Could you be less in trouble when I’m not here?" she said looking at them with a small smile. Ron then looked up "I. err." he said unsure. "Oh Ron. You too Harry, and promise, and ill bring you guys a lot of presents!" she said smiling at them. "Well ill expect that Hermione!" Harry said with a smile. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then in the dawn, she, Ron, and Harry headed at the Hogsmade station to bid Hermione farewell. "Well, be careful." Harry said. Ron hasn’t spoken to her all morning. Hermione then give Harry a hug and a kiss in the cheek, and then gave Ron the same, which make Ron red the whole day. "Ill write to you guys as soon as I arrived there!" she said waving goodbye as she entered the Hogwarts Express. Then slowly by slowly then train move faster and faster, leaving Hermione alone, on her Christmas Vacation.

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