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A/N: Ok, it's probably been a month since I updated. I am really sorry. This chapter is featuring little ravenpuff, who wants me to call them puff. So, that's what I'll do. Anyway, here it is:


Edith: I'm back!

Harry: *groans*

Edith: I'm sorry, what was that?

Harry: Nothing it's just, literally everyone is dragging us around, trying to interview us. 

Edith: Well, the idea became very popular since WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter's version of it.

Harry: Yeah, but there are so many!

Edith: Well, I know Waiting did it, I did it, Bookpanda12 did it, Nothing is everything did it, and Ravenclaw 4Ever did it. That's all that I know of.

Harry: Yeah, but TheRavenpuffPoet is trying to make us play Craftmine!

Edith: It's Minecraft. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with it.

Harry: You're not the one playing it.

Edith: *offended* Um, excuse me! I was in a chapter! I got a monster spawner and had spiders chase Ron!

Ron: *walks in* I still have nightmares about that.

Edith: *mischievous* Oh, I still have the monster spawner. Wanna see?

Ron: *runs off screaming* Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

Edith: *laughing*

Fred: Well, isn't our little Edith becoming a prankster?

Edith: Shut up.

Fred: Nah

puff: What am I, a stone wall?

Draco: Who are you?

puff: I am little ravenpuff, but call me puff 'cause why not? I am obviously a Ravenclaw with a little bit of Hufflepuff in me. 

Draco: Attitude much?

puff: Kinda. Also, for your entertainment, I hate Dramione.

Draco: Yeeeeeeeeees!

Edith: But, most people ship it. It's one of the most popular Harry Potter ships.

Draco: Prove it.

Edith: Ok, one sec. *looks on Google*

Edith: Aha! Found one! 



Hermione: That doesn't prove anything!

Edith: Ugh, let me show you the entire thing. Actually, I found a better picture. 



Edith: See? Dramione is like 9o%%%%%%, Harmione is 8%%%%%%, and Ronmione is 2%%%%%%.

Draco: Why!

puff: Yeah, my question exactly. I ship all those canon ships. Oh, and Drarry.

Harry: Is Drarry that thing with Malfoy and me?

puff: Yeah, it's amazing.

Harry and Draco: No it's not!

Edith: Before this gets too heated, anything you want to say puff?

puff: Um, Drarry is amazing. I hate Dramione. I am too sarcastic for my own good.

Edith: Nice to know. Um, I think that's all for today. Bye!
Everyone: Bye!

Harry and Draco: *still fuming about Drarry*


A/N: I'm back! Yes, I'm back! I forgot about the poll from the last chapter, so it's not gonna be included. Also, to little ravenpuff, I know I made you more sassy than sarcastic. I'm sorry about that!

However, here is this chapter's poll question: What is your absolute favorite ship?

That's all. I wrote this chapter in a hurry, so I'm sorry for its bad quality. Anyway, bye! 

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