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A/N: So this chapter is for AngieKim0813. I am lazy, so I will call her Angie. I am Edith. Does anyone have that coming into their dreams? Let me know! Anything else? Oh yeah! Wait, I can add that in the next chapter. There's this you need to know. In this chapter, Neville is the cute Neville from DH. Here we go! 


Angie: Hey!

Edith: Hello, where do you want to go first? 

Angie: Um, well, I know Drarry didn't have a good reaction to the last chapter. Oh, I have an idea! *whispers idea in Edith's ear*

Edith: Well, I can. But I won't make it permanent. 

Angie: Can you just make it happen? 

Edith: Yeah, but I won't make it go too far. 

Angie: What's the farthest it can go?

Edith: Um. *whispers in Angie's ear*

Angie: Yes!

Edith: Ok, then. *uses the power of fanfiction to bring Hermione and Draco*

Hermione: Oh, hello, Edith.

Draco: What exactly am I doing here with a mudblo- *looks at Hermione and stops himself* *thinks* Her eyes are so beautiful.

Hermione: Wait, why is ferre- *looks at Draco and stops herself* *thinks* He is really hot. 

Draco: *steps closer to Hermione*

Hermione: *steps closer to Draco*

*there's 2 inches of distance between them*

Draco: *kisses Hermione*

Hermione: *kisses back*

Angie: *fangirling*

Edith: *fangirling*

Edith: *stops the mind control*

Hermione: *realizes she is kissing someone and pulls away*

Draco: *feels lips pull away from his* What the? *sees Hermione* What the fuck! 

Hermione: *angry* Why was I snogging Ferret Boy out of all people?

Edith: *trying to act innocent* Well, Angie wanted to see Dramione, so who am I to deny her wish?

Draco: *pulls out wand* You will pay.

Edith: *pulls out wand* We'll see about that.

Draco: Crucio!

Edith: Expelliarmus!

Draco: *wand flys out of hand* Damn it!

Edith: *growl, scary voice* Don't. Try. To. Curse. Me.

Draco: *scared* Yes, Ma'am.

Neville: That's why you don't mess with girls. 

Draco: I get it.

Angie: ...
Edith: *sees this* Don't be nervous.

Neville: *sees Angie* Are you another HP fan?

Angie: Y-Yeah.

Neville: What house are you, what ships do you like and hate, and who's your crush?

Angie: Um. I'm Gryffindor. I ship Dramione and Drarry. I don't ship Drinny. I like. I like. I like. *whispers* You.

Neville: *hears Angie* Oh.

Angie: *blushing*

Neville: Look up at me for a sec.

Angie: *looks at Neville*

Neville: *kisses Angie*

Edith: *shoo's Draco and Hermione away*

Edith: *closes the door and locks Draco and Hermione inside the room* Hehe.

Draco: Get us out of here!

Edith: Nah, don't feel like it. *walks away*

Edith: Well, that's it for this chapter. Buh Bye!


A/N: Ok, I'm back. There is one more person left before I do the second chapters. Poll time! 

Oh, wait, not yet. I will post the results on Monday. Um, see ya folks!


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