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A/N: Hi! This chappie will feature StarGazer144. I'll call them Star. I'm Edith. You probably know that. I'm a terrible writer. You probably know that as well. Also, if you don't like LGBT, please don't read this chapter. Onwards ho!


Star: Hello.

Edith: Hey. I need to go do something really quick, so I'm going to give your control of the story really quick, but don't control me or Luna. 

Star: *excited* Ok, yeah.

Edith: *gives control and leaves* 

Star: Hey Edith?

Edith: *comes back* Yeah?

Star: Can I bring people back from the dead?

Edith: No, I made Fred not die before. But everyone else died. Sorry.

Star: It's fine. *whispers in ear* Can I make Drarry real?

Edith: Yeah, but don't make it permanent. 

Star: I won't.

Edith: *leaves* Luna?

Luna: Yes?

Edith: Do you actually like guys?

Luna: I used to, but now, I like girls. They're cute.

Edith: If I brought you a cute girl, would you date her?

Luna: It depends.

Edith: Ok, I'll get here.

*meanwhile, with Star controlling the story*

Star: *thinking* Time to make Drarry a reality.

Draco: *looks at Harry* *thinks* I never noticed how cute he is.

Harry: *looks at Draco* *thinks* How is it that I never saw how handsome he is?

Star: *fangirling as her fantasy plays out before her eyes*

Draco: *steps closer to Harry*

Harry: *steps closer to Draco*

Draco: *questioning look in his eye*

Harry: *nods*

Star: *heart beating really fast*

Edith: Ok, I'm back. *takes control of story*

Draco: *notices how close they are* What the fuck!

Harry: *notices how close they are* Shit!

*Draco and Harry run away from each other*

Harry: What was that for?

Star: Uh, I wanted my ship to come to life.

Draco: And you ship us?

Star: Yeah, I ship Drarry and Wolfstar.

Harry: Ugh!

Edith: Anyway, I got control again.

Harry: Don't ever make us do that.

Edith: I won't. I'm not a fan of LGBT ships, but I'm fine with them.

Star: *whispers* Is Luna straight?

Edith: *whispers* She is as straight as a cooked noodle.

Star: Yas!

Luna: Hello Star. You're pretty.

Star: Thanks. You are too.

Luna: Would you like to be my girlfriend?

Star: OMG, YES!

Luna: Would you come with me?

Star: Yeah. *walks away with Luna*

Edith: *follows them to eavesdrop*

Luna: Can I kiss you?

Star: Am I dreaming? Everything I want is coming to life!

Luna: I don't think you're dreaming.

Star: *kisses Luna*

Luna: *kisses Star*

Edith: *walks back*

Edith: Well, that's all. The poll results are below. Bye!


A/N: Ok, hi. The "straight as a cooked noodle" came from my friend. She said it last year. 

Poll time! The results were this: The Heir of Slytherin said Tonks or Tom Riddle (not Voldemort though). dew_drops said Fred/George, maybe the Marauders or Aberforth (aka, a lot of people). little ravenpuff said, Crookshanks. RavenPaw said Gred and Forge. Oops, I meant Fred and George. That's all the results. So, Fred and George win! I would say Fred and George too. 

The poll question for the next two chapters is this: If you could make a non-canon ship canon, which one would it be, and which canon ship would it replace. For example (not what I would do) replace Hinny with Charry (I wouldn't do that). 


Peace out! ☮️

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