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A/N: Uh. This chapter will feature BookGinnyIsAmazing. I'm too lazy to type that, so I will be calling her BookGinny. I am Edith. Let me know if that's coming in your dreams or not. Anything else? Oh, for those of you competing in my challenges, my next challenge is up. I think that's all. 


BookGinny: It's HogwaAaAaAarts!

Edith: Yup. Where do you wanna go?

BookGinny: Um, Ravenclaw common room!

Edith: Ok, but do you wanna meet the gang?

BookGinny: Sure, then Ravenclaw common room?

Edith: Sure. *teleports to Quitdich field*

Edith: Hey guys.

Harry: She brought someone else.

Edith: How do you know?

Harry: Because you're out snogging George when you don't have anyone else.

BookGinny: I was right! Harry is a jerk!

Harry: What!

Hermione: I have to agree.

Ginny: Before we talk about how Harry's personality is, can someone explain why BookGinny's name is basically my name.

BookGinny: Well, my full name is BookGinnyIsAmazing. I absolutely admire Ginny Weasley from the books. She is so brave and shows that she can't be defeated. The movie Ginny is really soft and is nothing like the book. 

Ginny: *blushing* Thank you.

Edith: Ok, now that conversation is over, can we go back to talking about how Harry is a jerk?

Draco: Yes!

Hermione: You join us now?

Draco: I have my reasons.

Hermione: Which are?

*Edith and BookGinny start fangirling in the background*

Draco: I was sulking because WFMHL slapped me and because Edith vanished The Heir of Slytherin. 

Edith: Look, I told you that I would be doing second chapters for the people who want to come back. B

Draco: Then hurry up and finish the first chapters.

Edith: Look, the list keeps getting longer and I don't want to leave anyone out!

Hermione: *whispers* Ship!

Draco and Edith: What!

Draco: Nuh ah, not dating Edith.

Edith: I'm already dating someone!

Hermione: Eh, who cares?
Edith: Me!

BookGinny: Um, I'm going to go now.

Edith: No no, I'll end the chapter here. BookGinny, do you still wanna go to the Ravenclaw Common Room?

BookGinny: Yes!

Edith: Ok. 

*BookGinny and Edith teleport to Ravenclaw Common Room*

Edith: When the next person comes, you will automatically vanish from this story. Just letting you know. 

BookGinny: Ok!


A/N: Ok, that's done. Um, I don't have much to say except this: I won't be posting a new chapter tomorrow because I want to post another chapter on "Edith's Hogwarts Story". I was going to do it today, but this chapter took me all day. 

Poll time! I'm going to give you guys more time. It's the same question. Please go back to Chapter 12 to see the question.

Have a nice day, y'all!

Peace out!


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