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A/N: So, I know I made an oath last chapter, but I need to tell you guys this. I can't get on my laptop on the weekends for long enough to type an entire freaking chapter. My parents don't know that I'm on HPFF, and if they did, they would kill me. Anyway, this is the chapter for RavenPuffle. I am Edith. I saw that so often that it probably comes in your dreams now. Anyway, not much to say anymore. Ba-bam!


RavenPuffle: Hey!

Edith: How's it going?

RavePuffle: Good! You?

Edith: Pretty good. Now, before we go, I need you to do me a favor.

RavenPuffle: What's that?

Edith: I know you like George, but George and I are dating. I need you to promise me not to try and make him fall for you.

RavenPuffle: I already agreed, but I understand your concern. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, or stick a needle in my eye. 

Edith: Ok, but you can snag Fred. 

RavenPuffle: That was my intention.

Edith: Ok, good. Ready to go?

RavenPuffle: I've been ready all my life!

Edith: Great!

*RavenPuffle and Edith teleport to Hogwarts, Gryffindor Common Rom (where I threw the lot, except Draco, who's still sulking)*

Edith: *trying to talk over the noise* Hey!

Edith: *no one heard her the first time* OI, YOU LOT!

*everyone shuts up*

George: *startled* I didn't know you could talk that loud. 

Edith: *smiles* It's part of my charm. *walks over to George and sits next to him*

Edith: *whispers to George* I need you to please get this lot upstairs, in the dormitory. Everyone except Fred and RavenPuffle. 

George: Ok. *walks over to everyone and tells them to go upstairs quietly*

*everyone is upstairs except RavenPuffle, Fred, Edith, and George*

*George and Edith go upstairs, into George's dormitory and kiss* 

RavenPuffle: *in the empty common room with Fred* Hi.

Fred: Hi..

RavenPuffle: So, you're Fred Weasley. You know, I think Edith already told you, but you died in the books.

Fred: Yeah, I know. So, who are you?

RavenPuffle: I am RavenPuffle, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. My wand is a dragon heartstring, patronus is a grey stallion. I'm a a half-blood. My animagus is a fox. 

Fred: You're an animagus?

RavenPuffle: Yeah. Wanna see?

Fred: *excited* Sure!

RavenPuffle: *changes into fox and walks up to Fred*

Fred: Wow!

RavenPuffle: *changes back*

*there is like 6 inches between Fred and RavenPuffle*

Fred: Well, it's not everyday a pretty girl is this close to me.

RavenPuffle: *bashful* You think I'm pretty?

Fred: *steps closer* Yeah, you are.

RavenPuffle: *steps closer* That's nice of you to say.

*there is 3 inches between them*

Fred: *leans in and closes eyes*

RavenPuffle: *heart beating fast, leans in and closes eyes*

*Fred and RavenPuffle kiss*

Edith: *quietly comes down with a camera and snaps a shot*

Edith: *takes the picture and puts it on the ground near them*

*Fred and RavenPuffle stop kissing* 

RavenPuffle: *sees picture* What's that?

Fred: *looks* Dunno. *picks up picture*

RavenPuffle: *looks at picture* What the heck!?

Fred: Edith!

Edith: Yes?

Fred: What the hell was this for?

Edith: *enjoying this* What was what for?

RavenPuffle: You know what he's talking about.

Edith: *cheecky smile* Aw, defending Freddie are we know?

RavenPuffle: *slight blush* No. Anyway, answer the question.

Edith: Hehe. I saw that and needed that shot. I decided to let you guys see my superb photo skills.

George: *enters common room* She has a point. *grabs picture* Look at that! Freddie's got himself a girlfriend.

Fred: *blushing*  I need to talk to you, RavenPuffle.

RavenPuffle: *emabrrased* And I need to get away from Edith.

*Fred and RavenPuffle go to dormitory*

Edith: *listening on conversation through door*

Fred: How do you feel about George calling you my girlfriend?

RavenPuffle: My honest asnwer would be that I'm not fussed. I actually like you and I have for a long time.

Fred: *hopeful* Really?

RavenPuffle: *trying to be confident* Mhm.

Fred: *really hopeful* RavenPuffle, would you be my girlfriend?

RavenPuffle: *excited* OMG, yes!

Edith: *bursts in because she is crazy* Another OC ship has sailed!

RavenPuffle: *to Fred* How do you tolerate her?

Fred: *wraps arm around her waist* Um, well, I don't. She spends time with George when she doesn't have any people to bring. 

RavenPuffle: Hey George?

George: Yeah?

RavenPuffle: How do you tolerate Edith?

George: Well, she's really pleasent when she's not hyper. She's not hyper quite often. Only around friends. With me, calm, cool, and amzing.

RavenPuffle: *eye roll* If you say so.

Edith: Anyway, I gotta go do something. George, you are needed too. Let's let these two complete their unfinished buisness.

*George and Edith go into common room*

Edith: *gives a sheet of paper to George* Read that, please.

George: *confused* Okay?

Edith: *whispers* That's my outro scrpit. I read it and than say it at the end on every chapter. 

George: Oh ok.

Edith: *to you (the reader)* Well, that's it for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.

George:*reading paper* Thank you for reading! The Author's Note will have the responses from last chapter's poll and the new poll question.

Edith: *takes paper* That's all from the outro. 

George: So that's how your outro's sound so good.

Edith: Yup. Anyway, I gotta go to Author's Notes. 

George: What's that?

Edith: Well, the author's notes are included before and after the story. They are things that the writer wants to tell the reader. Hermione intruded into them once. 

George: Can I come? 

Edith: Sure. You can try.

George: Ok.

Edith: Now, while you try to come into there, I gotta talk to the readers. Bye!

George: Bye. *kisses Edith on the cheek*


A/N: Ok, I got away. The outro thing just came to me. I'm going to see if George will figure out how to get here. Anyway, poll time! 

The question from last time was, which group would you join? Marauders, Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, or Death Eaters?

George: Who would want to be a Death Eater?

Edith: George! Well, I just included it. 

The results were this. MCRG said DA. HermioneGryffindor said DA and Marauders. little ravenpuff said DA or Marauders. dew_drops said DA or Order of the Phoenix. Dramione Shipper said DA or the Order of the Phoenix. WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said DA. The winning choice is Dumbledore's Army. Personally, I would pick either DA or Death Eaters. Not the best pair, but still.

George: You would be a Death Eater?

Edith: Well, my faction (from the Divergent series) is Dauntless and my Hogwarts house is Slytherin. When the two come together, it forms a Death Eater. So, yeah. But, I don't think about muggle-born as people of less value, seeing as I am a muggle-born as well.

George: Ok.

So, this chapter's poll question is this: Who's your favorite "not spotlight" character? Meaning, no one from the Goldne or Silver Trio. Or Voldy. Or Bella. Or Draco. LIke anyone who's mentioned a bit, but isn't the main person from the series. Does that make sense? I don't know. *face palm* Ow, that hurt. Anyway, hopefully you understand what I mean. 

Anyway, that's it for now. See you guys later!

George:Wait, you're not done yet.

Edith: Why?

George: I have a question. Why do you do poll questions?

Edith: Oh, so I can kinda like interact with the readers and, frankly, get more reviews. 

George: Oh ok. Now, you're done.

Edith: Ok.


Peace out!





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