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    In the time before Harry started Kindergarten, everything stayed the same. Padfoot and his Aunt Tuney would fight over who should make breakfast then end up cooking together. This was often followed by loud, out of tune singing. They blended muggle and magical music so to Harry it was just music. 

    Once a month Moony would get sick, and the whole family would fuss over him. He insisted he was fine, no matter how often Padfoot said it was okay that he wasn’t. Harry got used to sleeping in a pillow fort with Dudley when Moony got really sick. They’d laugh and play games. Harry still didn’t know why Moony got sick, but he always got better and that was important to Harry.

    Harry had also made friends. The Weasley’s asked the family over often. It had become part of Harry’s week to make something for Dinner at the Weasley’s with Tuney and Dudley. He’d recently learned how to make mashed potatoes, and he had so much fun squashing them. 
    Sometimes at the dinners Harry’s other friends were there. Luna came with her mum and dad; they always wore strange clothes and told funny stories. Cedric was the oldest kid to come, but he was nice and showed everyone what he’d learned at Quidditch practice that week. (Harry thought he’d like his cousin Nym). 

    Harry’s favourite thing to do when it was just him, though, was talk to his mum and dad. Padfoot had said they were dead, because a bad man had killed them. Which was why Harry lived with him. And Harry knew they weren’t there physically, but they were there. Padfoot had said they were watching over him. So Harry told them about his day; about Padfoot’s bad singing, how much he missed Nym while she was at Hogwarts, and about the games he and Dudley had made up. His parents were good listeners, and they understood why he didn’t talk to them around the adults. Harry knew it made them sad and he wanted his family to be happy. 

    Sirius knew Petunia had a point. He knew that Harry and Dudley should go out and make friends. He also knew he didn’t want them in a muggle school. 
    “What if they do magic in front of them?” Was his main argument. 
    “How do you explain it when a muggle born does it?” 
    “I don’t know, I’m guessing the parents are just really confused and the school just accepts it.” 
    “So the school will accept it now, they did with Lily.” 
    “But we know why, and I’m a terrible liar.” 
    “But somehow hid that you became an animagus when you were 15.” Remus yelled from the other room. 
    “Moony I don’t believe for a second McGonagall didn’t know. We weren’t exactly subtle. We named you Moony  for Merlins sake.” 
    “Fine, then I’ll lie to these people and that’ll be it. I’ve had years of practice” Remus was trying to out logic Sirius, he really hated when Remus did that. 
    “I’m sorry how many times did ‘great aunt Hazel’ die in our second year? I think it was four. You lie well but you can’t keep them straight it’s what you had us for.” 
    “She died three times I’ll have you know, and if it weren’t for the fact I couldn’t keep a list of dead relatives, it would’ve been fine.” 
    “Okay!” Petunia interrupted, “I tell you what: Remus can lie, Sirius can make sure they all work and my son can get some basic education.” 
    “But what if Harry or Dudley tell the teacher they have magic?” Sirius asked. 
    “Kids do that all the time. Sometimes they’re fairies or dragons or dolphins. The teacher will smile and nod. It’ll be fine.” 
    “But what if-”

    “Sirius, I understand you’re worried. So I’ll make you a deal. They go for one month and if in that one month they destroy the statute of secrecy and you have to call in a squad to obliviate the entire school body we can get a tutor and homeschool them. If that doesn’t happen, they go to a muggle primary school until they get their Hogwarts letter.” 
    Remus laughed. 
    “What was that Moony?” Sirius yelled. 
    “The image of Harry and Dudley doing something bad enough to get the obliviaters out. Let them go Padfoot it’ll be right.” 
    “Moony I thought we were a team.” 
    “We are, just not today.” 
    Petunia laughed. 
    “I guess I’m out numbered. Fine they can go to school!” 
    Remus and Petunia cheered loudly, Petunia brought out a cake from the fridge. It was iced red, and had golden writing. It said: 

    ‘I knew you’d come around!’ 
    Sirius started laughing too, maybe Kindy wasn’t such a bad idea. 

    They called the boys into the living room. When they saw the cake their eyes lit up. They pointed to the words and tried to sound them out, the way Remus had taught them to, before giving up and asking for help. 
    “What’s the cake for?” Harry asked. 
    “I managed to convince Padfoot to let you go to Kindy.” Petunia said. 
    “Mumma, what’s Kindy?” Dudley asked. 
    “It’s a school, where you learn how to read and write and make friends.” 
    “Oh okay,” Harry said, “why didn’t Padfoot want us to go?” 
    “Because it’s a muggle school, and they can’t know about magic.” 
    “But you know, Tuney.” 
    “I do your right, but that’s because my sister and you guys have magic. Muggles with no magical family can’t know.” 
    Dudley looked confused by this, “What if someone asks?” 
    Sirius jumped in, “They won’t but if you tell the truth adults will think you’re playing,” he mumbled under his breath “or so I’m told.” 
    “We’ll talk more about this later, okay? Let’s just have cake now.” Petunia suggested. 
    Remus pulled out his wand to cut the cake and summoned some napkins. They ate on the floor with their fingers, and all laughed when the icing smeared all over Harry and Dudley’s face. They looked like they were going to a Gryffindor Quidditch match. 
    “After the boys are settled in at Kindy I think they should try little league quidditch.” Sirius said quietly, so only Remus could hear. 
    “That could work the season doesn’t start until November, we could make it a surprise one day after school.” 
    “Moony that sounds wonderful.” 
    “Of course it does I said it.” 
    Sirius laughed and shoved him playfully. Thankfully Remus had finished his cake so he could shove back. As always Petunia watched, laughing, and the boys rushed to join in.

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