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A/N: Ok, y'all probably hate me. *dodges tomatoes and raw eggs* Come on! I'll make it up to you. *crowd screams* No, I actually will. Watch. *sticks out right hand* I, Edith Midnight Davis, solemnly swear that I will try my hardest to update "Harry Potter Conversation" every day until the story is complete. *puts down hand* Happy? *smiles and crowd's approval* Great! I just want to mention something before the story. I had one person review, wanting to be featured, but the process got too complicated and I, unfortunately, couldn't feature them.  This author is MCRG. Please go check them out here and on Forums. Anyway, this chapter will feature Kunling. I am guessing that Kunling is a boy. I am Edith, not Midnight. Ta-da!


Kunling: You promised me a chocolate almond. Can I have it?

Edith: You'll get one if you behave.

Kunling: I'm not 3 years old! Now, can we please go?

Edith: Go where?

Kunling: *sarcastic* To Mars, where else?

Edith: *wanting to annoy Kunling* Ok then.

*Kunling and Edith teleport to Mars*

Kunling: *freaking out* What the hell?!

Edith: *looking around* You wanted to go to Mars, we're at Mars.

Kunling: *still freaking out* I was kidding! Can we go to Hogwarts?

Edith: *still wanting to annoy Kunling* But it's so nice here.

Kunling: *begging* Please, let's go to Hogwarts.

Edith: Fine.

*Kunling and Edith teleport to Hogwarts*

Kunling: Finally.

Edith: So, what do you wanna do?

Kunling: Well, you're an author right?

Edith: Yes.

Kunling: And you can make anything happen in your stories right?

Edith: Yes.

Kunling: So, can you make Dramione happen?

Edith: Well, I can read a short fanfic where Dramione happens and have the gang listen to it. Want me to? 

Kunling: Yes!

Edith: Okie then. *finds the fic*

Edith: Finished. Let's go to the gang.

*Kunling and Edith enter the Great Hall*

Edith: Hey Ginny? Can you get the gang here? And bring all the featured people, too.

Ginny: Ok! *does that*

Edith: Sorry about this, but Eli, dew_drops, The Heir of Slytherin, and RavenPaw, have to go.

dew_drops: Why? I'm still exploring.

Eli: I haven't even looked around. 

Edith: Once everyone has been featured, I will bring you guys back and you can do whatever the hell you wanna do. 

The Heir of Slytherin: Ok, yeah, fine.

RavenPaw: I'll miss Hogwarts, and you.

Edith: Aw, thanks! *vanishes Eli, dew_drops, The Heir of Slytherin, and RavenPaw*

Edith: Welp, that's done. Anyway, guys, this is Kunling.

Everyone: Hi!

Kunling: Hi!

Edith: Kunling has asked me to do something involving his favorite ship.

Draco: *bored* Which is?

Kunling: Dramione!

Hermione: Why is everyone ships me with Malfoy?

Kunling: Because it is an amazing ship, why else?

Draco: Edith, what did ask you to do?

Hermione: Wait, he doesn't want us to do "7 Minutes in Heaven", right?

Edith: Oh, my god! I wish!

Draco: What's "7 Minutes in Heaven"?

Kunling: It's kinda like a muggle game or muggle dare. It's where two people, most of the time a boy and a girl, go into a locked closet for 7 minutes where they normally make out.

Draco: Ew!

Edith: Well, that's not what you're going to do. I found a really short fic about you guys. So, I'm going to get you guys' reaction.

Fred: So, you're going to read it?

Edith: Yup!

Ron: Go on then.

Edith: Ok, ok. *clears throat* It's called "The Mirror of Erised". (A/N: This is a story written by dew_drops for one of my challenges. More info on that in the end. I hope you're okay with this dew_drops. If you aren't let me know and I will put something else.)

Luna: That's a nice title. 

Edith: I know, right? Anyway, here is it:


Hermione Granger sat in front of the Mirror of Erised.  She smiled crookedly. She could see herself, her parents, her friends Harry and Ron. The Weasley family. She looked around at the ruins of her home, Hogwarts. The walls that held her memories, the portraits that were witnesses of every occurrence in Hogwarts lay crumpled and broken on the floor, empty.


Everything was gone. Everything she ever loved was destroyed and left to burn. She was the only one left, or so she thought. 

Draco Malfoy strode slowly between the caved in stone walls of the castle. He thought he was the only survivor. It served him right, he thought, that he should be alone after all he had done in his sixth year. 

The war had ended, and though it was over, no one had won. Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix had both perished, fighting for what they thought was right. Even the famous Boy Who Lived had died, shouting for his friends and adopted family.


And Draco? He had been a coward. He had been hiding in the Room of Requirement. He deserved to be alone. 

Hermione heard footsteps. Her hopes rose up. Even if it was a Death Eater, it was someone. Someone that maybe she could be friends with. Someone that might have tried to kill her. Someone that might have destroyed everything she loved. But still, she hoped, desperate to not be alone.


The footsteps stopped abruptly. Draco stopped behind her. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Hermione Granger, sitting in front of the Mirror of Erised. Tears leaking out of her eyes. 

 Hermione turned around and without thinking, flung herself into Draco’s arms. Draco froze, but when he glanced at the Mirror of Erised, he saw himself and Hermione, hugging and smiling. He smiled as he realized that they only had each other. They only had each other in this dark, cold world, and he found himself wishing they survived together.


Slowly, they both sunk to the ground, Hermione still clinging to his shirt, crying into it. The Mirror still showed her reflections of her deceased ones, but now showed a bright future with Draco Malfoy. She looked up at him, hoping he would help her, pick her up.


Draco nodded, and then hugged her back tightly.


They might be alone, but they were alone together.


Everyone: *shocked*

Hermione: I don't like the fact that I'm with Malfoy, but that's really deep.

Draco: I have to agree.

Kunling: Who wrote that?

Edith: My favorite author, dew_drops. She is amazing!

Ginny: Hands down, no question there.

Edith: Yeah, I know. 

*tense environment*

Luna: Why is everyone so quiet? Do you all have wrackspurts or something?

*everyone laughs*

Edith: Ok, I'm going to leave you all in your thoughts. Have a nice day, you lot.

Kunling: Wait, what about my chocolate almond.

Edith: You've been good, so here. *gives one packet of chocolate almonds*

Kunling: Wow!

Edith: Now, we're done.


A/N: dew_drops, should I get rid of your story? Please let me know. I know I did this without asking for your permission. Now, to everyone, I'm sorry about the late update. 

Here are the poll results. The question was, would you be a metamorphmagus, animagus, both, or none. The results were this: MCRG said he would be a metamorphagus unless he is in universe #467, where he would be animagus. dew_drops wants to be both. Pomona Nymphadora Scamander wants to be a metamorphagus. The Heir of Slytherin wants to be both. WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said she wants to be an animagus. Those were all of the results. The winning option was being both! 

This chapter's poll question is: Would you be part of the Marauders, The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, or the Death Eaters? In other words, which of those four groups would you be a part of?

Peace out!


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