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    The Quidditch Match


    They woke up the next morning. Albus with a sick but excited feeling in his stomach. Hugo and Albus put their robes on and they met Rose down in the Common Room, the three were all jumping of exhilaration and ecstasy. Albus grasped his broom from the cupboard; how good it felt for it to finally be there again. Fast as lightning, they sprinted down to The Great Hall and sat on their seats on the Gryffindor table. This morning the hall was loud, everyone was excited for the first Quidditch match of the season. The whole of the Slytherin table was on their feet, they couldn’t wait to ‘beat’ Gryffindor. Professor McGonagall attempted to hush everyone, but she failed. After getting mad, she shouted that everyone needed to be silent, immediately. Professor McGonagall, was a kind, sweet sport, but you never knew what to expect from her… The Slytherin table hushed and everyone sat down orderly.

    ‘Now, today, I suspect that everyone is enthusiastic for our first Quidditch match, Gryffindor against Slytherin!’

    A long round of applause erupted from the crowd.

    ‘But, please may everybody eat their breakfast, so we can get to it, as soon as possible, thank you,’ she told everyone.

    The crown of dissatisfied witches and wizards continued eating their breakfast. Fifteen minutes later, everybody had finished, and everybody had to get to the Quidditch stadium. The Slytherins rushed up to their Common Room to wear their Jerseys, and the Gryffindors went to get scarves and paint their faces. All the corridors were full of students and teachers who were racing to get to the Quidditch stadium. Albus met Alyssia, Iliana, Isabella, Tom, Homer and Alfred outside of the Common Room, they all had their broomsticks and were ready to go. They stuck close to each other as they walked across the hallways, full to the brim with excited students and teachers. Quidditch was the most popular sport in the wizarding world. So, no one could wait for the match to begin. Once the team arrived outside the Quidditch stadium, they went into the changing room to put their uniforms on, violet shirts with four dark yellow stripes on each side. Once they finished changing, they grabbed their brooms and opened the curtains, to reveal a stadium, full of cheering fans dressed in maroon and red shirts. The lack of Slytherin fans was obvious, and hilarious. They Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs had taken Gryffindor’s side, they always did, no one very wanted to take Slytherin’s side, for whatever reason. Looking at the stadium full of excited students, Albus whispered into Homer’s ear if he were going to be alright, he replied that it would be better than fine, it would be ‘awesome’. That made Albus feel partly better, he told himself to focus on the aim, catching the snitch. They boarded their brooms, everybody began clapping, the Slytherin side fell silent, Albus had never felt so important before.

    They went down to the bottom of the field, where Professor Woullard was.

    ‘Good luck, please don’t get hurt…’ she whispered into Albus’ ear. He grinned at her and thanked her as he rose back into the air, to join the circle in which all the players were formed. Albus looked at the crowd, he could see Hagrid’s large, body standing out of the crowd like a sore thumb. Next to him stood Hugo and Rose, one of them on each side. He smiled as he saw Hugo point at him through his binoculars.

    ‘Ready, set…Go!’ Professor Woullard shouted. She released the Quaffle, and the three Chasers from each side flew up, as well as the Keepers. The Gryffindor fans exploded, next up Woullard released the Bludgers the stadium got rebellious as the Beaters rose into the air. Albus kept his open for when Professor Woullard would free the snitch. Eventually, she let out the snitch, Albus dashed towards it, this was intense, he had been waiting for this to happen since his first day at Hogwarts. Albus just realized how important this would be to him, his friends, and family. He looked towards the Slytherin Seeker, Oliver Banks, who still had not caught eye with the snitch yet.

    Whilst attempting to catch the snitch, Albus tried to remain unseen, he knew that if he got caught chasing the snitch, he would give away its location, which would be difficult for Oliver to lose sight of, again. Although Albus had the fastest broom in the world, catching this snitch wasn’t a stroll in the park for him. He tried to blend in with the other players. The commentator, Max Finnigan, a fourth-year boy in Gryffindor, who kept ‘accidentally’ cursing the Slytherin players. Professor McGonagall almost gave him detention. The game was still happening, Gryffindor and Slytherin were tied, ten to ten, and the crown was getting more and more wild at the second. Albus had full confidence, he needed to catch that snitch, this match could not go on forever. By the time that he was about to catch the snitch, Oliver had seen him. However, with his Lightning Bolt three thousand, Albus could easily out-race Oliver. Iliana had just scored a hoop, bringing the score up to twenty to ten. The Slytherins sighed as Max Finnigan began to cheer. Professor McGonagall gave him a death stare from the chair next to him.

    ‘Max, you're meant to commentate, not take sides, honestly, I should have chosen someone else!’ she began. Max quickly apologized and continued,

    ‘Gryffindor’s Alyssia takes the Quaffle, passes it to Isabella, Iliana takes it from there, aiming to score, and… Miss! Blocked by William Martlow, Keeper of the Slytherin team. Back in the crowd, Hugo clenched his fists,

    ‘That could’ve been the coolest shoot!’ he complained to Rose and Hagrid. Albus was still on the run after the tedious snitch. Unfortunately, Slytherin scored again and for the second time, Gryffindor and Slytherin were tied in this match. Tension was building, Albus needed to catch that snitch, one moment of hesitation could cost him and his team the whole game. He had just lost sight of the snitch. He began panicking, he looked frantically around the air, in the crowd, in the grass. Where was the snitch? After a few, long daring seconds, he saw the small, winged, golden ball flying around the grass. Making sure that Oliver wasn’t looking, Albus dove down to the grass and chased the snitch, his hair flying in the wind, his uniform flapping like a bird, and his broom soaring at the speed of light. .

    ‘Yes!’ Albus cried. He flew back into the air for everyone to see, he had caught the snitch! Feeling glorious, he shouted into the air,

    ‘The snitch, I’ve caught the snitch!’

    If you were there, your ear drums would have broken by the sound of the screaming of happiness and cheers. The game had finished, the score, one-hundred and seventy to twenty. Albus wanted to cry, he was so thrilled!

    ‘Gryffindor takes the win! Congratulations to first-year, Albus Severus Potter for catching the snitch!’ cried Max on the microphone.

    Professor Woullard blew her whistle, and the annoyed and upset Slytherins came down, and after seeking the crowd's attention, the Gryffindor team came down as well.

    ‘You all played fantastically, and I must admit, I am impressed at all of you,’ stated Professor Woullard.

    ‘Clearly not well enough to win…’ muttered the captain of the Slytherin team, Ian Patterson under his breath to his team's seeker. Oliver went red. Professor Woullard sent the teams back to their changing rooms, so that everyone could get back to their Common Rooms easier. Inside the Gryffindor Changing rooms, there was a situation similar to a party. Albus was being lifted in the air by the rest of his teammates, they were all shouting, go Albus. He had never felt so good before, people were praising him like a King for the glorious accomplishment. Now he felt the most important he ever had. Unlike the Gryffindor Changing rooms, the Slytherin Changing room was silent. Everybody quietly put their robes on, if Arthur was Seeker in this scenario, he would have complained to his Dad and told him that it was ‘unfair’. Once both teams were dressed, they went back into the castle. The halls were eerily silent… Once the Gryffindor team crossed the Great Hall and went up the stairs, Albus told the portrait of the fat lady the password, ‘Balderdash’ and they entered. Unexpectedly, waiting for them was a fully decorated Common Room, celebrating the Quidditch win. The dim-lit living room had turned into a small party. There were maroon, violet and red balloons dotted around the walls, banners writing Gryffindor, a table full of food, Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, chocolate frogs, licorice wands, Bertie’s and Bott’s every flavour beans, and many other delicious treats. Confused, Alubs asked how anyone had time to prepare everything. He got his reply from a second-year boy, Matthew Strane, who had been eavesdropping.

    ‘It was that guy,’ Matthew told them, pointing at a boy in the corner, he was obviously much older than everybody else there.

    ‘That’s Alex Douglass, he’s a sixth year boy, who interestingly, isn’t a fan of Quidditch, he finds it rather boring actually…’ he explained.

    ‘When we arrived back from the match, we had no clue that he had prepared a party. Albus, Hugo and Rose gazed up at him, awestruck and confused.

    ‘But how did he know that we would win?’ Albus asked Matthew.

    ‘Divination, apparently he saw it in his crystal ball that we were going to win, they say that he has that gift of being a Seer. ‘Says that he didn’t care much, however, he didn’t tell us anything because he hated to ruin the surprise for us. He claims that the moment we left for the game that he went to Hogsmeade to get balloons, banners and lots of food. Once he had finished decorating the Common Room, we came in, full of energy from the win. Surprised, we sat and had some fun, waiting for you to arrive.

    ‘Divination? Never heard of it, what is it?’ questioned Hugo with a tone of confusion in his voice. Rose looked at him as if he was one of the stupidest people she had ever met.

    ‘Silly! Divination is a class we start in our third year that's taught by old Professor Trelawney, they say that she’s psycho…’ Rose explained. Hugo looked at her with a bigger look of puzzlement in his face, he looked up at her with a perplexed gaze in his eyes.

    ‘Divination?’ Hugo hinted. Rose shot a look at him,

    ‘You don’t know what Divination is?’ said Rose. For the next few moments she muttered disapprovingly under her breath. Hugo and Albus looked at her and raised their eyebrows. At that very moment, Homer nudged into their conversation, he began by apologising for eavesdropping on their discussion, and then he finally explained what Divination was.

    ‘Divination, as your friend here tried to explain,’ he looked towards Rose, who was looking at the boys skeptically through her eyes.

    ‘ is a class that you begin after your third-year, taught by Professor Trelawney, it’s the kind of class you look at crystal balls, trying to see the future, see, that’s how Alex Douglass knew we would win and prepared the party,’

    Hugo looked impressed.

    Without the stress of school work, the Gryffindors had fun until sundown, when Professor McGonagall ushered them all to bed. As everyone went to their beds, they yawned tiredly. Professor McGonagall gathered the Quidditch team.

    ‘I’m so very proud of all of you, you have no clue!’ she congratulated them.

    ‘Now, you’re no exception, go to your beds, goodnight!’ she said. The Professor pointed towards the winding staircases leading to the boys’ bedrooms. They went up the stairs, talking about the Quidditch match. Homer claimed it was one of the best wins the teams had ever had.Albus met Hugo at the top of the stairs, who was pretending that he hadn’t heard anything, and that he had just arrived. Albus, who looked very tired and unpleasantly sweaty, walked up to his bedroom, together with Hugo, who, instead of feeling tired, was feeling enthusiastic. Once everybody was back in their rooms, no one could sleep. Everybody kept talking about the Quidditch match, only Albus was tired, obviously because he played.

    ‘The moment when Albus caught the snitch was awesome!’ said Paul, laughing. Albus was starting to drift into sleep when Hugo shook him awake,

    ‘Albus! It’s not that late, I know you played and you're tired, but, I hate having to be quiet for someone who is sleeping, sorry…’ he grunted. Albus looked up at him with a faint grin, he just wanted to go to bed forever. He jumped at the thought of writing a letter to his parents and Lily, how did he forget! He sprang up to his desk, grabbed a Quill, parchment, and an inkpot, the rest of his roommates looking at him wide-eyed and bewildered. He sat on his desk and scribbled a small text.

    The boys sat in silence as Albus wrote the letter, it was as if his nose was touching the paper.

    ‘And … Done!’ Albus sprang out of his chair and opened the window, his dorm mates still looking at him, perplexed. Soon after, Ronnie was disappearing, a small roll of parchment dangling from his leg.

    Yawning, Albus went straight to bed, he needed some rest after such a victorious day…



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