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    Hello Everybody, I hope you're enjoying the story so far; this is a short chapter! If you like something a lot or want to point something out I would love if you maybe wrote a review! I can accept critisism! (But not lots of it...) 



    They exited the castle and went to Hagrid’s, a small, two-room hut located outside of Hogwarts with a pumpkin patch. They knocked on the door and took a step back. A few seconds later, a large, hairy, half-giant man opened the door, with a cheerful smile on his face,

    ‘Albus! It’s such an honor to meet you!’ he jumped towards Albus.

    ‘Guess he’s a celebrity now…’ whispered Hugo into Rose’s ear. Hagrid welcomed them into his hut. It was a cozy place, partly like the Gryffindor Common room. There was a fireplace in the corner, a table in the middle, a stove in the suite-like room, and a carpet on the floor. Hagrid smiled and told them to sit down.

    ‘Alrigh’ is there anythin’ I can offer ya? A cup o’ tea, somethin’ to eat’ Hagrid asked in a strong British accent. Hugo’s eyes drew to a jar of odd-looking cookies in the corner, he asked if he could taste one. Hagrid immediately grabbed the jar, opened the lid, and gave him one. Hugo cautiously licked the cookie, it tasted like rock.

    ‘My gourmet rock cookies!’ observed Hagrid proudly,

    ‘Aren’t they masterpieces?’ he asked. Hugo took a brave bite into the rock-solid desert. Indeed, he asked himself what he was eating, it was as if it were a rock, most likely it was. Hugo cringed for a moment as he thought that he had heard his back teeth break. He thanked Hagrid for the ‘snack’, and they began a conversation…

    ‘So, Albus, how has your experience at Hogwarts been so far?’ queried Hagrid. Albus shrugged and said that it was lots of fun. He also told them that it was like an adventure. Hagrid seemed very interested to learn about Albus’ routines at Hogwarts. Rose and Hugo also got to tell Hagrid about their time at Hogwarts, and what a ride it had been. It was slowly getting dark, the children and Hagrid had worn all their time away, having fun and getting to know each other. Rose, Hugo and Albus needed to head back to their dormitories for the evening, so they said goodbye. Hagrid promised that he would come to watch Albus’ Quidditch match the next day, so the children were not disappointed to leave him. The three went back into the castle, Hagrid seemed like a sweet, caring person, and although some people found him ‘frightening’ Albus, Rose, and Hugo considered him as one of their best friends. Once they entered the castle, they went past the Great Hall, up the moving staircases, and into the Gryffindor Common Room. They found Laurence, Ed, and Paul playing Wizard’s Chess once again. Hugo, Rose, and Albus said goodnight for the evening and headed off to their bedrooms. Hugo and Albus took their robes off and put their pajamas on, how good it felt to change into comfortable clothes after a busy day… Surely, Hugo dove into his bed, ready for a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep, as always, Albus went to his desk to write a letter to his parents. He seized the ink bottle and Quill from the drawer and a small roll of parchment from the shelf. He sat down on his chair, as Hugo started snoozing off. Albus dipped his Quill in the ink and began transcribing,


    Dear Dad, Mom, and Lily,

    I’m writing to you the day before my first Quidditch match, against Slytherin, (Saturday) so wish me luck for tomorrow, also, my exam is in three days, and Rose has been helping me and Hugo get our revision done. She found us a book with recommended first-year spells and another for when they were invented. Although she really doesn’t need to, Rose spent almost four hours revising and studying for the exam before Hugo and I went to her!

    That reminds me, today was a frantic day, we met the Gamekeeper, Hagrid, he sent me a letter through an owl that he would be honored to be able to get to know me, so we went and met him after my Quidditch Practice. He is very sweet. Just before that, we had a very fun adventure, because this morning after breakfast, I went to get my broom with Hugo so we could have some fun before my practice began, the only problem though, was that it wasn’t there. Hugo and I went straight to the library to ask if anyone had seen the broom, but no one had. Hugo and I were starting to get really anxious, so Professor McGonagall found out, she was way more shocked than we were, she literally went white! Together with Rose, we searched all the Common Rooms for the broom, but we didn’t have any luck until we finally saw Earl Wadfogal, (a guy in Gryffindor) and Arthur Paxton (the boy from Slytherin) talking together that I deserved my ‘revenge’. Anyways, they both got into lots of trouble, and Earl lost us fifty points as well as getting detention (Arthur also lost fifty house points, and got detention, it was hilarious…) I miss you loads, have fun at home,



    He put the Quill in the inkpot and blew on the letter. Once he thought that it had dried, he folded it and advanced towards Ronnie, his owl. He told Ronnie to go to his house address, number thirty-seven, Court Way Street. He opened up the cage and let the owl free. Albus watched Ronnie soar in the air until he just became a dot in the distance and then went to his bed. He was quite agitated after the wild day. As time passed, he slowly drifted away into a deep sleep.


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