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    Diagon Alley


    Although very close to the school year, Diagon Alley was packed with wizard families, rushing to get school supplies for the year. There were shops upon shops, cafes holding wonders of foods, displays holding owls, signs that read, ‘Quality Quidditch Items, New Lightning Bolt Three-thousands in Store!’ ‘Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions!’ ‘New Sales and Discounts!’ the list could go on and on.

    The Potters went to Ollivanders to meet Hermione and Ron, and Hugo and Rose. After everybody had greeted each other, they went to Flourish and Botts, Ginny and Hermione giggling together, and Hugo and Albus talking about Hogwarts with James.

    ‘You can smuggle food from the kitchens, there’s a corridor you can go through and at the end, there’s a painting, where you simply tickle the pear and it turns into a doorknob, that’s your secret to entering the kitchen.’ he whispered; Harry turned to him, grinning. ‘I did that too… how did you come by that?’ he breathed into his ear. James looked at him cheekily, ‘Just some help from Uncle George, he’s told me so much stuff, it’s crazy…’

    Harry looked down at his footwear and chuckled in a manner that advised James that this information was no surprise. Ron introduced to everybody that they had to pay a trip to Gringotts, the Wizarding Bank, claimed to be the ‘safest’ place in the Wizarding world, heavily covered by guards.

    Gringotts was at the quit of Diagon Alley. The institution of nine walked collectively merrily; At the sight of Gringotts, Hugo made awe of admiration. It was truly massive and gold. Fantasized with the aid of the sight of the stylish bank, they walked down the carpeted ground to the front desk, assembled by a grumpy goblin, busy writing something on his desk; it was long until he noticed they had been there… Ron cleared his throat and Harry kicked his leg on the ground loudly. The goblin still seemed oblivious to what was happening around him.

    ‘Hello?’ interrupted Hermione. Startled, the goblin dropped his Quill, spreading ink all over the carpet under him.

    ‘Yes?’ stated the goblin, whose voice turned into exasperated and squeaky, as if he hadn’t spoken in a protracted time.

    ‘Sorry about the carpet…’ Hermione started, ‘we didn’t mean to startle you or anything…’ By now, the goblin had reached another ink pot from the shelf under his desk and had all started writing. Hermione let out an enormous sigh, watching for the goblin to talk to them. She had never had a lot of liking for them, ignorant and rude.


    Soon after, they had split up into groups, Hermione, Ron, Rose, and Hugo had gone to Hermione’s vault to get some money, and Harry, Ginny, and their three kids had gone to Harry’s vault to do the same. They met to begin their shopping.

    ‘First up,’ announced Ron, pulling Hugo’s scruffy letter from his pocket, ‘er- Madam Malkin’s Robes.’

    Ron, who was more familiar with Diagon Alley than anyone, led everyone down a few shops to Madam Malkin’s.


    After a few hours, Rose, James Hugo, and Albus were fully stocked with school necessities, from robes to wands, and endless stacks of Quills and parchment.

    After saying goodbye, the two families split up back to their homes, enthusiastic to meet each other again.

    In the house of the Potters, it was tense and quiet for the next two days. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, were silent and awkward, Albus and James over-excited for Hogwarts. Lily had obviously been dreading the past few days, she was un-keen for her brothers to leave; they were usually her top company.

    Finally, the day came, September the First, Albus and James holding their trunks in their hands, legs weakening by the weight, ready for Hogwarts.

    ‘Are you ready?’ Ginny asked Albus, who had given herself the job of organizing everyone…

    ‘Yeah,’ Albus replied, running his fingers into his pocket for the third time to check whether his hidden Cockroach Clusters were still there.

    ‘Perfect,’ Ginny said, ‘James, are you sure you’ve got everything?’ she queried him sternly, ‘you usually ought to be untidy and un-organized!’

    James shrugged and said that he had gotten everything.

    ‘Dad?’ asked Albus, shrinking under the weight of his trunk, ‘What’s the point of going by car if Wizards can easily transport to one place or another?’

    Harry gave a chuckle in return.

    ‘I think you’re talking about Apparition. First, you’re way too young to Apparate, and if we traveled by Floo powder, it would practically be impossible, especially with all this luggage!’ Harry said hopelessly. ‘Now help me lift your trunk, Albus, we need to put it in the back of the car. Be carefu-‘ CRASH! (A few days ago, when the family went to Diagon Alley, Harry had given Albus a beautiful, orange barn owl; Albus was very bad at handling it…)

    Sighing loudly, Harry released Albus’ trunk and bent down to get the petrified owl, who was now fluttering furiously in her cage.

    Lily and Ginny. Were scavenging James and Albus’ rooms for any sign of forgotten items; they had already found James’ Transfiguration book, tucked away beneath boundless stacks of paper lying on his desk.

    Soon enough, it was time to leave. The two girls had searched like nifflers, desperate for gold. Albus and Harry had prepared the car, meaning that everyone was ready.

    ‘Come on! Inside the car, now!’ instructed Ginny, easing Lily into the car. Eventually, everyone was inside the car, buckled and comfortable, ready for the drive. When all was said and done, the car disappeared down the road to King’s Cross, where they met Ron, Hermione, Rose, and Hugo, who were also towered underneath their trunks and owl cages.

    ‘Hello!’ cried Albus, running towards Hugo, struggling to steer his cart.

    ‘Hello?’ asked Hugo, his head emerging behind the stacks of suitcases.

    ‘Albus!’ he said, when their eyes finally met, ‘Fancy meeting you here!’

    Once the children gathered, their parents took them in between stations nine and ten, lined them up, and showed how to get to platform nine and three quarters.

    Just as she had shown them to enter Diagon Alley, Ginny told everybody to line up before the barrier and run through.

    Platform nine and three quarters was magnificent; the scarlet Hogwarts Express, now slightly worn, was puffing out white smoke, throwing a blanket of white clouds over the damp ceiling.

    After Ron, Hermione, Rose, and Hugo appeared through the barrier, the two families went towards the train.

    ‘Neville, Harry’s here with Ron, Ginny and Hermione!’ cried a familiar voice.

    It was Seamus Finnegan, one of Harry and Ron’s old dorm-mates. They were friends in their times at Hogwarts.

    ‘Blimey! Harry!’ cried another familiar voice, it was Neville Longbottom.

    ‘Fancy meeting you here!’

    ‘I know! I surely wasn’t expecting it…’ added Seamus.

    Their discussion came to a close as a large bell sounded, warning everybody that the train would leave soon.


    There was a knock on the door. It was a tall, bitter-looking boy. He had dark brown, neatly combed hair, and plain brown eyes. His name was Arthur Paxton. He opened the door and introduced himself, and his two chubby sidekicks, one of which was Conor Dyson, a short, chubby boy with long hair and large blue eyes. On the other side stood a tall boy, just about the size of Arthur, with blonde, messy hair, and brown eyes. His name was Emmanuel Gifford. The three of them stood in the presence of the other four as if they were of some sort of high status; they had only come here to spark trouble, and it was clearer that neither of the three boys had no interest whatsoever in Albus, Rose, Hugo, and James. 

    'What is it you want then?' 

    'Nothing.' Arthur clarified, only to the annoyance of Rose. 

    'Well, then why are you here?' 

    'To tell you that you not as famous as you think you are, Potter. You're just as important as the rest of us here.' 

    This came as much confusion to the four. Why would Albus be important, and on top of all, famous? He hadn't seen himself on the television at any point in time, similarly for newspapers and school, so what quite was Arthur going on about?

    'Get lost.' James muttered, standing up and ushering the three boys outside of their compartment. 

    Emmanuel and Conor, followed by Arthur, who had a rather shriveled expression on his face, left in a rather rushed manner. 

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