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A/N: Hello Homosapiens ( I may have spelled it wrong). This chapter will include EliDaSlytherClaw. She (I'm guessing you are a she) also made her own take on this story, so check it out. I am not Midnight anymore, I am Edith. If you wanna know why then read my story "About Me". It explains that. I am Edith. Also, I am really lazy, so I'm calling EliDaSlytherClaw Eli. Her name is Eli now. Read on! 


Eli: Where am I? What voodoo magic is this?

Edith: One, you are at Hogwarts. Two, it is not voodoo magic, it is apparition.

Eli: Ooooh. I'm smart.

Edith: You are good at sarcasm.

Eli: Thanks.

Ron: What's going on?

Edith: *amused by Eli's shock* Another Potterhead.

Ron: How many are there?

Edith: Countless number of people, but I'm only bringing in whoever filled out the form from Chapter 2, which is about 15 people, more or less. 

Ron: Too many. Who's this kid?

Eli: *annoyed and angered, only slightly* I'm not a kid, I'm just as old as you are. 

Ron: Please answer my question. Who are you?

Edith: Why are you so nice to Eli. You were a bitch to me.

Ron: Well, it's not every day you meet a pretty cute girl.

Eli: *blushing slightly* I'm EliDaSlytherClaw. I'm in Ravenclaw, but I wanted to be in Slytherin. My Patronus is an eagle, my wand core is Dragon Heartstring. I like the ship Dramione and I hate the ship Hinny.

Ron: What's Hinny?

Eli: Harry and Ginny. It's terrible.

Harry: Nice to know.

Edith: Where did you come from? 

Harry: The Great Hall. Dew wanted to explore Hogwarts a little, without an escort. So, I'm here.

Edith: And now you will leave.

Harry: Nice to know I'm not wanted.

Edith: I can sooooooooooo relate. 

Harry: Bye. *leaves*

Ron: So I know you people have your crush from our world. For some reason, all the girls like Malfoy. Harry got his share of girls and even George got himself one. What's not fair is that I helped Harry a lot and no one likes me. There's even a lot of Ron haters.

Eli: *awkward* Well, I know a girl who likes you.

Ron: *excited* Really, who?

Eli: Um, she is a Ravenclaw.

Ron: Ok? Hopefully not Luna.

Eli: Not Luna. She um, she wanted Slytherin.

Ron: I have a hunch. What is her Patronus?

Eli: It's an Eagle, surprisingly. But she was disappointed that it wasn't anything like a serpent or something like Slytherin related.

Ron: My hunch is getting bigger. What wand core?

Eli: Dragon.

Ron: It's you, isn't it?

Eli: Damn it. *runs away*

Ron: Wait! WAIT!

Eli: *doesn't hear Ron and runs to Owlery*

Ron: Hey Edith author lady? Where's Eli?

Edith: Since when was I Edith author lady?

Ron: Your name is Edith, you are an author and you are female. What should I call you, George's girlfriend?

Edith: I quite like that idea, but no. Call me Edith.

George: Heard my name. *sees Edith and doesn't know that she's the same person as Midnight*

George: *freaking out* Who are you and why do you look like Midnight!? What have you done to my girlfriend?

Edith: I am Midnight. I am your girlfriend

George: So why is your name Edith?

Ron: Before you give a speech, where is Eli? I need to find her.

Edith: She's in the Owlery. I recommend being very nice to her, she's quite sad at the moment that you found out that she likes you.

Ron: Why?

Edith: That's how girls are. You saw how I was when George found out.

Ron: Ok, bye. * Rushes to the Owlery*

Edith: *talking to George* Ok, to answer your question, read this *gives iPad with "About Me" by Midnight_Sllytherin on it*

George: What's this?

Edith: Something I wrote telling people who I am. To quickly tell you, my full name is Edith Midnight Davis. I used to be really picky about people calling me Edith because I didn't like it. I didn't tell people that my name was Edith, I just said I was Midnight Davis. Recently, I started liking the name Edith, so I let people know that I am Edith, not Midnight. So I will be called Edith from now on, not Midnight. For more info, read the story. 

George: Ok. You talk a lot, right?

Edith: Insulting, but yes, I personally think I talk waaaaaay too much.  

George: Nice to know. *reads "About Me"*

*with Eli and Ron*

Eli: *sitting on the floor, talking to herself* So now he knows. He probably hates me know. 

Ron: *heard everything Eli said* I don't hate you. I'm actually glad someone likes me.

Eli: *shocked* When did you get here?

Ron: When you said I hate you. *sits down next to Eli, too close for it to be friendly*

Eli: This will be an awkward conversation, but I'm going to be direct. Do you like me back or not? I want to go through the heartbreak fast.

Ron: There will be no reason for you to go through heartbreak. Do you trust me?

Eli: *confused* Yeah.

Ron: Turn towards me and close your eyes. 

Eli: Ok? *still confused but does what Ron said*

Ron: If you want me to stop, tell me and I will. *places a hand on her cheek and brings his mouth to hers*

Eli: *wasn't expecting that but quickly stops surprise and kisses back*

Edith: *quietly apparates Eli and Ron to a room and leaves*

*stuff happens (nothing dirty) and it ends*

Ron: Eli, would you be my girlfriend?

Eli:*faints from shock*

Ron: Eli! Oi, Edith, what do I do?

Edith: *enters the room and takes out wand* Rennverate.

Eli: *comes back*

Edith: *leaves*

Eli: I had the weirdest dream ever. You asked me to be your girlfriend.

Ron: That wasn't a dream, love, it was reality.


Ron: Finally. I wanted to ask when I first saw you.

*again, stuff happens and it goes back to Edith and George*

Edith: That's it for this chapter. I hope you like it. 

George: See ya next chapter.

Edith and George: Bye!


EliDaSlytherClaw, what did you think? I hope you like it. Again, poll time!

The question was who was your favorite Weasley. My answer would be George, obviously. The results were, EliDaSLytherClaw said Fred, WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said Ginny, dew_drops sad Ginny, Pomona Nymphadora Scamander said Charlie, so the winner is Ginny!

The next question is, would you be an animagus, metamormagus, both, or none. The questions for the poll are random questions from my 2 little brain cells. 

Peace out! 



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