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A/N: This chapter is with Bookpanda12. Everyone knows her. I will only her Bookpanda in this, cuz I always forget about the 12. :(  . Anyway, I am Midnight and Midnight is me. Blah blah blah. The poll results (only two people responded) are below. 


Midnight: Wa Bam!

Bookpanda: Aieeeeeee! It's HOGWARTS!!!!

Midnight: Yup.

Bokpanda: There's Harry, and Hermione, and Draco!

Harry: Another HP fan?

Midnight: Yup.

George: Great.

Bookpanda: Weren't you supposed to like, lock yourself up or something?

Midnight: Actually, I forgot to tell you something, Bookpanda, and you lot. 

Bookpanda: What?

Midnight: *whispers in ear* Fred never died. Ii was all JKR's idea. Most of it was true, except for the marriage, kids, and Fred's death. Everything else was true.

Bookpanda: Ooooooooh.

George: What's going on?

Midnight: Get the gang over here.

George: Why?

Midnight: You'll understand.

George: *rounds everyone up*

Midnight: Sorry RavenPuff. *vanishes RavenPuff*

Ginny: Oi, that was out friend!

Midnight: She'll come back. 

*everyone sits down*

Midnight: As you guys know, there's a super-duper famous book series and movie production about Harry's life. This resulted in fanfiction, fan theories, HP merch, tour sights, and a bunch more stuff. But, the books and movies weren't entirely true. The books said that Ginny liked Harry since she saw him, she liked him but dated Micheal Corner and Dean Thomas. Harry knew that she liked him, but he liked Cho Chang in his fourth and fifth years. Cho was his first kiss. In 6th year (Harry's sixth), he liked Ginny, but Ginny was dating Dean. After the Quidditch match, the one that Harry missed cuz of detention, Ginny hugged him and he kissed her. They started dating and ended up getting married and having 3 kids. James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter. Ron and Hermione always argued, but they kissed in the Chamber of Secrets, got married, and had two kids. Rose Granger-Weasley and Hugo Granger-Weasley. Draco had a crush on Hermione, but couldn't act on it cuz of her blood. He married Astoria Greengrass and had one child, Scorpius Malfoy. There's a whole other story about the future gen, but I won't say it in case I spoil it. But the reason Bookpanda thinks George should be locked up in his flat is that, um, well, JKR wrote that Fred died in the final battle. You, being his twin, would not be able to handle it, and go into a depression-like state. That's what Bookpanda is talking about.

Fred: *thinking* So let me get this straight. I died?

Midnight: Yup.

Fred: How?

Midnight: You guys were fighting and a huge portion of the wall fell and you were killed from that.

Fred: Well, I died fighting.

Hermione: *angry* You're not dead, so stop acting like you are.

Fred: Yes, ma'am. 

Hermione: *eye roll*

Luna: JKR made Harry's child named after me?

Midnight: Yup.

Luna: Wow.

Neville: Hey Bookpanda? What house are you in?

Bookpanda: I'm in two houses. Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Neville: How are you in two houses?

Bookpanda: They are called hybrid houses. They are two houses combined. Mine are these two.

Midnight: Mine is Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

Neville: Wow, do you what mine is?

Midnight: I think you have a little Hufflepuff blood in you.

Neville: Wow!

Midnight: Well, that's it for this chapter.

Everyone: Peace out!


A/N: So, the poll results are in. The Heir of Slytherin voted Neville and dew_drops voted Ginny and Luna, so there's no actual winner. For me, it's a hard decision, but I would say, Luna. However, my vote does not count, so, there's no favorite. 

Hermione: What's this place, I've never seen it before.

Midnight: They are called the author's notes. This is where the author (me!) tells the reader things that aren't related to the story. Normally, the characters don't enter the notes.

Hermione: Ok I'll leave.

Midnight: Thanks!

As I was saying, the next pol question is, who is your fav Weasley child? Molly and Arthur don't count.

Hermione: It's poll, not pol and it's favorite, not fav.

Midnight: Shut it. Get out.

Hermione: Fine.

The next poll question is, who is your favorite Weasley child? 

Midnight: Happy, Hermione?

Hermione: Yup.

Midnight: Good.

Buh Bye Peeps!


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