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A/N: So, this chapter has dew_drops, the best author on HPFF. I might call her dew sometimes. I am Midnight. You probably know that by now. I am keeping RavenPaw here just to chat with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. There is a random question at the bottom.  Reading time!


Midnight: *brings dew_drops into the Great Hall and keeps her near the doors* Stay here.

dew_drops: Okay?

Midnight: I will gesture you over to where I am, then come to where I am, understand.

dew_drops: Received and entirely understood. (A/N: This line is from Cursed Child)

Midnight: *goes to Harry and turns him towards the door*

Harry: Oi, what are you doing?

Midnight: *with a smirk that would rival Malfoy's* Oh, you'll see. Question: Would you date a Gryffindor girl?

Harry: Yeah?

Midnight: Just watch *waves dew_drops over*

dew_drops: *walks over* 

Harry: *sees dew_drops and his jaw drops because she's so pretty* 

Midnight: *watching the show from the nearby table without them knowing*

dew_drops: *sees Harry and starts freaking out inside, but looks normal on the outside*

dew_drops: *to Harry* Hi, I'm dew_drops. 

Harry: *nervous cuz he wants to impress dew* I-I'm Harry P-Potter.

dew_drops: Everyone knows that.

George:*walks over and talks to Midnight* What's going on?

Midnight: Trying to hook up dew and Harry.

George: This will be a good show *sits next to Midnight*

Midnight: *puts her head on George's shoulder*

Harry: Can I talk to you? Um, privately?

dew_drops: Okie. Where?

Harry: *grabs her hand and takes her to an empty classroom* In here.

Midnight: *stands up and follows Harry and dew* 

George: *stands up and goes after Midnight* Wait up!

Midnight: *going quickly* Hurry up then!

*Midnight and George find Harry and dew in the classroom*

Harry: -and I think you're really pretty. I would really want to date you, but there's one problem. 

dew_drops: *scared of rejection* What would that be?

Harry: I'm only into Gryffindors.

Midnight: *to George*  Do you know any spells to make the door or wall into one-way glass?

George: *pulls out wand* Yup. *mumbles spell*

  • *the door is glass and we see dew_drops looking happy and Harry looking nervous*
  • dew_drops: Well, lucky for you then, cuz I'm a Gryffindor. 
  • Harry: Really?
  • dew_drops: Yes.
  • Harry: *kisses dew_drops in the mouth*
  • dew_drops: *shocked back kisses back*
  • Midnight: *squeals* 
  • George: *is disgusted by Harry* Harry has no common sense, doesn't he?
  • Midnight: I honestly don't care. My hooking up works. 
  • George: Girls don't have common sense either.
  • Midnight: *fixes George with a glare covered in venom* You don't want me to get my wand out because I can cast a Sectumsempra that can easily kill.
  • George: I'm sorry, please don't hex me.
  • Midnight: I won't. 
  • Midnight: *pulls out wand*
  • George: *scared* You said you wouldn't curse me!
    Midnight: It's not to curse me, it's for something else. *conjures parchment, quill, and ink*
  • Midnight: *writes a note that says 'My ship has sailed. ~Midnight' and slips it under door* 
  • *Midnight and George walk back*
  • dew_drops: *stops snogging Harry and sees note* What's that?
  • Harry: *reads note* Midnight.
  • dew_drops: Well, that means we need to find her.
  • Harry: Come on then. 
  • *dew_drops and Harry enter the Great Hall holding hands*
  • Midnight: Hehe. Hey, dew.
  • dew_drops: Yeah?
  • Midnight: *whispers* Can I go and convey the sadness to Draco and the jealousy to The Heir of Slytherin?
  • dew_drops: OMG yes!
  • Midnight: Wa Bam! * summons Draco and The Heir of Slytherin, who are snogging*
  • Midnight: You have an audience here.
  • Draco: What?
  • Midnight: I am here to convey sadness from a certain drop of water. This drop is sad because you chose The Heir of Slytherin as your girlfriend. The Heir of Slytherin, this drop of water would like to convey its jealousy to you.
  • The Heir: Okay?
  • Draco: Now if you'll excuse us, we have some un-finished that we need to complete. 
  • *Draco and The Heir walk away, hand in hand*
  • Midnight: *eye roll* Well, that's it for this chapter. If you want chocolate almonds, tell me in the chat. And answer the poll question. Bye!
  • Everyone: Bye!
  • A/N: The poll question is, who is your favorite member of the Silver Trio, Ginny, Luna, or Neville? The results will be in the next chapter. See ya, peeps!

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