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A/N: Hi, Bye, This chapter has RavenPaw in it. I am guessing that you are a girl. I am Midnight. What else to say? Fun Fact of the Day: Oliver Phelps is cute. Fun Fact done. I didn't know what to say so...... yeah. Onwards Ho!


Midnight: Welcome RavenPaw. 

RavenPaw: Go away and let me sleep. 

Midnight: Bro, it's 10 in the morning. 

RavenPaw: I don't care, let me sleep.

Midnight: *gets smacked in the face with an idea*

Midnight: Hi Harry.

RavenPaw: *leaps out of bed* Where?

Midnight: Okie, now you're out of bed, let's go.

RavenPaw: Oh, come on.

Midnight: *puts hands on RavenPaw's back and pushes her outside* 

Midnight: I could get Harry if you want. 

RavenPaw: Yes, please!

Midnight: Then let's get popping.

*At Hogwarts*

Midnight: Hey, George?

George: Yeah?

Midnight: Where's Harry? *whispers* I got another Potterhead and this one's into Harry.

George: Better than Malfoy.

The Heir: Oi, I'm right here.

George: You're still here?

The Heir: Yup.

Midnight: This isn't your chapter. That was Chapter 5.  *vanishes The Heir*

dew_drops: How dare you insult Draco.

George: Who are you?

Midnight: dew, this isn't your chapter either. You're in Chapter 7. *vanishes dew_drops*

Midnight: Okay, where's Harry?

George: Quitidch pitch.

Midnight: And Hermione, Luna, and Ginny?

George: Why them?

Midnight: *sarcastic* Cuz I'm hooking you up with Hermione.

George: WHAT!?

Midnight: Cuz I need to talk to them, pea brain. Why else?

George:I'm sorry, they're in the Great Hall.

Midnight: Thank you. *kisses him on cheeck and drags RavenPaw away with her*

RavenPaw: Where are we going?

Midnight: Great Hall.

RavenPaw: Okie.

*reaches Great Hall*

Hermione: Look, it's Midnight.

Midnight: *reaches the female trio* Hello, I got another Potterhead with me again.

Ginny: Who?

Midnight: Her name is RavenPaw. And a little brid told me that she wanted to be friends with y'all.

Luna: Really?

RavenPaw: *quilty* Yeah.

Ginny: *jumps up and grabs RavenPaw's arm* Well, then what are you waiting for? Join us.

Hermione: Don't rip her arm off, Gin. Sit down, RavenPaw.

Luna: So, how are you?

RavenPaw: Fine.

*Luna, Hermione, Ginny, and RavenPaw are chatting away*

Midnight: *sneaks out and to the Quiditch pitch*

George: Why are you here again?

Midnight: Distracted RavenPaw, trying to find Harry. 

George: I said he was in the Quiditch Pitch.

Midnight: And I just got here 6 days ago.

George: Oh, right. Come one then.

*reaches Quidditch Pitch*

Midnight: Harry Potter!

Harry: *can't hear*

Midnight: Harry, Voldemort's back!

Harry: *hears and comes down* Fuck, does he have a crush on me or something?

Midnight and George: *laughing like lunatics*

Midnight: I was just kidding

Harry: Damn you

Midnight: UNO reverse card

Harry and George: What?

Midnight: It's a muggle thing.

Harry: So, what do you need?

Midnight: I got another girl here and she likes you. 

Harry: So?

Midnight: I need you to stun her.

Harry: Ok Hermione.

Midnight: Hermione?

Harry: Hermione gives me love advice like you.

Midnight: Cool. *ruffles Harry's hair, wrinkles his shirt, puts a drop of mud on his glasses*

Harry: What was that for?

Midnight: Handsome effect. Girls love it. Don't you dare wipe of the mud.

Harry: Fine.

*The other trio (Midnight, George, and Harry) walk to the Great Hall*

Midnight: *to George* Why are you here?

George: I wanna see her reaction.

Midnight: Okay, but stand over there in the corner, so she can't see you.

George: *goes to corner*

Midnigtt: *to Harry* Stay here.

Harry: Ok?

Midnight: *gives Harry death glare and walks over to RavenPaw* 

Midnight: *to RavenPaw* Look over there *pointing to Harry*

RavenPaw: *looks where Midnight is pointing* Wha- *stunned by his cuteness*

Harry: *looking at RavenPaw* She's Ravenclaw, isn't she? *walks to Midnight*

Harry: *whispers in Midnight's ear* What house is she?

Midnight: Ravenclaw

Harry: *to RavenPaw* I'm sorry to be our heartbreak and all, but I prefer Gryffindors. 

RavenPaw: Oh ok. My hopes were never high. 

Harry: Ok. Do me a favor and stand up for a sec.

RavenPaw: Okay? *stands*

Harry: *engulfs RavenPaw in the hug*

RavenPaw: This is enought for me from you.

Harry: Good. *kisses RavenPaw on the cheeck* Saw ya around.

RavenPaw: *in shock*

Midnight: Okay, that's the end of this chapter. Buh Bye!

Everyone: Byeeeeee!

Midnight: I knew I shouldn't have given you guys dark chocolate almonds.


A/N: I got the Voldy's crush on Harry thing from TikTok. Also, I don't know if you guys I had, but UNO reverse card was super popular in my school last year. Whenever someone innsults you, you would say UNO reverse card and some people even brought the reverse card from UNO to school. Anyway, Bye! ( I had too many dark chocolate almonds too)



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