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A/N: This chapter is with The Heir of Slytherin. Note: I am Midnight and Midnight is me. Another Note: The Heir of Slytherin is a long name, so I'm going to call you The Heir. Hope you're okay with that. 


Midnight: Poof!

The Heir: Hi!!!!

Draco: So, you're The Heir of Slytherin. Nice to meet you.

The Heir: Y-You too.

Draco: *to Midnight* Is this another person who likes me?

Midnight: Yup.

Draco: Why does everyone like me?

Midnight: Cuz they think you're cute.

Draco: You think I'm cute?

Midnight: I used to when I hadn't read the actual HP series. But now I don't.

George: Oi, Malfoy, you trying to steal my girl?

Draco: No, just asking about Muggles liking me.

The Heir: We are not Muggles.

Draco: Sure, you aren't. What house are you in?

The Heir: Isn't it obvious? Slytherin!

Draco: *is shocked* Oh, I thought you put that as your name cuz you liked it. 

The Heir: Well, as you now know, that isn't the case. 

Draco: Let me guess, you wanna date me don't you?

The Heir: All girls wanna date their crush.

Draco: Can I talk to you? In private?

The Heir: *didn't expect that* Oh um ok.

Midnight: *listens to every word they say*

Draco: *takes The Heir to an empty classroom* I told the other two girls that I would think about them, but now, I would say no to them. You're really pretty and you're Slytherin. So, let me ask you this? Would you be my girlfriend?


George: *outside* The Heir, you are the loadest whisperer in the world.

The Heir: *hex George through the door* Stupify.

Midnight: Finite.

George: Thanks.

Draco and The Heir: *walk out holding hands*

Midnight: Ok, so to Dramion Shipper and Bi the By, I'm really sorry about Draco's dating choice. I just thought that since The Heir is a Slytherin, he would choose her. 

George: She's talking to the sky again, isn't she?

Midnight: *smacks George on the back of his head, hard* I'm talking to the reader. As you know.

George: *rubbing the back of his head*  Why do you hit me if you're dating me?

Midnight: Just cuz I'm dating you doesn't stop me from smacking you. So if you don't want me to hit you again, shut up.

George: Yes Ma'am.

Midnight: Anyway, Bye!

Everyone: Bye!

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