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A/N: This chapter is for Bi the By. They will be called Azelea in this. 


Midnight: Wa Bam!

Azelea: I'm here, you're here. Wait, are we at Hogwarts?

Midnight: Yup!

Azelea: Aieeeeeee!

Ginny: Who's squealing?

Midnight: Another HP fan.

Draco: House and blood status?

Azelea: Gryffindor and muggle-born. And don't you dare call me a mudblood or I will give a punch that would rival Hermione's

Draco: Yikes. You people are violent.

Hermione: Who you calling violent?

Draco: You, Azelea, Midnight.

Midnight: Whoa, whoa, whoa. How am I violent?

Draco: I'm a Legilimins. I saw that you pinned your friend to a wall so hard that he couldn't breathe. 

Midnight: So?

Draco: You don't call that violent.

Midnight: Well, not really.

Draco: Crazy.

Hermione: Shut up, Malfoy!

Draco: I'm not listening to you!

Hermione: And I don't care if you don't, just shut up before I hex you.

Draco: I'd like to see you try. 

Midnight and Azelea: *sing-song voice*Shiiiiiiiiip!

Draco and Hermione: No!

Azelea: Whatever.

Midnight: *sneaks behind Azelea and Hermione* 

Midnight: *pushes Azelea and Hermione into a broom closet and locks it* Colloportus!

Azelea: What the hell!

Midnight: You said you liked someone, so this is what I do.

Azelea: I like Draco! 

Draco: Why does everyone like me?

Midnight: No clue. I used to, but not anymore.

Draco: Who do you like now?

Midnight: I'll tell you later.

Azelea: Hello?

Midnight: You like someone besides Draco.

Azelea: True.

Hermione: You like me?

Azelea: Um, yeah.

Hermione: Oh, sorry to break your heart and everything, but I like someone else.

Azela: It's fine, my hopes weren't too high. 

Hermione: Oi, Midnight! Can you get us out of here?

Midnight: One sec.

Midnight: *drags Draco right next to the door*

Midnight: Aberto!

Hermione: *walks out*

Midnight: *pushes Draco into the broom closet*

Azelea: *tries to walk out but can't because Draco was pushed onto her* Ow!

Midnight: *locks door* Colloportus!

Draco: Damn her!

Azelea: *notices how much distance is between them, less than 4 inches*

Draco: Damn, this closet is small.

Azelea: *summons confidence and kisses Draco on the cheek*

Draco: What the bloody hell was that?

Azelea: *blushing* Well, as you know,  I like you and I will probably never have this chance again.

Draco: You read the talk I had with Dramione shipper?

Azelea: Yeah.

Draco: Well, same thing. You're pretty, actually, better than her. So if the other people are worse, then I'll give you a chance.

Azelea: Okay.

Midnight: *unlocks door* Well, that was nice.

Azelea: This was a cool experience.

Midnight: Gald you liked it. That's it for this chapter.

Draco: Wait, you never answered my question, who do you like?

Midnight: You know who I like, you told Dramione Shipper!
Draco: That was a guess. 

Midnight: Well, you're right.

Draco: Still, say the name.

Midnight: Well, he's not here, so I can say.

Draco: Who?

Midnight: Um, George.

George: Heard my name.

Midnight: You were here?

George: Nope, just got here.

Midnight: Good!

George: So, why did my name come up?

Draco: I found out that a little bird likes you.

George: Ha, see Fred. I got myself a girl and you didn't.

Fred: Whatever. I have my own crush.

George: As a matter of curiosity, who is this little bird?

Midnight: ...

Draco: Well, she's here. 

George: Well, the girls here are Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Midnight, and, Azelea. Azelea likes you and Ginny is my sister so it knocks those two out. I have Luna, Hermione, and Midnight left.

Hermione: I don't like you. I like someone else.

George: Good to know. I don't like you either.

Midnight: You like someone?

George: Yeah, why?

Midnight: Curiosity. Who?

George: I'll tell you after I figure out who likes me and I break their heart because I don't think she likes me back.

Midnight: *sad* Oh ok. 

Draco: Next hint. She's a snake.

George: Snake?

Draco: House reference.

George: In that case, Luna is a Ravenclaw. Midnight is a Slytherin. Luna is an eagle and Midnight is a snake, but who-oh.

Midnight: *blushing* So, now you know who likes you. Who do you like?

Azelea: *comes behind Midnight and George* 

George: Well...

Azelea:*pushes Midnight and George into a broom closet and locks it* Colloportus! Payback Midnight.

Midnight: Oh, come on!

George: Um.

Midnight: Back to topic, who do you like?

George: Um, well. I like um. 

Midnight: *notices that there are 3 inches of space between them* *thinks* Damn.

George: Well, I like........... *whispers* You.

Midnight: *hears the whisper* No. I'm dreaming. Luna said you're gonna ask her out.

George: I was planning too, then I met you and Luna left my mind. You are so pretty and smart and funny and- *gets cut off cuz of Midnight*

Midnight: *kisses George on the lips* 

George: *gets over his shock and kisses back*

Midnight and George: *kissing, his arms around her waist, her arms around his neck* 

Azelea: *unlocks door* Alohamora.

Azelea, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Fred, and Draco: *sees Midnight and George kissing*

Fred: Oi, lovebirds! You have an audience here.

George and Midnight: *stop snogging and stare*

Geroge: Fred, you owe me 5 galleons.

Midnight: *steps out of broom closet* What for?

Fred: We placed a bet on who would get a girlfriend first.

Midnight: One problem, I'm not his girlfriend.

George: Problem could be easily solved. Midnight, would you be my girlfriend?

Midnight: Yes!

Azelea: Now it's the end of the chapter.

Everyone: Bye!



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