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A/N: Thank you to the 3 million people who reviewed, wanting to be featured. I will be going in the order from first to last. The first one is Dramione Shipper. 


Midnight: Hey Dramione Shipper, Welcome!

Dramione Shipper: Hey! Question: Are there any Ravenclaws here? I wanna mingle with my fellow eagles.

Midnight: Hey Luna? 

Luna: Yes?

Midnight: There you go Dramione Shipper, a Ravenclaw!

Luna: Hello!

Dramione Shipper: OMG, it's Luna Lovegood!

Luna and Dramione Shipper: *chatting about Ravenclaw things*

Midnight: *walks away and calls* Hey, Draco?

Draco: What?

Midnight: I want you to meet someone. Her name is Dramione Shipper(A/N: I am assuming that you are a girl Dramione Shipper. I'm sorry if that is the wrong gender!)

Draco: Dramione? Is that the stupid ship between me and Granger?

Midnight: Yeah it is. Anyway, I want you to meet her. 

Draco: Why?

Midnight: Well, her wand core is  Dragon Heartstring, like yours, and her Patronus is a Dragon, because well, she kinda mighta sorta like you.

Draco: And you want me to meet her?


Draco: Okay, okay take me there.

Midnight: Come on then. *drags Draco to where Dramione Shipper and Luna are*

Midnight: Hey Dramione Shipper! There's someone that I want you to meet.

Dramione Shipper: Who is- *cuts off when she sees Draco*

Draco: You must be Dramione shipper. 

Dramione Shipper: *unable to talk because she is shocked at how cute Draco looks in real life*

Midnight: I'll leave you two be. Come on Luna, I think I saw a Nargle.

Luna: Really, where?

Midnight and Luna: *walk away and Midnight leads Luna somewhere and eavesdrops on Dramione Shipper and Draco*

Draco: Sooo, you like me?

Dramione Shipper: Y-Yeah. 

Draco: Well, you aren't very bad looking. Quite pretty even. I know this doesn't matter much, but what house are you in and what blood are you?

Dramione Shipper: You think I'm pretty?

Draco: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Dramione Shipper: No! I mean, I didn't expect you to think that. I thought you would not give a damn about me. And to answer your questions, I am in Ravenclaw, and I am a muggle-born. 

Draco: A mudblood eagle. Your pretty, but not my type. If you were pure-blood or even half-blood, I would probably give you chance. But a mudblood, not on my list. If you were Slytherin, like Midnight, I would give you a chance. Actually, I would try to go after Midnight if she wasn't into George. But, we can be acquaintances. If the other people Midnight is bringing are trash, I may give you a chance. 

Dramione Shipper: Really?

Draco: Yup. *holds out hands* Friends?

Dramione Shipper: *shaking Draco's hand* Friends.

Midnight: *melted into a pile of goo, 'cause that was much a cute talk*

Midnight: *hasn't actually melted* So if you two lovebirds are done, come out. 

Draco: Lovebirds?

Dramione Shipper: *grabbing Draco's hand* Come on. 

Dramione Shipper and Draco: * walkout*

Draco: What does lovebirds mean?

Midnight: It's a muggle term. People use it when two people are flirting with each other. 

Draco and Dramione Shipper: We are not flirting!

Midnight: I don't care.

Draco: *mumbles* Bitch

Midnight: Language!

Draco: Whatever.

Midnight *rolls eyes* Anyway, I got a review from Hufflepuff Em. She wanted to do something, that I will let her do now. (A/N: Again, assuming your gender, if it is the wrong gender, tell me and I will fix it)

Draco: And what is that?

Midnight: *with an evil grin* Oh, you will see. Wa bam! *summons Hufflepuff Em*

Hufflepuff Em: Where am I? 

Midnight: You're here to do that thing you wanted to do and you told me in a review.

Hufflepuff Em: I can do it!?

Midnight; Yup. Let's go over there. 

Midnight, Hufflepuff Em, Dramione Shipper, and Draco: *walking to the Great Hall (where the gang is)*

Luna: *spots Midnight* There you are! I couldn't find the Nargle.

Midnight: Really? Must have flown away.

Luna: Dang it!

Midnight: Come on. Join us!

Luna: Okay.

*All of us reach the Great Hall*

Midnight: Oh, Ronniekins!

Ron: Don't call me that!

Midnight: Hufflepuff Em? The honers go to you

Hufflepuff Em: Um, Ron? I will never be sorry about this.

Ron: About what?

Hufflepuff Em: *hits Ron in the head really hard* That.

Ron: Ow!

Hermione: I like that girl!

Hufflepuff Em: Yay!

Midnight: That's it for this chapter. Bye!

The gang except Ron: Bye!



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