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A/N: I'm doing this for the four people who reviewed. So shoutouts to The Heir of Slytherin, xHuffleCookiex, little ravenpuff, and dew_drops. My love to you! 🥰! Note: Midnight is me. 


Midnight: So, Hermione, we got 4 reviews. 

Hermione: Really? That's great. 

Fred: Did any of those humans want to be featured? 

Midnight: Yup, The Heir of Slytherin, and dew_drops wanted to be featured in this.

Draco: The Heir of Slytherin? I think I'll like that kid. 

Midnight: No one cares what you think. 

Draco: What?

Midnight: I don't care what you have to say, except the fact that you like Ginny. 

Ginny: You had to bring that up?

Midnight: Yup. Hey, Luna? Will this ship sail?

Luna: Well, let me see. Ginny will slowly develop feelings for Malfoy. Then, Ginny's life will be in danger, and Malfoy will go to rescue her. In the process of that, Malfoy will return her feelings and they will become a couple. 

Midnight: Yay!

Draco and Ginny: No!

Luna: The stars are never wrong. 

Hermione: Ok, ok Luna. Midnight, I have a question.

Midnight: Yes Hermione?

Hermione: You said that two people wanted to be featured right? What exactly will you do when you feature them?

Midnight: True. How about this? I'll tell those two to fill out some info in a review and I will incorporate that in the next chapter. 

Hermione: Great idea!

Midnight: So, to The Heir of Slytherin and dew_drops, or anyone who wants to be featured, please review with the following information. 


*Name: (your username)



Wand Core: 

*Fav Ship:

*Hated Ship:

Crush: (from the HP universe)


Midnight: You don't have to fill out every single slot, but the one with the * needs to be included in the review.  I will include it in the coming chapters.

George: Talking to the sky again, are we?

Midnight: *attempts to smack George in the head and fails*

George: Miss!

Hermione: *Smacks him very hard*

George: *in pain* Hit, very hard hit

Midnight: Serves you right

Hermione: *whispers something to Midnight*

Midnight: OMG! Good idea! 

Hermione: Then, do it!

Fred: Wha-

Midnight: Also, if you want to wallop anyone of these people in the head, review it and I will do it. Or if you want to be featured, tell me and you can wallop them in the head.

George: *with sarcasm*Great idea Hermione

Hermione: Oh, thank you!

Midnight: Anyway, that's the end of this chapter.

Hermione: Bye!
George: Please don't ask Midnight to wallop me.

Hermione: *smacks George in the head again*

George: Ouch!


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