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Draco observed as Hermione looked up at him and blanched as she processed his offer. He felt her fingertips burn into the skin on his wrist briefly as she grabbed it, using it as leverage to push herself away from his tight hold and unusually intrusive eyes. He knew his eyes were always his giveaway. He'd essentially perfected his mask by now, especially with Bella and Snape's help, but they say the eyes were the windows to the soul for a reason. It was why he practiced occlumency so fervently and obsessively, it was his only chance at hiding it.


She scoffed, "Hell no. You'd be so lucky if I ever were to soil myself with the likes of you," she turned away from him for what felt like the millionth time tonight. He could hear in her voice that she wasn't as disgusted as her words construed - in fact, she seemed intrigued. They had been dancing back and forth and around each other for far longer than he wanted to admit.


He could tell that she was a bit dazed. He had never intentionally turned the full force of his charm her way before, and it was throwing her for a loop Draco knew she hadn't expected. "You're right," he teased, lust very plainly coating his voice, "I probably would be. That's why they call it getting lucky, Granger, didn't you know?"


She froze, her step stuttering, and then she continued walking. Away from him. He decided then and there that he did not like that.

"Oh hell no you don't Granger," he growled, grabbing her wrist harshly as she stormed away and twisting her harshly back to face him. "You're not getting away quite that easily you fucking tease," he smashed his lips into hers, giving her no room to hesitate or question this as he yanked her blindly inside the nearest classroom. He could give two shits which one it was, it didn't matter.


This was not a delicate kiss. It wasn't slow, it wasn't tender, or soft.


It was hard, hot, fast, burning, intense. It was built of a fire that was burning from the embers of pure need and hate and primal instinct alone. Their bodies both knew what was coming next - but they were both choosing to ignore who exactly was on the other side of the kiss.


He dug his fingers tightly into her hips, making her gasp. He took advantage of her momentary lapse to slip his tongue into her mouth, biting her lip roughly on his way in. It took her a moment before she was returning his advances just as greedily. He moved them both backwards until he was pressing her hard into the wall. "Do you want this?" he muttered against her lips, a prayer. "Tell me you want this."


In answer, Hermione's fingers abruptly started pulling at the knot on his tie, tearing at the top button of his shirt in a desperate attempt to get it off him. He returned the favor, except he was more concerned with pulling her skirt up to hitch it around her waist. He ran his fingertips over the shallow half-moons he had left earlier as they ventured downwards, humming in satisfaction as he felt the marks he'd left on her.


Finding what he craved underneath it, he chuckled darkly. "I should have known," he said, "It's always the good girls who like it rough. Do you like it rough, Granger? Be honest," he purred into her ear, his left hand rising to wrap itself around her throat as he continued to press his right hand up against her, "I really don't like liars."


She whimpered, her hand coming up to tighten around his wrist as he stroked her lazily over her panties. "I don't know," she stuttered, swallowing thickly and averting her gaze from his. "Maybe but...I-I've only...once." She gathered what was left of her bravery and met his eyes again, heat rising to her cheeks.


"Oh?" he queried, his lips spreading deliberately into a slow smirk. "I have to say I'm quite honored, Granger. Although I have to say, I'm rather annoyed that I'm subjected to Weasley's sloppy seconds." Hermione furrowed her eyebrows defiantly.


"I am not -" he cut her off abruptly with another harsh kiss, not looking for an explanation. He honestly couldn't give less of a fuck - as long as she wanted him then, he was willing. She bit down on his lip roughy in retaliation, drawing blood. Malfoy pulled away sharply, his eyes narrowing. "Why you little -"


Hermione shut him up by pressing her lips to his once more. "Yes," she murmured against them. He pulled back, gripping her chin roughly to survey her face once more. "Yes what, Granger?"


"Yes I like it rough."


"Fuck," he groaned as her kisses stuttered inconsistently down his neck, not wanting to meet his eyes "I fucking knew it, you're going to be so good for me, aren't you Granger?"


She continued her assault, landing on the spot behind his ear and chose to avoid his question. He heard her breathing hitch only slightly, but it's something he would have missed if it weren't for her very opportune position. Malfoy wouldn't have that. He spun her around, twisting her arm against her back as he did so and pinned her into the hard wall of the castle.


"You will answer me when I speak to you. Is that understood?" She nodded, loving the scraping of her cheek against the brick more than she thought she had any right to.


"That's yes sir to you. If you want me to give you any pleasure instead of just taking it all for myself - which I am more than capable of doing - then I suggest you do as I say."


"Yes sir," she whispered, barely audible.


"Good girl, Granger. I always knew you had it in you," he said, praising her as she ground against him, hearing as she accidentally let a little whine slip through her clenched teeth. "A little impatient are we?" he taunted, wanting to hear her admit it.


"Yes sir," she lowered her eyes, her blush flooding down to her neck at the admission that she was practically soaked through her knickers for Draco fucking Malfoy. "And what is it you want?" he initiated. He wanted to hear her ask for what she wanted. He may be a Death Eater, but he never took without asking. Malfoys did have some standards. Clearly that only extended to consent, since he was literally about to fuck her just because the Dark Lord told him to.


"Your fingers," she wriggled her hips against them to emphasize her point, still relishing the rough texture against her cheek.

"Where? Here?" he moved them away from where she needed them, teasing them along the edge of her panties. "Or maybe here?" he slipped them just underneath the damp fabric, purposely avoiding her center. Hermione let out a frustrated moan. "You know where," she huffed. "Ah, but this is the fun part," he argued, "I love watching you writhe for me. I can't fucking wait for you to be under me," his eyes were hungry and burning as they took in her panting figure.


Without warning, he pushed one long finger inside of her. She cried out as she felt it breach her and he lowered his head to ghost kisses over different spots on her back until he found the ones that made her shiver. If he wanted this to work, he had to be convincing. Luckily, all this time fucking Pansy meant he was good at being convincing in the bedroom.


Draco added in a second finger, stretching her. "Fuck Granger," he moaned, "You're so tight." His words did something to her, especially hearing her name fall from his lips like that, and she let out another moan. He pressed her into the brick harder, "Shut the fuck up, you're going to get us caught," he hissed. He ripped his fingers out of her and spun her around, putting his fingers in her mouth to watch her taste herself on them. He replaced his fingers with his tie, shoving it quickly in her mouth, and took hers to bind her wrists.


If he couldn't hear her, maybe he could pretend she was someone else.


"You don't move these until I say so, do you understand?" She nodded, eyes wide, drinking him in. She understood what she was giving him with that nod, and his eyes brightened as she consented to play his game. "You like it when I talk dirty, huh?" he tilted his head to look at her in slight disbelief. She gave him a slow nod of admission, not able to tear her eyes away from his. She was far too lost to her lust to feel any embarrassment now.


He spun Hermione around quickly, her sight blurring for a second as he bent her over a desk, flipping her skirt up. She heard him unzip his trousers and her breath quickened and her muscles clenched in anticipation. He ran the tip of himself over her heat again and again, teasing her mercilessly.


Just when she was about to cry from how much she needed it, he finally pushed into her in one smooth motion. The moan that tore from the both of them at the feeling was guttural. She pulsed around him, already closer than she cared to admit.


He fucked her slowly, to the point of it being almost painful, wanting to keep her teetering on the edge for as long as he could keep her there. He loved the sweet torture that was orgasm denial, and he especially adored how it looked on Granger, refusing to give her something she wanted. Draco was reveling in how the mini power trip felt.


She was trying her best to fuck him back, but he stilled her hips. "That's not how it works Granger, and I know you know it. I will use you how I want to, and I promise you that you will only come if I think you deserve it. Don't think I wouldn't walk away from you and leave you right on the edge," he taunted cruelly as he stilled inside of her.


That was a flat out lie, he was absolutely bluffing. There was no chance of Draco walking away without feeling her tight heat pulse around him and watching Hermione fucking Granger's face as he pushed her to her breaking point. He would be the one to do that. Draco Malfoy, the Golden Trio's sworn enemy from day one. So there was no way he was going to lose out on that opportunity.


But he needed to make her submissive, and he knew her fear of not getting her orgasm was enough to do exactly that.


She moaned in plain frustration at his words, and he suddenly pulled out of her. Her pussy automatically clenched at the emptiness as she whimpered audibly, not caring in the slightest how pathetic she sounded.


Draco flipped her over so she was on her back, and slammed back into her. He was fucking her fast now, and they were both chasing the ecstacy they so desperately craved. Her hips were going to be so sore tomorrow, but she couldn't have cared less.

Hermione's back was arched, her hands that were resting bound on her stomach drifted down to rub at her clit, chasing it more relentlessly than she should have known he'd allow for. He knocked them away. Her moans were being torn from her now, and it sounded like a muffled version of his name.


Well this he sure as hell couldn't miss. He reached up to rip the tie out of her mouth, and lo and behold - it was his surname repeated and mashed together. She met his eyes, and she paused her prayer that was 'Malfoy' only to ask "Say it."


He ignored her.


"Say it," she nearly begged this time, "Please." Her pussy fluttered and tensed around him, and he knew she was close.


He reached down to rub circles into her clit. "You wanna come?" she nodded so quickly he thought her head just might fall off. He panted over her, close to his own high. "Say please, Granger." He watched in amazement as she babbled versions of please over and over - it sounded like a different language entirely. Knowing her, maybe it was.


"Come on my cock," he said to her, his eyes never leaving hers.


And that was all it took for her. Her body shook as she tightened like a vice and detonated with all the force of a bomb, bucking her hips into him. He tried his best to fuck her through her orgasm, but she was squeezing him too damn tight. He thrusted a few more times as she came down from her high and exploded into her, moaning into her sweat-slick neck.


His breathing slowed as he pulled out of her gingerly. "Damn Granger," he said breathlessly, "I never would have had you pegged as a dirty little slut." She blushed, somehow embarrassed by that despite what had just taken place.


"There's a lot you don't know about me, Malfoy."


He could hear the ever present taunt in her voice and said "Well Ganger," he turned to face her while he buttoned his shirt, "What else should I know about you?"

Later in the Slytherin common room, he was back to drinking. Draco knew he was going to fucking hate himself for this - not to mention his prior activities - in the morning, but he honestly couldn't bring himself to give two shits. After he had returned from...whatever that was, he had showered twice, trying to rid himself of her. He shuddered as he brought the bottle up to his lips and watched as Theo and Blaise walked in.


He glanced quickly at the clock on the wall. It was nearly three in the morning.


"What the hell are you tossers doing up so late?" he asked his friends, hoping they would ignore the slight slur of his words.

"Couldn't sleep," Theo shrugged and sank into the couch across from Draco. "But I could say the same for you. Ooh, we're drinking?" he said as he made to snatch the bottle from his hands. Draco twisted reflexively, successfully keeping the vintage bottle out of his reach.


"I'm drinking," he stated, raising a pointed eyebrow, "Alone, ideally. But, if you feel so inclined, no one is stopping you from going to get your own."


Blaise rolled his eyes at him, sitting down next to Theo on the worn green couch. "Watch out Theo, Draco's being over-dramatic again," he snorted, "What's got your knickers in such a bloody twist?" His eyes skimmed over his surly blonde friend and suddenly brightened.


"Oh, Malfoy's gotten lucky," he said as his keen eyes spotted a shadow of a hickey on the top of his collarbone , bringing his hands up to support the back of his head and kicking his feet up. "Who do you wager it was this time, Nott? I'll give you ten galleons if you can get it out of him."


"Done," Theo said, turning to look at his friend with a wolfish grin on his face, ready to pry. "So who was it Drake? Not Parkinson again?"


Draco scoffed, drinking again and blatantly refusing to answer him.


"Hmm, not Pansy then. Maybe...Greengrass?" Theo tried again.


"Which one?" he snorted. He knew Blaise had a fling with Daphne from time to time but he'd never specifically confirmed it, choosing to keep it under wraps for whatever reason. Nott rolled his eyes, knowing he was being purposely difficult. "Either."


Another noncommittal shake of his head as he stood up to go to bed - and get out of the conversation. "Give it up you tossers. It's a lost cause. I'm not telling," he said as he flipped Theo ten galleons, "For your trouble."


Draco quickly polished off the rest of the bottle before turning away, but not before hearing Theo call to him, "Two bottles in one night, Malfoy? She must be a different kind of hell."


Mumbling low under his breath as he left, "If only you fucking knew."


He didn't fall asleep until well past four, after Blaise and Theo were already asleep. The sight of her coming apart for him just wouldn't leave the backs of his goddamn eyelids. He groaned and turned over.


As he finally drifted, Draco swore to obliviate himself tomorrow if the memory of how she felt around him didn't fade, along with the taste of hot cinnamon on his tongue and regret in his chest.

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