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A/N: If this chapter gets more than 5 reviews, I will continue it. If not, RIP story. Note: Midnight is me because my username is Midnight_Slytherin.


Midnight: Hello humans!

Hermione: Hi!

Harry: Hi!

Ginny: Nice name!

Luna: Hello 

Fred: Hello...


Neville: Nice to meet you!

Ron: Who the bloody hell are you?

Midnight: Well, aren't you a bitch.

George: See Ron, we aren't the only people who that that.

Ginny: Trying to be nice, who are you? 

Midnight: Thank you, Ginny, for those kind words, I'm looking at you, Ronald. 

Everyone except Ron: Laughing

Ron: Shut up.

Midnight: Nope, anyway, to answer your question Ginny, I am Midnight_Slytherin. I am a muggle-born Slytherin, my Patronus is a black swan and my wand is an alder wand with a unicorn tail hair. I am a fanfiction writer and reader on HPFF. Check out my stories Polyjuice and Truth. My favorite author here is dew_drops. Any other questions?

Draco: I have one. How are you in Slytherin if you're a mudblood?

Ginny: Shut up, Ferret.

Midnight: I am a Slytherin because I am very ambitious. Now if you don't mind, I would like it if you shut up.

Draco: Whatever.

Hermione: You said you're an author right?

Midnight: Yes, I'm an author, well, kinda. I only write fanfiction on HPFF.

Harry: What does HPFF stand for?

Midnight: Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Harry: I have a website?

Midnight: Yes you do. And, a lot of people love the series.

Luna: Do they like nargles?

Midnight: Well, I know that one writer on HPFF has the name baby nargles so I'm guessing yes.

Fred: What kind of romances are on here? 

Midnight: Well, there are a lot of ships that people like and don't like.

Hermione: What do you dislike?

Midnight: Sorry if I offend any of you guys, but I hate Ron/Hermione, Fred or George/Angelina, Hermione/Viktor, Harry/Cho, Harry/Ginny, and Ron/Lavender. 

Neville: I agree with all of them.

Geroge: So do I. What ships do you like?

Midnight: Um, well, I like ships involving you guys. So, please don't kill me.

Harry: We won't. Curiosity is killing me. 

Midnight: Well, I ship Fred/Hermione, George/Luna, Harry/Parvati Patil, and Hermione/Draco. 

Hermione: Personally, I'm fine with George/Luna and Harry/Parvati. Me and Fred? Ok then. Me and Malfoy. No.

Luna: Well, Fred will ask Hermione on a date in a month and Hermione will say yes and they will start dating. George will also do the same for me. Parvati already likes Harry.

Everyone: What!?

Ginny: How do you know?

Luna: I'm good at Divination. Hermione, don't scoff.

Draco: Heard my name a few times. 

Midnight: Nothing, just listing my ships.

Draco: Which are?

Midnight: Um, Geroge/Luna, Harry/Parvati-

Draco: I don't care about that shit. Why did my name come up?

Midnight: Well, I shipped you with someone here. And they said no.

Draco: Who?

Midnight: Um, Hermione.

Draco: No, I would rather be with Ginny. 

Midnight: What?

Draco: I-I mean... Pansy!

Ron: No, you said Ginny.

Midnight: Another ship has sailed!

Ginny: I'm in shock.

Hermione: Aren't we all?

Midnight: trying to divert this conversation, what do you guys about me bringing other people on here. 

Ron: NO

Everyone else except Ron and Draco: YES!

Midnight: Okay. Hi readers, if you would like to be featured on this fic (if it continues), please write it in a review. 

Hermione: Who are you talking to?

Midnight: My readers. Someone will read everything we are saying and they have the option of reviewing what they think about it. 

Hermione: So, someone is reading this right now?

Midnight: Yup.

Hermione: Hello to the reader.

You (insert name here): Hi Hermione!

Hermione: Oh my god, it's true.

Midnight: So, if you want more people to continue reading our conversations, ask them to review.

Hermione: Please review, it's fun talking to people who I don't know.

Midnight: So, if you want to make Hermione happy, please review. If I get 5 or more reviews, I will continue it. If not, I will leave it as a one-shot. 

Everyone except Draco and Ron: Bye!

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