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    Hello, My name is Claire! This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction and I hope you like it! If you like it, I can make a part 2! I wrote this chapter to tell you more about me, my main OC, and why I am writing this fanfiction.


    Things about me in the Harry Potter universe: 


    When I am imagining myself as a Harry Potter character, I like my name to be Claire Hales. I like to think of myself as Muggle-born. My Hogwarts house (proved by Pottermore and Buzzfeed) is Hufflepuff. I always like to think of myself as good friends with Hermione, because she is my favorite character, and best friends with the iconic Luna Lovegood, because, well, nargles. My wand is birchwood, dragon heartstring, 9 ¾ inches (according to Pottermore). My Patronus is a Manx Cat, also according to Pottermore. I like to think of myself as top of the class, like Hermione and my favorite subject is D.A.D.A (Defence Against the Dark Arts) and Charms <3.


    Things about me in the Muggle world:


    My name in real life is.... well, I can't tell you that but you can call me Claire. You can call me by my pen name, RavenPaw. I am very passionate about Harry Potter, I love it so much <3. I have been a fan for a year now. I’ve read the books about 5-6 times each and watched the movies at least 3 times each. What inspired me to read the Harry Potter books is my friend in real life, Aria. She told me to read the first book and I loved it so I read the other books and loved them too. The books inspired me to watch the movies. I am really passionate about writing this fanfiction because it is about Hermione and her sister, whom I said earlier was my favorite character. My hobbies are art, writing, and reading. I am a bookworm (literally). I love watching Youtube and Netflix, and I would LOVE to get into a good college like Oxford, Havard, Yales, etc. I am from America so it MIGHT be hard for me to do British dialogue, but I will try my best!


    Things about my main OC (original character): 


          My main OC’s name is Emilia Jean Granger, daughter of Jean Mildred Granger (Edwards) and Wilson Edward Granger, sister of Hermione Jean Granger. Her house is Hufflepuff, as she is very loyal and kind, but the Sorting Hat seriously considered putting her in Gryffindor, as she is very brave. She is Muggle-born (like her sister). She is one year younger than Hermione. Her best friends are Alia Lalita Sharma and Heather Marigold Lynch. Her wand is birchwood, dragon heartstring, 9 ¾ inches. She has an owl, May, whom she loves dearly. She really wants to make up with Hermione after she finds out that she is a witch, but Hermione is still angry at her. 

    Purpose of Writing this Fanfiction:


              In a 2004 interview with the BBC on World Book Day, J.K. Rowling revealed the following: 'I always planned that Hermione would have a younger sister but she's never made an appearance and somehow it feels like it might be too late now. ' What if Hermione did have a younger sister? Would she be a witch or would she be a muggle? Why is she never mentioned in the Harry Potter books?


    I really hope you will like this book. I don’t know how fast I can write, but count on a chapter every week (I will be posting chapter by chapter). If you have any suggestions for the story, leave them in the comments. Now, I’ll stop babbling and you can go to the first chapter (if it is posted right now). Good-bye Ravens!



    RavenPaw <3

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