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   After Lockheart had closed the door, the room had went deadly silent. This small action had made Primrose feel like her heart had skipped a beat or two. 


"Now," McGonagall  began," we must be civil with this, and have a rational conversation as though we are all adults."


"I agree." Dumbledore said, nodding his head and sliding his half-moon glasses up the bridge of his nose.


"Now that that is settled, we must get on to-" Lockheart was interrupted by Filch.


"Which one of you killed my cat?!" he exclaimed.


"They aren't dead, they're petrified." said Hermione.


"How do you know that?" Snape asked.


"If Mrs. Norris were dead then there would be a rotting smell, which was not anywhere near the area." Primrose defended.


"Exactly!" Ron and Hermione said in unison.


"Even if that were true, my guess would be Potter." Filch said coldly.


"Why me?!" Harry asked.


"First off no one would suspect the golden boy to do it. Second of all, you found out I was a squib and had done the act out of pure spite!" said Filch.


"Not to mention you've been a bit too quiet." said Snape.


"Why would I do an act out of spite if I don't even know what a squib is." Harry shot back.


"A squib is a person born into a wizarding family, but posses no magical abilities of their own." Primrose explained.


"Oh...well even if you weren't a squib, I still wouldn't kill your cat." said Harry.


"Rational conversation!" Dumbledore reminded. 


"Where were the four of you during the time of the event?" Lockheart asked.


"Now that I recall it, neither one of them were at dinner." said Snape.


"We were in library." Primrose answered a bit too quickly.


"The library, on Halloween?" McGonagall repeated with an eyebrow raised.


"I see that coming from Scott and Granger. But no so much from Potter and Weasley?" Snape commented.


"We were helping Harry and Ron with potions work." said Hermione, Snape looked at Primrose as though he was asking for confirmation.


"If you're asking me to confirm this, the answer is yes. We were helping one another." Primrose had felt her breathing get heavier.


"I think we should discuss this later, it's getting quite late." McGonagall pitched in.


   Then Lockheart, Snape and Dumbledore had walked out of the room. But before Primrose had walked out she had mouthed a 'thank you' to McGonagall, to which she replied with a smile.




   The next day seemed exciting, yet full of anxiety at the same time. Why? Today, November first was the first quidditch match of the season.


"Alright," Marcus said turning to the Slytherin team " are there any questions?" 


   The room stayed silent as a few people shook their heads left and right.


"Let's go then." Draco said, getting up from his seat.


"Ok then, Mr. Control Freak..." Primrose mumbled under her breath.


   Everyone had left the meeting room (Idk what it's called but you probably get the idea...) and had went to a little elevated area which had lead to the field. And before Primrose had known it, the doors to the field were opening. Everyone quickly flew out of the elevated area and on to the field.


   Madam Hooch went on to the field from below, quaffle in hand and looked at the two teams.


"Now, I want a nice, clean game from all of you!" said Madam Hooch.


   Madam Hooch threw the quaffle high in the air and all six of the chasers had went for it. A few seconds later, Angelina Johnson came out successful in retrieving the quaffle and flew towards the Slytherin goal posts. Then, Marcus Flint stole the ball and flew towards the Gryffindor goal posts. Basically, the quaffle was passed back and fourth and back again between teams for the next few minutes. However after Aiden Paige had stolen the quaffle from Katie Bell, he was successful in making a goal; scoring ten points for Slytherin.


   As time went on, the scores for both teams went higher and higher. At the moment, the score was Gryffindor: thirty, Slytherin: ninety. After Lee Jordan had announced the score, two of the Slytherin chasers and Draco had taken a quick lap around the field. However once they had gotten near Harry, they had attempted to hit him on the back of the neck (kind of like the "I like ya gut G" meme)


   A bludger came into view, Primrose juggled her bat in her left hand. The bludger came closer and closer with ever second that had passed. 


'Three...' Primrose thought




'Just like practice, swing when it gets about eye-level one second before'






   Primrose swung her bat with all of her might, the bludger almost flew out of the stadium. Primrose flew next to Harry and by the way she had greeted him, it looked as though his soul had left his body.


"Hello Harry." Primrose greeted, Harry's broom rose slightly. Primrose chuckled.


"Hey Prim." Harry greeted.


"I'm sorry about what they had done to you earlier, as they had passed." Primrose said, looking at the ground below them.


"It's okay, we can't exactly control others..." said Harry.


"Yeah. It's reality, nothing more or less than the truth." said Primrose.


"I hope things will get better between the two of you, you and Malfoy." Harry said, almost....sympathetically?


"It's okay, things happen, it's just the way life is. Life isn't this perfect square that we can plan out from the very beginning, instead it's more of a circle. We are destined to start with a single dot, birth. As seconds pass, the circle grows, like we do as time goes on. Then a semi-circle, which would represent adult-hood; when we aren't too old or too new. Finally, the second you lift your pen from the parchment and the circle is complete, that would represent death. And besides about ninety percent of the time, circles aren't completely round, but rather ovular. " Primrose explained.


"So basically, you said that life isn't perfect and some things are just expectant?" Harry asked.


"Uh yeah, pretty much."  Primrose responded.


"That...actually hit pretty deep." Harry said looking down.


"Uh thanks?" Primrose said swinging her legs back and forth with a chuckle.


"Your welcome." Harry said with a slight blush.


"One second." Primrose left her current area and swung a second bludger with even more force than the last.


"Alright there Scar Head!" Draco taunted.


   Just then, another bludger came in toward Harry's direction. Harry flew down a bit to avoid said bludger.


"Watch yourself Harry!" said Oliver Wood.


"Wood look out!" Harry exclaimed as the same bludger came back and hit the front end of Oliver's broomstick. 


   The bludger went up and down then back around the field until it had almost reached Harry. It had seemed as though the bludger was following him where ever he had went. Primrose's eyes followed the bludger wherever it went.


'The bludger's trying to hit him from behind. Maybe if I follow him with just the right amount of speed, and get close enough, I can try to hit it across the field...' Primrose thought.


   As the bludger was following Harry in and out of the field, it was destroying some of the posts to the seating areas. After Harry had got the bludger off of his tail for a moment, Draco thought that it'd be so wise to taunt him. 


"Training for the ballet Potter?!" Draco taunted sarcastically.


   Primrose flew over towards Draco's left and had snapped her fingers.


"Hey Dumbass, how about you try looking for the snitch instead of taunting the opponent?" Primrose sarcastically remarked.


   Draco looked towards her, not hearing the buzzing noise from his right. It was the snitch. Unlike Draco however, Harry realized that the snitch was just a few mere feet away from him. Primrose dashed forward behind Harry and hit the bludger that was coming in the group's direction.


   Harry flew forward in Draco's direction at top speed, arm out; ready to feel the small walnut sized ball in his hand. Draco ducked, expecting Harry to make an assault on him. After Harry had passed him, Draco had turned around and realized how much of a mistake he had made. Draco turned around and flew as fast as he could to catch up to Harry. And once he did, Draco shoved Harry and flew forward with his left arm outstretched. And that was all that the viewers could see of the seekers as for now, Draco and Harry were now under (?) the field, out of sight. 


   However not so long afterwards, Draco had returned and fell on to the field. Then, Harry returned back above, the bludger still chasing him, and Harry was still chasing the snitch. He leaned forward a bit and had caught it!


   But sadly, the victory was short lived. The bludger had hit his left arm.... 




~After The Game, Slytherin Meeting Room~


"Primrose, this isn't what I had expected from you on our first game! You were talking with the opponent and taunting your teammates." Marcus Flint said, arms crossed.


"And you aren't disappointed with these fuckers!" Primrose exclaimed, gesturing to Draco and two of the chasers "They had attempted to assault the opponent. And for what reason?!"


   Marcus was silent for a moment.


"Well-it..." Marcus stuttered, he was almost at a loss for words.


"Exactly, you can't! And do you know why Flint?" Primrose asked sarcastically. "Because there was no reason! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the Hospital Wing."


   And just like that, Primrose had left the meeting room, with a shit-eating-grin on her face.


(AN: Hello everyone! That's it for Chapter 16, I hope that you had enjoyed it. I hope that you stay safe and that you have a good day/evening/night. <3 Aero)

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