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    Ginny rubbed her eyes and blinked. She rolled over and groaned, "I hate mornings," she muttered under her breath.


    She slouched over to her incredibly cramped closet and changed into a red t-shirt and jeans. She rubbed her eyes and stumbled over to her mirror. She stared at her ginger bed head in the mirror. She scrunched her freckly nose and pulled out her hair brush from her bed. She brushed her hair into a high ponytail so it would flow down her shoulders. She tied a gold ribbon around the  ponytail holder  and took a deep breath preparing herself for the chaos she was about to walk into. She opened the door of her bedroom to the commotion of the Burrow.


    “Fred, George?! Why is my pinky turning green?!” Percy yelled


    The twins stifled their laughter behind their hands. Ginny just rolled her eyes while  getting out gross grainy cereal from one of the broken down cabinets. But then she noticed something from out of the corner of her eye. Ron had done the exact same thing! Ron always laughs at the twins pranks. Especially if they’re aimed towards Percy.


    “Are you good Ron?” she asked.


    He blinked and looked up, “Oh, yeah, brilliant.”


    Ginny raised an eyebrow, “Ron I’ve lived with you my whole life, I can tell when you’re lying.”


    Ron sighed, “It’s just that Harry hasn’t been responding to any of my letters. I’ve been telling him that he could stay with us so he can get away from his evil uncle and aunt.”


    Ginny blushed, but quickly rolled her eyes, trying to hide it. She has had a small crush on Harry Potter ever since that day on platform 9 ¾.  “Seriously Ron? You just answered to your own question,”


    “Huh? You sound like Hermione,”


    Ginny rolled her eyes at her brother, “His aunt and uncle! They’re probably the ones interfering with the letters!” Ginny shook her head. Her brother could be such an idiot.


    Ron smiled. “Yeah. Maybe,”


    At that moment their dad walked in.  He was looking down at something in his hands. His eyebrows were furrowed.


    “What is it?” The twins, Ron, and Ginny asked at the same time. They looked at each other while Percy rolled his eyes haughtily.


    “It's Harry,” Their dad said. He sounded disappointed.


    “What about him?” asked Ron.


    "He's got a magic warning from the Ministry,"


    Everyone gets concerned at that, but Ginny notices Ron gets an evil grin on his face.


    “I don’t know what you’re planning, but whatever it is, don’t do it” His sister told him.



    Hi there!


    Thank you so much for reading up to here! I'll try to continue this soon and if you have any questions ask them in the comments.




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