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Hermione, Draco, Ginny and Rebecca were in the library the following Saturday late afternoon, studying for exams. Although exams weren’t until the next term, Hermione had insisted that they start studying for exams as she and Draco had N.E.W.T.S. that year.

Rebecca knew it would be the time to execute the next part of her plan when Hermione had almost finished writing her page of notes.


Hermione always took a two-minute break every time she had completed a page of notes as she had read it helps you study better in one of her favourite author’s book. Rebecca had strategically sat next to Draco and purposely asked him quite a lot of questions, everything was going well.


Rebecca saw Hermione was about to finish her notes so she stood up, picked up her books. She spied Hermione watching her casually so she put down her books and turned to Draco calmly, seemingly oblivious to the eyes of Ginny and Hermione on her. Rebecca lowered her self to kiss Draco’s cheek before whispering in an intentional and just audible voice,


‘Thanks for helping me today,’


Rebecca smiled at him warmly and picked up her books and walked out of the library without looking back to see Hermione’s reaction.

Not that she needed to, Hermione’s irritation was so obvious to Rebecca that she could smell it in the air.


Hermione was fuming.


How. Dare. She.


Draco was hers. No one else could have him.


Hermione knew how she was feeling was irrational and unrealistic but sometimes her emotions just overtook her logical mind, especially after the war.


Hermione couldn’t handle it she had to get away. Everything would be fine once she was alone. She had to get rid of to this feeling, or did she have to latch onto it and tell him how she felt?



Draco was shocked and confused.


He understood that people found him attractive but he was evil.


 Was evil. A rational voice said.


But no one would like you anyway!


So what? You have friends, isn’t that enough?


What if I want one to be more?


NOPE! Block back up.


Draco argued with himself for hours upon hours after the study session which had been ended abruptly by Hermione very soon after Rebecca’s ploy. If Draco hadn’t been so confused with his own feelings, he might have noticed this.


Draco also had second thoughts about his block. He didn’t have to show them but the block made him feel almost depressed and he constantly felt something tight in his chest.





If only we could be together. They both thought.


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