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Hermione POV



I made double of the potion that protected you from love potions and gave one to Ginny each week. A month had gone by since I found out Malfoy must like me and I was still deciding what to do about it. I walked into potions class to find two new people looking exactly the same. “Miss Granger would you mind sitting next to Jasmine and Bluebell Frakes for a day or two. You know, help them settle in.” I knew it was my duty as Head Girl to do so, so i sat next to them for the lesson. “Hi I’m Hermione Granger.” I said politely.

“Aren’t war heroes supposed to keep up their appearances?” Said a Jasmine.

“Yeah she looked better when she was at war.” Added Bluebell.

I chose to ignore them and came too in Gillyweed oil brewing. (Where you create oil to keep the weed in so it doesn't dry out).


Slughorn must have heard their rude comments because the next day he had them sitting on their own at the front of the class to keep an eye on them. Near the end of it Mcgonagall came in and asked for me. I wondered why she needed me. Maybe it was to do with running a detention. “I have chosen Head Boy finally. You should get along really well I figured.” Mcgonagall lead me to Harry who was staring at his feet.

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