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Ginny POV


The next day I had a free period in the morning so I had breakfast and decided to find Hermione for support. Harry was looking at me the whole meal and when I stood up to leave I didn’t smile or frown at him I just pretended he didn’t exist. I snuck into Harry’s bedroom and stole the marauders map. It said that Hermione was in an empty classroom on her own. I put the map down and ran as quick as I could to the classroom. But as soon as I got there, she was gone. I spent the entire period looking for her and was upset to find she was nowhere to be found. It was at lunch that she left just as I got to the table. I ate quickly and rushed after her. She was in the first empty classroom I checked. Kissing my brother Ron.

Hermione POV


I pulled away from Ron and found I couldn’t look Ginny in the eyes. “Did you follow me here?”

“No, but I- I was looking for you I have something to tell you.” She said looking anxious.

“Well,” I began, “Now isn’t a great time as you can see.” I said finally meeting her eyes.

“Fine.” she said. I realised I had been harsh.

“Ginny, wait! Sorry. Ron wait here Ginny come outside what do you need to tell me?”

She looked relieved and stepped out of the room being careful to shut the door.

“Hermione, where do I begin? I found a Harry with the new girl, Zoe. He took her into the Room Of Requirement and I ran in after him and it was decorated perfectly with Roses and amazing colours, he had been doing this for a long time, decorating rooms for her. I know this because they were about to kiss and u stepped in even though I know I shouldn’t have and-”

“Calm down.” I said, “Take a breath and carry on.” She did as I asked her and carried on.

“I called him a cheat and Zoe must have felt horrible. She didn’t know we were together. She was extremely angry. She stormed ou5 and he said that now he was gone we could be together!”

“He didn’t!” I said not being able to believe it.

“He did.” She said. “I stormed off.”

“Ginny I have something to tell you too.” I said. I told her about the love potion but pretended I had invented the potion that stopped it rather than revealing the book. I told her about finding it was Malfoy and told her his reaction. I had realised that I hadn’t spent as much time with Ron as I should have the next day and found myself kissing him. I told her everything. 

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