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The rest of the holidays pasted in a boring blur for Hermione, Draco and Rebecca. Hermione and Draco had recovered from their mistletoe encounter although there was a tinge of awkwardness residing between them. Rebecca knew that she had to enrage the Death Eater’s further, but the plan wouldn’t continue until she was back at Hogwarts. However, Ginny and Harry had decided to give their relationship a break until, at soonest, the next holidays.



‘Thank Goodness you're back!’ Hermione hugged Ginny and Luna,


‘I don’t think I could spend another torturous minute with Draco!’ She said, playfully punching Draco who in turn wiped away a fake tear.


‘I have a lot to catch you up on…’ Ginny said with a half-smile, Hermione nodded and pulled Ginny away for a walk of the school grounds to catch up.


Luna and Draco who didn’t know each other very well and had very different personalities just awkwardly smiled at each other and went separate ways.



‘…and so, we are having a break.’ Ginny explained Harry and her ‘break’ to Hermione.


After a few minutes of Hermione trying to make Ginny feel better Ginny asked her to recount her holidays.


Hermione gave a brief explanation of the ‘mistletoe incident’ while leaving out how she felt even when Ginny asked.



Rebecca was getting impatient with the speed in which Hermione and Draco’s relationship was progressing. Rebecca had expected them to be at the least shared their feelings.


Obviously not as Gryffindor as I thought. Can’t even tell the guy. Honestly! Rebecca thought as she watched them in the Great Hall during lunch from the Ravenclaw table.


Rebecca decided that it would be safe to try to make Hermione a little jealous to speed up the process.


Rebecca was working out how to spread a rumour after she had executed ‘plan jealousy’, without allowing it to be traced back to her. Of course, she would need to tell a more popular person, but how? And how would she get the news get to the Death Eaters?



Professor McGonagall had declined Professor Sprout’s request for a pay rise for some reason only known by Professor Slughorn and some observant portraits.


‘Minerva, Minerva’ Albus Dumbledore chuckled from his painting after Professor Sprout had left in a huff.


McGonagall looked at Dumbledore guiltily.


‘I... It doesn’t suit the school’s funds’ McGonagall tried to cover up although a rare blush was forming on her cheeks.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at her.


‘I personally don’t like Sprout, but I got to admit McGonagall that was obviously payback.’ Phineas Black shook his head.


‘I don’t see what you see in a Hermione and Draco ship anyway’ said another portrait.


‘Okay! I’m not going to stand here and let you guys gang up on me,’ McGonagall childishly folded her arms and stormed out of the room.


The portraits laughed.

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