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ik this has nothing to do with HP, but I just want y'all to know the reason why i won't be uploading new chapters for another few days .




 So uhm yesterday I had my flu shot, and another two shots-


the two other ones were meant to be taken next year, but the doctor said that i was gonna do it this year-  



and so i did



when my mom and i were leaving the doctor, i suddenly felt really dizzy, and i kind of collapsed- 


And i threw up-


and by dizzy i mean- 


*The floor was rocking 


*I couldn't stand 


  • *almost fainted


(vision was blurry too) 


So uhm- 



I had to stay at the doctor's for another two hours 



and my arms are rlly sore 



and its hard to type on my keyboard cuz my arms hurt- 


so uhm 



i hope you forgive meh qwq 




dis is awkward-






bai bai now

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