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Harry POV



I found an empty room. Deserted, but perfect. An empty space it was The Room Of Requirement. I decorated it hoping she liked it a  sky with palest pink fading into blue. Trees in crimson, orange and yellow. Roses as red as blood. There were perfectly trimmed bushes. All for the perfect girl. Zoe Salt. In Ginny’s year with hair s yellow as the sun and eyes as blue as the sea. We had arranged to meet here. For the fifth time. I hoped to impress her once again. “I need a banner with the name, Zoe Salt in gold italics!” It came exactly as I imagined it. I waited.


Ginny POV


I needed some headspace so I made my way to the seventh floor to see the room of requirement. I needed to see something that would cheer me up. Harry avoiding me all day. Not being able to cast a simple spell in charms. Crying for no reason. I needed to figure out why. I turned a corner and saw a Harry and Zoe Salt talking together. They opened the room of requirement. And walked in. I speeded my pace up and slipped in. Luckily their backs were turned and Harry was pointing at an origami dove. They turned to face each-over. No this couldn’t be happening. Harry leaned in. Just a little closer and their lips would meet. I have to stop this. “TRAITOR!” I shouted it loud and clear and a Harry was startled. “YOU CHEATED ON ME!”

“Ginny er it- it isn’t  what it looks like.”
“Looks like what?” Zoe interrupted. “Is she? No no she can’t be. I didn’t know you already had a girlfriend. If you cheat on people like that then this relationship is over.” Zoe stormed out angrily. I heard her sobs as she walked down the moving stairs.

“Well now she’s gone we could-”

“Be together? Be happy? Trust each-over? Why should I? You ruined this relationship!”


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