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A/N: Hewo Hewo, how yall? My updates will most likely be quicker on weekdays than on weekends. Just letting you know.


Hermione's POV


I was just walking down the hallway on the fifth floor (A/N: I forgot what floor the ROR is on. Someone tell me!) I was just remembering DA when someone grabbed me and pulled me through a door. The door of the ROR. The person's back is to me, but I could tell it was a bloke. I looked around and saw a messed up bed, a bookbag on the floor, quills, parchment, ink, and books thrown all over the floor. The guy turned and I saw... Malfoy?

He was barefoot, his hair was messed up, he was wearing black pants and a white button-down shirt that was a worn-out look to it.

The top three buttons were undone, so I could see a bit of his chest. 

Suddenly everything clicked.

The messy attire from him, the messed up bed and room.



Why me?

I thought he hated me. 

There is no way that he wants to...


Draco's POV


Hermione looks around the room then at me. I could practically feel her brain working. She looked me up and down then looked at the bed, a look of horror on her face. I looked at the room that understood what she was thinking. 

Did she really think that?

Did Hermione really think that I wanted to seduce her?


"Um." Great. The one thing I can think of to say to her is um?

"What are you doing? Why am I here? And why did you pull me, a mudblood, the person you hate into the Room of Requirment with you and get rid of the door?"

I flinched when she said "mudblood" and I could tell that there was venom dripped from every word she said.

"One, please don't call yourself 'mudblood'. Two, I didn't mean to pull you into here."

She rolled her eyes at me. "You're the one who called me a mudblood in the first place." 

"I'll explain that, but first, you have to hear me out."

"Fine." She replied coldy.

She trotted over to the bed and sat down on it, arms and legs folded.



I took a very large and very needed breath.

"I'm a death eater and I need to kill Dumbledore."

Hermione's jaw dropped.

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