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Hermione POV



I drank the pink liquid and found that something unexpected had happened. I picked up the book and read the next chapter



The potion that protects you from the love potion detects when it is needed. It is two seconds ahead of time so that it is two seconds ahead of you. Therefore it can start working before you even drink the love potion. If something feels strange then here is why:

Love potions that go wrong or, in this case, have been stopped, will give you signs that only you and whoever likes you can see. You should have a flowery smell, two blue curved lines that appear in random places on your face and very dark hair. If you talk to someone who sees these changes to you then you will know they gave you the potion, or tried to at least. (No mistakes can happen).


I went into the bathroom and found my hair almost black! I had a blue line in front of my nose and another blue line on my cheek! I smelt myself. The flowery scent ticked my nose and I was dying to know who had tried to smother me that traitorous love. I met Harry on my way to the library and he just said hi. It couldn’t be him. Ron was crowded by a group of fans and he said hi while he could. I found an interesting book that was new and took it too a table. I saw my favourite book in the entire library and picked that up too. I lifted my head and saw Malfoy, crowded by Slytherins asking questions. He brushed them off and they walked away a little sadly.


“Malfoy.” I sniffed

“Woah woah woah! Granger what happened to you? What are those blue lines?” He said a little taken aback.

No no no there must be a mistake. But I could see the text. No mistakes... 

“Well somebody tried to give me a love potion but I have security. I drank it and these lines appear on my face and my hair goes darker.”(I decided not to mention my smell.) “Apparently only me and the person who tried to give me the potion can see it.” I said it calmly yet I was freaking out inside with fright that he was trying to gain my trust and kill me or torture me after.


Draco POV


She caught me. I stumbled backwards in embarrassment. All I could say was, “I- er I— MISTAKE! ITS A- A— MISTAKE!” I rushed off to my common room to get ready for first lessons of the day which I had been so excited about seeing as Granger would be in every one of them but now, now, I was dreading them.



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