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This song is by me... This has not been read over... it’s my first song fic and I suck at this...

If only!


Hermione looked at Draco, he was talking to his girlfriend, he look bored. He noticed her looking at him and glanced at her.


If only you were mine


Hermione felt tears running down, she wanted to be with Draco, not Ron.


“HERMIONE! Listen, the team’s coming, behave.” Ron demanded. Hermione Nodded. Ron was drunk, and he knew that she hated that. 


If only they would approve 


Draco sighed and rubbed his forehead, he wanted to be with her so badly!


If only I could be with you, I’ll be the happiest person alive


“I’m going to the bathroom.” Hermione said as she left Ron. Ron nodded, still drunk. She passed Draco’s table, tears still running.

She went in the stall and locked the lock.


I wish I was with you, if only, if only


Draco went to the ladies room and knocked on Hermione’s stall.

“One minute!” Hermione shouted, there were other stalls open, why didn’t this person use those?

“It’s me” Draco said, “I want to see if you’re okay. If you want, we can run away together”


Come with me, I’l lead you to a happier place


“Why? Draco, I want to be with you, but I can’t. I’m sorry,” Hermione said.

“Weasel can’t control you.” Draco said. He was tempted to break open the door.


if only


“My parents, my friends, I can’t leave them!” Hermione said. “Go away!”

“We’ll come back if you want, but I want you!” Draco pleaded. “Please”


come with me


“Promise me that you won’t leave me,  control me, drink wine, or be aggressive.” Hermione said softly. 

“I promise” Draco said.




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