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So.....if you weren't already plotting my murder, now you are....... This chapter is not a real chapter! Hehe, please don't start firing arrows at your poor computer screens! I was bored and I didn't want to keep writing because well...........I'm evil, so I made a Fox, Theo, and Blaise a Bitmoji!!!!!! I know, NOT the best 50th chapter! Which brings me to: OMG WE ARE ALREADY ON OUR 50TH CHAPTER!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR READING AND REVIEWING AND EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I hope that's enough to keep me alive......🙃



1. In Uniform: I tried to replicate the Slytherin uniform as best as I could. The blazer is supposed to be a fill in cloak. 

2. Not In Uniform: We all know how much our little Fox likes red so there you go! Also, blue just naturally goes with red.

Lips are different not because Fox would wear lipstick but because..........well, I felt like it.                                                                              




1. I only did non uniform for the boys because they are technically not OC's but they are also not pictured that much (Blaise is in the  8th movie and mentioned in the books, Theo is mentioned in the books). I didn't do Draco because we all know EXACTLY what he looks like, I also didn't alter Draco's personality like I did with Theo and Blaise.



(First is Theo second is Blaise)

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