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Draco POV

I walked down to breakfast getting ready for all the questions and love letters Harry Potter would get. It would be hard to look at him. I went into the great hall and found that everyone was talking to me! Not all the mean stuff like calling me a death eater, but actual pity and secret letters that had been passed on by friends and everyone loved me! “Malfoy! You look so good today! Did you do something to your hair?” I heard Pansy say. But Hermione Granger passed me and I couldn’t help but look at her. She looked so pretty!  I walked down to potions class an hour later and discovered we were making love potions! Slughorn decided on Amortentia the most powerful love potion in the world. “Whoever brews it best will get a litre of it as the muggles use. Litre! A funny word isn’t it?” He digressed. It’s just a word. Ad why should we use muggle words? I wanted to win that potion though. To slip it in to Granger. Yes! I’d love that. I like her a lot. I didn’t brew it correctly at all though and my hopes were crushed. But no one else had even finished step two! I won!


the next day


It was a good job I had been brewing polyjuice for the last six months. I pricked some of Nevilles hairs out and he just suspected I was being mean. Like I used too. I drank the disgusting potion and was nearly sick. I saw Harry. “Harry!” I began, “Whats the password to the common room?” He sighed.

“You killed a snake but you can’t remember a password? It’s You Know Poo.” I nearly argued that it wasn’t right but then I remembered You Know Who is gone. Dead. I slipped into the common room and found Hermione’s flask. I needed some hairs. Hairs, where will I find Hermione’s hair. I easily found it on the floor. I put it into the potion and poured it in to a silver flask in her bag. I filled it with water. Well Granger you will be prepared to fall in love with me!

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