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author's note: Thank you so much for taking the time to read such a long story. Here we go - The Beginning of The End. Chapter Fifty The stifling heat that summer was doing nothing to improve Harry Potter’s temper. It had been rather volatile for the last year but now it seemed to always be lurking less than an inch under the surface, ready to explode at the slightest provocation. He felt lost at the moment, unsure as to what his purpose was in life and fairly certain that all he would ever truly do was lose one person after another. Also, he considered Dumbledore’s words to him about the prophecy, there was simply nothing chipper in the thought of being destined to be an assassin no matter who the target might be. The alternative was that he would die while Voldemort won and that wasn’t exactly the happiest thought either. All these things combined had left Harry in a rather foul mood. This did have one benefit because everyone at Number Four Privet Drive was giving him a wide berth, so at least he could be alone with his thoughts. Even that great oaf Dudley would try to squeeze past him silently. Petunia’s thin lips would set in a straight line whenever Harry was about but at least she remained silent. Uncle Vernon contented himself with muttering about Harry being unnatural, evil, loathsome, vile and ungrateful to boot. However, he did try to keep his voice down. Between Harry’s history there and the fact that the members of the Order had more or less threatened Vernon with being turned into a toadstool or a puddle of slime all of the Dursleys were remarkably silent. Nearly every day he would receive letters in the owl post from Ron and Hermione or even some of the members of the Order. Yet, they hadn’t come for him and the promises of ‘soon’ were beginning to sound empty. He was still stuck here for the moment, far from anything that gave him any happiness. Oddly, Harry was satisfied with this arrangement. His replies to the letters were always brief, just saying that he was doing well and that things at the Dursleys were fine. Around his friends or the Order he would have felt that he had to put a good face on so that they would not worry. Far worse than that, Harry felt that they would try to cheer him up and at the moment, he didn’t care to be cheered. Here he could at least grieve in relative peace. It wasn’t as if the Dursleys ever cared if he was miserable, and he certainly wasn’t inclined to spare their feelings either. The truth was that Harry had lost so much and cared so deeply that his pain was beginning to overtake him. He was soon to be sixteen and he had more than enough sorrow to cripple nearly anyone. Harry Potter had no idea that a plan was being hatched even at that moment that would ease his pain. And he didn’t even know the strength of his own heart or his ability to love. Not yet at least. :::::::::::::::::: In the office of Albus Dumbledore nearly all the members of the Order of the Phoenix sat together and listened to Megan’s plan. “So, what do you all think? Are you willing?” She asked. Around her there were nods of agreement. Remus had thought the plan was a good one, Sophie agreed readily. Even Moody thought it was worth a try. The Weasleys had mentioned how brief Harry’s letters were and all of them knew that nothing was ever ‘just fine’ on Privet Drive. The boy was in trouble but this time the biggest fear was not that Voldemort would find him, but that he would never find his way back from his pain. That he’d be forever altered by it if it couldn’t be lessened in some way. “I’m not sure what I can do in this.” Kingsley said. Now that the Ministry had finally acknowledged the return of Voldemort he could be seen openly with the group. At least as openly as they were ever seen. “Nor I.” Said Arthur Weasley. “I’d be dead useless too.” Tonks said her hair bright pink and tipped with black today. Her ears were elfin in appearance. “Well, we’d need people willing to stand guard as it went on.” Megan explained. “So you’d all be of some use.” “In broad daylight?” Moody asked, he didn’t like the thought. It went against his nature to throw caution to the wind. “Yes, I think that is best.” Dumbledore spoke. He would not be accompanying the group. “This may indeed take quite some time and Voldemort’s followers are less likely to be active in the daylight.” “But won’t we stick out a mile?” Sophie asked. “Not if you are willing to dress as Muggles.” Dumbledore answered. “That never seems to work out too well for Moody.” Kingsley smiled. The old Auror shot him a disgruntled look and mumbled something about invisibility cloaks. “I think it’s a wonderful plan.” Said Arthur, always anxious to have an opportunity to walk amongst those fascinating people and observe them. He was also very fond of Harry and knew that something needed to be done. Megan looked around the room and asked, “So we’re all agreed then? Tomorrow morning we meet here and then set off for Privet Drive?” There were murmurs of agreement before Remus gently cleared his throat. “Megan, I actually don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go at all.” None of them knew she had been trained again. They had a different mission entirely. “Oh, just this one time I think it will all right.” Megan said. “To tell you the truth, I could use the outing. Besides, he’s my Godson.” To Remus’s shock, Dumbledore concurred. :::::::::::::::::::::::: The sounds from downstairs were drifting up to Harry as he lay on his bed in his small room. It was only nine o’clock in the morning on one of the hottest July days that England had ever known. In fact the entire summer had been oppressively hot, breaking every known record. Harry had retreated to his bedroom after eating a piece of toast and no one had tried to stop him. A bottle of ink and a piece of parchment were set out on his desk. He needed to reply to Hermione’s letter but he couldn’t think of anything to say. As he tried to conjure something cheerful to tell her he heard the doorbell ring downstairs. Vernon Dursley walked towards it grumbling. “Indecent hour to be calling. Bloody salespeople.” He muttered his large face red and perspiring. He opened the door. Standing there, tricked out in a very smart outfit was a pretty woman with shining dark curls and bright blue eyes. “Hello.” She said pleasantly. “Whatever it is you’re flogging, we aren’t buying.” Vernon said and tried to shut the door. “Oh, I’m not selling anything.” She said and smiled. “I’m afraid that my car’s broken down and I just need to ring the garage.” Vernon hesitated as Petunia came into the hall wiping her hands on her apron. Her mousy hair clung to her head because of the humidity and her long neck appeared even more giraffe-like because of this. “Who is it, Vernon?” Petunia asked, taking in the nice looking woman at the front door. “Dad?” Dudley came in directly behind him. Ignoring the woman and speaking only to his father. “I’ll need the car for the club. I want to get there as soon as it opens.” Dudley was supposed to be taking his beastly friends the swimming pool at Vernon’s club that day. In reality, Dudley simply wanted to take advantage of his new driver’s license by taking his friends round to one of their classmate’s houses and bullying the boy out of his pocket money again. The git’s parents were never around and he was an easy mark. By making rounds in the car to several of the younger children’s homes also Dudley knew that they should have enough money for beer and some cigarettes for that evening. Dudley’s piggy little eyes took in the stranger too. “Don’t you have a mobile?” Vernon grunted. Everyone had a mobile phone these days. “I left it on the dresser this morning.” Megan turned and smiled at Petunia. “It’s so beastly hot that I’m afraid my car has overheated.” She gestured behind her and the Dursleys looked outside. A long, gleaming automobile sat in the street, steam pouring out from under the hood. Vernon stared at her with distrust but the car was massive and obviously expensive. It was probably best to let the woman in because who knew who she might be related to? Vernon was a businessman, he couldn’t risk alienating anyone so obviously well off. “May I come in, please?” Megan had on her most winning smile. “It won’t take a moment.” “Certainly, come in. Welcome to our home.” He said with his best smile. Megan thought that a vampire baring its teeth would be more attractive. “Thank you,” Megan said and walked into the house. “What a lovely place you have here.” Dudley Dursley was eyeing Megan’s rather substantial bust as she began rummaging in her large leather bag. “I’ve got it here somewhere…” “The number for the garage?” Petunia sniffed. She had taken an immediate dislike to this woman and wished that Vernon hadn’t let her in. There was something odd about her. Her accent for one thing, it seemed forced. “No. A very good sleep.” Megan said as she produced her wand. Before any of the Dursleys could scream she shouted “Somnambula Totalus!” The Dursleys all collapsed to the floor with an enormous crack and Harry Potter’s astonished faced appeared over the railing above, his wand in his hand. “It’s all right Harry,” Tonks called as she shed her invisibility cloak designed to mute any sounds she might make while wearing it. “It’s just us, back again.” As she began to walk into the room her foot collided with the large form of Dudley, snoring like a rhino. She tripped, arms pinioning to keep her balance and went sprawling up the stairs backwards. Her face staring up at Harry’s. “So, how’s your summer been so far?” She asked conversationally. :::::::::::::::::::::: After everyone had emerged from their hiding places around the house or in the car, they all gathered in the backyard. Moody said that was the least comfortable trunk he had ever been in and pointed out that he spoke from experience. “Well no one told you to get in the boot of the car.” Megan smiled at Harry reassuringly. He had no idea who she was but he smiled back vaguely. “It’s dead hard talking like that, how do you lot manage it?” Arthur Weasley had insisted on levitating the sleeping Dursleys to the sofa so that they might rest more comfortably before the group moved to the garden. “This won’t do. The heat’s unbearable”, said the woman with the golden brown hair. Harry didn’t know her name yet but he had seen that she stood very close to Remus Lupin. If he hadn’t known better, he could have sworn they had briefly squeezed the others hand. “What do you think Remus, is it safe to include the whole block?” Remus smiled at the woman, “Sophie, the Muggles would be bound to notice.” “But half of us will be on the street!” “Fine then, but Arthur Weasley’s department will almost certainly be filing a report on you as soon as you flick your wand.” Remus spoke affectionately to the woman named Sophie and Harry knew he could not have imagined the quick kiss his father’s old friend planted on the woman’s temple. “I’ll tell them Moody did it.” She winked and then raised her wand after carefully looking around to see if any stray Muggles were about. Kingsley and Atticus had just spent the last fifteen minutes causing everyone in the neighborhood to fall into a deep sleep. “Temperato Moderatum.” Immediately the air around Harry felt pleasantly cool. Remus conjured a table and chairs as Moody placed them within the secrecy bubble. The dark haired woman had immediately sat down. “Take a seat for yourself, Harry.” She spoke in a warm voice. Harry hesitated and then did so. The woman was rummaging in her bag again and was pulling out packets of photographs. Everyone from the old Order had something to give and she had an enormous box. “I’m Megan, by the way, although a lot of people call me Anne now.” “Hello.” Harry shifted uncomfortably as the woman conjured a pitcher of iced pumpkin juice and several glasses. Megan looked at him intently, she could see that he was terribly strained. Dark circles were etched underneath his green eyes. Lily’s eyes, she thought. Lord, he looked so much like James but his eyes were exactly like his mother’s. “Look, what’s this about?” “We’ve come to help you remember some nice things for a change.” Megan spoke easily. “Thought it might improve your summer.” Harry sighed, he realized they meant well. “I’ve got photographs already.” “Oh I know,” She smiled easily at him. “Those are for later.” She pulled a pensieve from her bag. “Sophie, would you like to go first?” Megan asked and Sophie nodded. She had known Lily Potter since they were first years together. “Harry, this might take a bit, but I think you’ll find it worth it.” “Find what worth it?” “Getting to know your parents, seeing parts of your life too when you were just a tiny thing.” It had been Megan’s idea so she voiced the plan. “There’s plenty for you to see.” Harry’s eyes had opened wide with shock. One of the best things about last year had been being able to see his father in Snape’s pensieve. At first he hated what he had seen but it was one of the few things he could now remember with a smile. “Did you know them too?” “I did.” But there was time enough for that later. Megan would have to stay with Harry inside the secrecy bubble that was cloaked from the view of anyone who might pass by. Even with the members of the Order standing guard, their wands concealed knew there was a chance she would be seen here. As far as any of the Death Eaters knew Megan Hogan had died years ago. She and Atticus had already discussed this at length and their plan was set. They would close the Fortress for the time being and move to Italy. Atticus had a cousin there who had a large villa and it was already being cloaked and protected. Megan Hogan was ready to go into hiding once again. When they left Privet Drive she would go directly there and Atticus would follow with the children. She had work she needed to do and the cost was worth paying. “Ready Soph?” Remus asked and his wife nodded. “Hi Harry, I’m Sophie Burns.” Sophie stuck out her hand and Harry reached for it out of reflex. “I knew your parents from the time we were all eleven years old, I even ended up fighting the first time.” Sophie paused, she and Remus had already decided that it was time the boy knew, “And I’ve been married to Remus for nearly fifteen years. Just thought I’d better tell you because some of the memories will be about us a bit.” She grinned. She was leaving in the conversation with Lily at the Guzzling Goblin so that Harry could hear his own mother’s words about carrying on after the death of loved ones. Harry gaped at Lupin. It had never occurred to him that he had anyone in his life. “But why is your last name Burns then?” “Everyone has secrets Harry.” Sophie winked. “Now, Remus would you mind? I have to concentrate. Harry and…er…Anne, but be quiet please because I have to try and select memories.” She also had to censor them a bit but there was a great deal she could still reveal. She raised her wand to her temple and began drawing out pearly gray thoughts, one after the other, depositing them in the pensieve. “There you go Harry, have at.” She said and turned to leave the secrecy bubble so that she could join the others standing guard. Her limp was particularly bad today because of the humidity. As she left Megan placed another pensieve on the table. Harry hesitated, looked at Remus and then at the pensieve. “It’s all right Harry,” Remus urged, his lined face tired but his eyes looking happy. Harry Potter leaned forward and plunged his face into the swirling memories. “Firs’ year, o’er here!” He heard a familiar voice shouting as he floated down next to a skinny brown-eyed girl with light brown hair. Just a few paces behind her Lily Evans walked and Harry immediately fell into step beside her. It felt like ages as he walked through her memories, diligently following his mother and sometimes his father. He watched them grow. He eventually was watching his father in battle too. He saw his father blast a Death Eater deep inside a cavern, his mother tending to a cut above Sophie’s eye so gently and Remus Lupin walked in and invited the girl for a drink. It went on from there. As he did this, Remus Lupin carefully drew forth his own memories that he had selected and waited with Megan and Harry. “How many pensieves did you bring?” Remus asked Meg. “Six.” She said waiting to see how long it would take before Harry emerged. Remus was speaking quietly so as not to disturb Harry, “That’s Sophie, me, Atticus, you, Moody and…” Megan said nothing and Remus suddenly understood. “Who’s going to go fishing for those?” “I think Atticus has worked out a way.” Megan said and smiled. :::::::::::::::::: The sun was still shining even though it was well past seven and Harry thought they probably had at least an hour and a half of daylight left to them. Remus had forced him to stop twice to eat. Atticus and Kingsley had their hands full when the Muggles had tried to wake, but they’d managed to put them back to sleep easily. It was the sprinting from house to house that had been the tough part. Nearly all the residents of Privet Drive slept the day away and would awake with no memory of the day at all. Harry had seen so much today that he was exhausted, but it was the best exhaustion of his life. He’d watched his parents grow. Seen his father change from an arrogant boy, to a joking young man, to a serious fighter and leader. He’d watched his mother become less and less shy, heard her laugh with friends, and wondered about the pencil tucked behind her ear. He’d watched them fall in love and had seen for himself the joy that they felt together. He’d seen them both in battle too, even his mother fighting bravely as they had rushed into the catacombs. He knew that the woman beside him was named Megan Hogan but he didn’t understand what was supposed to be so special about her. His only experience with seers came from Trelawney. He’d watched his parents dance together at the Yule Ball and learned that his mother was a wonderful cook. He’d spent a Christmas party in Godric’s Hollow, studiously ignoring Peter and drinking in the love in the atmosphere. In Remus’s memory he’d been to his own first birthday party. “Well Harry, I suppose it’s my turn.” Megan said and smiled at him. It had taken them hours to coordinate all of this, who would reveal what to Harry and how much. Moody and Atticus had mostly been in charge of memories of meetings and of headquarters, as well as the few battles they had allowed Harry to witness. “Is there anything left?” He was tired, but eager. The memory of his parents was alive in him as it had never been before. “Two things, and I think you should go before I do.” Megan grinned. Atticus had joined them now. Remus was out keeping watch with the others. All day long they’d been switching places so that the members could fill the pensieves for Harry. “Me?” Harry was surprised. “The only thing I remember about my parents are what I saw today and the night they…” He trailed off, the smile leaving his face. “No Harry, not that.” Megan said easily. “I think deep within you there are other things, memories you don’t even know you have. You were alone with your parents, even if it was as a baby and you may have some things locked inside of you.” “If I do, I can’t remember them.” Harry said and his tone was sharper now. “Just concentrate Harry,” Atticus spoke patiently, his years as a father and his nature lent itself to this sort of thing. “Concentrate on bringing forth the happy times, there may not be much. Also, don’t think at all about Voldemort or the night he came.” Harry stared at the dark eyed man in front of him. “There’s no way to bring memories out of me that I can’t even recall.” “There is, at least, I think there is.” Atticus said kindly. “I just need to put a revealing charm on you first if you don’t mind, then I want you to concentrate as hard as you can and I’ll pull them from you.” Harry nodded slowly. It was worth a try he supposed. Atticus raised his wand and tapped Harry’s forehead, muttering the revealing charm and then Harry concentrated with all his might. There had not been much, just a scattered memory here and there. His father giving him a bath and trying to feed him broccoli then he’d had a flash of his father holding him against his chest. He’d seen his mother in a garden handing him a teething ring, smiling down proudly at him. Harry had wandered over and listened to their conversation, his cheeks flushing crimson when he had heard the end. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. He saw the way they looked at him, and each other. He pulled back smiling. They had been so happy together, and they had loved him so much. He turned to the woman named Megan, his eyes questioning. “Just a few things.” Megan said and she willed herself not to have her eyes fill with tears. “Everyone else has shown you your parents Harry, but I thought you might like to see a bit of Sirius.” She’d have to be careful with these memories, many of them were not fit for the young man to see. “My memory is a bit damaged but I do have lots of memories of Sirius, if you’d like to see them.” Her eyes were shining now with unshed tears. Harry had concentrated so much on his parents that he hadn’t followed Sirius much, but he had picked up on the fact that this woman had once been going to marry Sirius. He’d seen them together in the background on more than one occasion, laughing or holding hands. Sometimes kissing. “Is there anything left to see of him?” Harry asked and his heart beat quickly. He remembered again screaming for Sirius in the Ministry, watching him die. “Yes, just a few things.” Megan fought with the tears. She pushed the pensieve towards Harry. He watched them together, a carefully edited version of her memories. His Godfather had been so happy with her and she with him. It wasn’t helping him much to see any of this. Sirius had lost all of that because of Pettigrew and Voldemort. Then he was in Grimmauld Place and the woman was standing watching Sirius sleep, before placing her hand in his. He saw her telling Sirius that they had a son together but Megan had cut the memory off their and it switched to the kitchen, where they looked over photographs together of this boy. Harry stared at the photographs, Seraphim was so like Sirius in those pictures it was almost eerie. Then he saw Sirius talking to the boy, his face alight with joy and the boy called Phim hugging Sirius goodbye as a tear had escaped his eyes. Harry drew back from the memory and looked at Megan. “When?” He was crying a bit himself too. “Just before he died Harry.” Megan said and smiled through her tears. “He died a happy man Harry, he was able to meet his son and he loved him from the moment he knew he existed.” Harry was silent. Darkness was beginning to creep in. That was wonderful for Sirius and Harry’s mind did feel easier knowing but… “He loved you too, you know.” Megan did nothing to indicate that she had caught his thought. “Before he ever knew about Phim, you were just as good as a son to him.” Harry began to cry then and the woman in front of him watched silently. “He shouldn’t be dead.” Harry finally gasped. “Harry, you saw how brave he was, how brave they all were.” Megan said gently. “Remember, death is just a word.” “Yeah, a word with the power to take away everything.” Harry felt the bitterness trying to creep back in. “But Harry it’s just absence. At least, I think it is.” Megan spoke slowly. “I think we see them again when we die, and I think you believe that too. They’re waiting somewhere for us. Like they’ve left the room and are waiting just around a corner for us.” Harry thought about the voices behind the veil murmuring and nodded. He did feel better about Sirius now knowing that he had at least been happy for a time in his life, and that he had been happy again before dying. He had seen Sirius young and vital. Happier than he had ever known he could be in the time Harry had known him. The light was beginning to fade and Megan knew Moody would be barging in, demanding that they all collect their memories and go. They’d all been so patient. Atticus had even slipped away letting them have this moment to themselves. “You loved him but you’re married to that man, Atticus.” Harry said. “Yes. Sirius understood Harry, you will too if you think about it long enough.” Megan smiled. “We can love a lot of people in our lives Harry. It’s our greatest strength. It is what makes us strong. It’s what makes you strong. Think about it, what makes you strongest? I don’t think it’s just the power within you, I think it’s the power of being well loved too and loving in return.” Harry said nothing but he did feel a bit stronger. He thought of his friends, and of the members in the Order. He thought of the Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and that wonderful house called The Burrow. He even though of the tear that had trickled down Dumbledore’s long nose. “Now Harry, I need you to promise me something and it’s very important.” Megan had little time left. “I need to hold your hand for a moment and whatever you do, you can’t tell anyone, ever. If you do, people might try to find me, or hurt my son to try and find me.” It was a strange request but Harry nodded hesitantly. He knew he could not even tell Ron or Hermione about this, he could see it in the woman’s face, her chin raised in determination. There had been odd things in some of those memories. There had been a time when Voldemort had wanted to capture this woman very badly and he had done so once already. Harry Potter held out his hand and Megan took it. He watched her as she became rigidly locked in place, her eyes turning a light gray at first and then finally the color of lead. :::::::::::::::::: God, what could she do? She’d seen it all and knew he would win and how but the life afterwards was wrong, it was peaceful and he still had the love of his remaining friends but it was lacking too much. He would blame himself so much for causing that girl’s death and it could be prevented. Her mind raced, she had almost no time. “Harry, I need you to listen to me and you have to promise me with all your heart that you won’t tell anyone ever what I’m about to tell you. Only Dumbledore and that’s only if you absolutely have to talk to someone about it.” Her voice was urgent. Harry stared at her she was quivering as if from pain. “I swear.” He said uneasily but truthfully. “Harry, when this happens, you’ll know it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.” Megan said as quickly as she could. “You’ll see two of her…two of her Harry…and you won’t know which one to strike down.” Her heart was beating so fast. She dared not even tell him her name, he’d know when the time came. “Harry, she’ll be weak by then and the other will be pretending.” In the vision, he had chosen the wrong one first, and the stunning spell had left the girl at the mercy of the remaining Death Eaters. He’d realize his mistake later and the guilt would be crushing. Bellatrix had nearly felled him in her disguised form thank goodness he’d shielded so quickly. This can’t alter any of the rest of it Megan thought and prayed that she was right. It had only been Bellatrix with him as he’d finally faced down Voldemort. The others had all been battling. There would be losses but those Harry would be able to bear. It was the death of the girl that would weigh on his conscience because he would feel as if he had been truly responsible. “Listen to me, one of them is a Death Eater, she’ll have taken polyjuice. Harry remember this…for God’s sake…the real girl is on your left, I swear it to you on the lives of my children. Strike down the girl on the right, she’ll be weaker because of the potion. Do you understand me?” Harry didn’t; not really but he could certainly remember something as simple as his left from his right. “Strike down the girl on the right.” What could it mean? “Harry, remember because in a few moments, I won’t be able to.” Megan’s eyes were streaming tears. “I have to have that memory taken away from me and I can never do this again, I won’t know how. It’s one of the most important thing in what’s to come.” The guilt would cripple him otherwise. Megan had seen too much of what guilt could do a person’s heart. Harry nodded, but he was still confused. “Which side Harry?” “I strike on the right.” It struck him as a bit silly but the woman before him spoke so urgently. “Good lad.” Megan’s mind was working quickly she had to test it. “Now, give me a proper hug, I’m your Godmother after all.” Harry stood up, feeling awkward. He was taller than this woman but he allowed her to hug him and was surprised when he felt her hand on the back of his neck as he tried to briefly hug her. But Megan didn’t let go for a long moment. When she did, she turned quickly away so that he could not see her eyes. He assumed she was crying she seemed a bit prone to tears. In truth, she was waiting for her eyes to clear before she turned back and smiled dazzlingly. “You’re a fine lad. Now, keep an eye on Phim for me, won’t you?” This was important too. “He’ll be starting at Hogwarts as a fifth year even though he’s a year younger than that, he’s already taken all fourth year courses. You’ve seen him, you know that he’ll be given a time of it.” “I will, I promise.” This was easier. How much trouble could the kid be? “Thank you.” Megan seemed lost in thought though, and the smile never left her face. As the members came in one by one to collect their memories she had a hard time not hugging them all. They had no idea the difference that they had made but Megan had seen it. She’d seen it when she hugged him. He would remember and the future had been altered. Altered enough that when Harry won in the end, he would actually marry and have children in a peaceful, happy time. Megan smiled still more and looked Harry in the eye. She was a pretty thing in the vision. Megan knew that Harry had hard losses to face, but he need now never fear the loss of the other girl. She was special to him, he’d saved her life once, she was the sister of one of his closest friends and he would have blamed himself for her death, that red haired girl who was Arthur Weasley’s only daughter. But that wasn’t the only reason she was smiling. In the future that followed that, she’d seen Harry standing as best man as Ginny married. Megan Hogan had just saved the life of her own son’s future wife. She slipped on the invisibility cloak and grinned at him, “We’ll see each other again Harry. It won’t be for a few years I’m afraid.” Harry smiled and fought down the urge to ask why she would be gone from his life. He’d only just met her but he understood that she was some kind of seer. Harry hadn’t much faith in seers and he wouldn’t for two years until he saw two of Ginny Weasley standing before him, both screaming that they were real. Megan Hogan had finally done what she had set out to do. She had altered fate for the better and now she could rest. :::::::::::::::: Harry went to sleep that night feeling better than he had in as long as he could remember. He hadn’t ever thought of them that way, his parents, or his parent’s friends. He hadn’t thought of them as soldiers in a war, or as people who loved each other dearly as friends. He grinned up into the darkness. In some instances, they had loved each other as far more than just friends. Moody had been right, the Dursley’s remembered nothing about the day, they had awoken, groggy and a bit confused. But Harry remembered everything about it for the rest of his life. The day his parents truly came to life for him. The day he realized that although he had burdens to bear, he wasn’t the first to do so. They had all come before him and they had fought like lions, and some of them had died like heroes. It was sustaining because it made him feel less lonely. He would have to face Voldemort again someday, but he would do it with the memories of his parents inside of him. He would do it with more love in his heart than he had known was possible. He’d have to find that kid on the train, he decided. That boy who looked so much like his father, Sirius. Odd name though, Seraphim. Hopefully he might even be a bit like his dad, his real dad. They might even be able to have a bit of fun together. It would be almost like seeing Sirius again, Harry realized and understood how Sirius had felt when he saw Harry. As Harry Potter drifted off to sleep, his mind was filled with beautiful dreams and in the morning, he would feel oddly comforted by them although they were difficult to remember. Something about his parents by a golden shore with Sirius nearby and they were all smiling at him. THE END Author’s notes: Well if you come this far with me on this story then you’ve taken a very long ride. Thank you so much for reading. A special thanks to the people who took the time to review for me every single one of your reviews was and is greatly appreciated. Note regarding the sequel: There is a sequel to this story and it is on this site, under Action/Adventure. It’s called: Harry Potter and the Quest of the Rogue Witch Under my author name “shade” It’s a very different sort of story. Phim Sliverton is in it as are Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, just about everyone you can name from Hogwarts. It also has a new character named Nadia. Watch out though if you decide to read it. She takes a little warming up to but people who stuck with her ended up loving her almost as much as they did the OC I created in this story, Megan. Story notes: This is a barely altered version of the original posting. I wrote this within 29 days posting the last chapter on December 29th, 2003. The result is that I got very little sleep for a month and I produced a story I hope was enjoyable. I have two regrets about the way it turned out. 1. I wish I hadn’t taken the story down in the first place as I evidently upset quite a few readers. You have my apologies. 2. I wish to heck I hadn’t used the word “suddenly” so much. If you have any questions regarding this story or the characters with in it please feel free to email me via my contact information on the site. Two last things: There was an element people didn’t understand – Megan’s eyes turn grey because she sees all the way to the veil when she reads someone. If you’ve taken the time to read my notes, I owe you another thanks. Okay, well that’s all from me on this one. Peace, may we all know it within our lifetimes. – shade

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