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    Year: 1979 The end of term was drawing to a close. And this was good news for the Mauraders in more ways than one. Finally they could escape the endless rumours and suspisions that followed them around endlessly. Whispers were heard around the Gryffindor common room, as a blonde haired girl ran up to Lily and her friends to indulge in the latest gossip. 'Have you heard about Sirius and James?' 'What, that they are a couple?' 'No! That they have had another fight.' 'What, a lover's fight?' 'No!' 'Oh, shame, cos that would be sexy.' Lily broke off the conversation at this point, disturbed by the mental images it generated. Although this piece of information did bring up a new thought in Lily's mind. 'It is strange though. That such good friends end up fighting without fail every single month. And now that I think about it, how is it possible for them to inflict those wounds on each other.' 'What do you mean Lily?' her friends questioned in unison 'Sirius has a hoof shaped bruise in the middle of his eyes!' They all looked over to where Sirius sat, with his three 'friends'. Sirius did indeed have a bruise on his forehead, and James sat nursing a black eye. Sirius became aware of the girls looking at him. Although this was somthing he was used to, he suspected it was less to do with his good looks than usual. Gumbling miserablly, he turned to Peter. 'Peter, will you please thank James for the amount of embarrasment he has caused me with this hoof shaped bruise.' Before Peter could open his month, James butted in, 'Peter, will you please tell Sirius, that I have enough embarassment of my own thanks to our dear friend Lupin.' he said clutching an ice pack to his eye. Lupin looked up exassperated from his copy of the Financial Times. 'Oh well I'm sorry I accidently hit you whilst in my vicious werefolf stage.' Sirius couldn't help commenting slyly, ' Yeah, it's not Lupin's fault if you hit his paw with your face.' Peter tried to calm the tension by saying, 'Will one of you come with me to see Madame Pomfrey?' 'Why do you need to see her?' questioned Lupin ''You know, for my twelve crushed ribs from when Prongs stamped on me.' 'I'll go with you.' Sirius offered, 'After all, i know what it's like to be on the recieving end of those hooves.' James sneered at Sirius, 'Yeah, run away from the fight why don't you?' 'What fight?' asked Sirius. 'I was just doing my Charms homework you loser.' Sirius headed towards the portrait hole with Peter traipsing worridly behind. Sirius had just reached the door, when it swung open, to reveal two red headed twins. Seeing Sirius, the two strangers looked delighted, before shoving him backwards into Peter. James stood up alarmed, 'Hey!' he yelled at them. 'Nobody hurts my friend but me! I'm gobsmacked by this behaviour, gobsmacked I tell you!' James pulled Sirius up to his feet, and they stood side by side, facing the wierd newcomers. 'What is it ye want?' James questioned them. 'Yeah, what's your problem?' Sirius added The twins grinned before replying. 'The war is on!'

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