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A classmate and I decided to combine our stories together, so it’s not all Harry Potter

Like all of my chapters in this, it has not been proof-read

And the cup turned over on Skipper’s ‘beautiful’ brown head, drowning him with green goop.

“Don’t you dare insult my family!” I yelled before running to the Slytherin common room. I threw myself on my bed and cried. Ever since my sister, Rose was kidnapped, Skipper made fun of her and my family. I knew he was just jealous, but it hurt me.


“What’s wrong? Skipper again?” Victoire asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. I nodded, wiping my tears on a handkerchief.


“Y-yes. I just wish that he would disappear! And Rose would appear, safe!” I cried.


“The Aurors are working on it, be patient. We’ll find Rose.” She said soothingly. 



“Why do you have a perfect life?!” I shouted, tears running down my face. 


“I don’t have a perfect life, I was supposed to be in Gryffindor! My parents disowned me! The Dark Lord is coming to see if I’m worthy. I wasn’t loyal like your family!” She whispered the last part, hope and anger in her eyes. I immediately felt bad,


“I’m sorry, Vic! I’m just tired!” I said, hopping that she’d forgive me. Her eyes softened.


“I’m sorry too, but we’d better get to class” she said. She grabbed our bags and we went to Charms. The classroom was too bright and cheerful, sunlight poured through the windows, making me feel warm. I shook my head and tears rolled down my eyes again. 


“I’m going to find Rose.” I said softly. Victorie turned.


“What? Ali, you can’t skip school!” She hissed. “I won’t let you.”


“Please? You don’t have to go.” I asked in my best, ‘I’ll be good’ voice. 


“No. Alison, it’s dangerous! Uncle Harry almost died when he…” she trailed off. “Besides, you’re too young,” she said firmly.


“I’ll go by myself. You still owe me,” I said. “Goodbye” I turned and ran to my dorm and packed my bag with supplies, clothes, food, drinks, ropes, my wand, shoes, a picture of my friends and family, my owl, parchment, a quill, and a book. I crept to the window and jumped. I felt free and graceful; until I hit the ground with a thud. I quickly ran past gates someone had left open. An abandoned broomstick was there, so I got on. I didn’t play Quidditch. But I could ride a broom. I started slow at first, but I got better.


It was nearly midnight when I arrived at Delaneir Middle, a middle school. I was going to go there but Hogwarts was where everyone in my family went to, and I didn’t want to ruin the tradition. I hoped that they would have a place for me to stay for one night. I took a deep breath and opened the door, they had forgotten to lock it, then, I slammed the door. I quickly stuffed the broomstick in my bag, it had an enlarging spell so that it could fit anything. I then turned so that they’d think that I was running away. I hoped that my plan would work. And it did. An old woman came stumbling down the stairs and she grabbed me. 


“It’s no use trying to run away,” she said as she pulled me in. I pretended to be disappointed, when really, I was excited. I knew a lot about Delaneir Middle. Mum had let me decide if I wanted to go here. The old woman was Miss Rolanda, the principal. She led me to her office and forced me to sit on the chair.


“Why were you running away?” She asked after she sat down on her chair.


"I...'' I stopped, what was a believable reason? A tall blonde haired boy with green eyes my age, maybe a little older, walked in. 


“Miss Rolanda, the other boys dared her to. I tried to stop her.” he said, looking frustrated. I shot him a grateful smile when Miss Rolanda wasn’t looking. 


“Your punishment is to help Alan” She gestured to the boy who helped me, “wipe all the windows first thing in the morning.” she said. Wipe the windows? That was easy.


“Thank you, I will not run away again, Miss Rolanda.” I said. Alan led me to an empty closet.


“Thank you,” I said. 


“You’re welcome.” he said. There was an awkward silence. 


“Where should I sleep?” I asked, breaking the silence. The closet was small, so I could probably sleep here.


“Miss Rolanda has a spare room with a clean bed. She’s also forgetful, so she won’t know that you don’t attend this school. I trust that you can manage on your own, being a witch and all.” He said with a smile. What? How did he know? This is so bad, very bad. He could turn me in. This is a muggle school! 


“Oh, I won’t turn you in, as long as you keep the secret that I’m an enchanter. I’m the only one who knows that you’re a witch.” He said. How did he know that I thought that he was going to turn me in? What’s an Enchanter? 


“How did you know what I was thinking? What’s an Enchanter? And how do you know that I’m a witch?” I asked in panic. 


“Let’s just say that I’m a very special person.” he said mysteriously. 


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