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This has also not been checked for mistakes

“Alison, if you were president of The United States for one day, what issue would you address first?” The online muggle teacher asked. I sighed; the teacher, Ms. Connie, always forgot that I lived in England. She lived across the pond and always criticized my accent. Why did Mum and Dad hire her? I mean, she was said to be the ‘best’ though England and the United States. Atleast, that was what the websites said. But still!


“Well, first of all, I live in England and I’m under-age. But if I lived in the U.S. and I was of age, I’d put everyone back in quarantine. The number of cases rise up each week, hundreds of thousands die. And everyone who has COVID-19 will not be able to go out unless they wear a mask and gloves. I feel that a lot of people aren’t careful; I heard that some don’t even wear masks.” I said, taking a deep breath.


“That was awesome! So there is a little competition in the US and the prompt was: if you were president of The United States for one day, what issue would you address first? And you are one of the five students that can go! If you win, you’d be the president of the day. I heard that there was something similar in England?” She smiled.


Merlin’s beard! Me? I mean I know I’m super rich and all, but me? The girl with dirty blonde hair and grey-blue eyes? This was both good and bad. The good part was that I might be able to pick up some tips for my Mum; she was running to be the Minister Of Magic. But the bad news was that I might say something I’m not supposed to say. Like something to do with wizards and Hogwarts. 


“It’s okay if you say stuff about Hogwarts, the mics are supposed to block it off.” She explained. “I know that you’re a Witch because of how you act and your background. You’re a half-blood?” She said quickly. She must have seen the look of shock in my face. 


“Oh. And no. I’m not a half-blood! I’m a Pure-blood” I said, horrified. Ms. Connie shook her head.


“Sorry, but did you know, your Mum found out that she was a Pure-blood before you were born? She thought she was a Mud— sorry, Muggle-born?” Ms. Connie asked. Really?    


“Oh.” I said, silence filled the room. I looked at my watch, it said that it was seven o'clock already. “Well, I have to go now. See you next time, bye!” I said cheerfully as I ended the meeting. Phew! Today was one of her ‘good mood’ days, which is good. But next week, it’ll be her ‘bad mood’ oh, no!

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