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It was one o’clock, time for me to sneak out to meet him near the Black Lake. Him, the nephew of The Dark Lord, my boyfriend. He wasn’t evil, not really. I took a candle holder and a candle from my bedside table and lit it. The light danced around the room, making the room look creepy; it was Halloween after all. I crept through the halls, the caretaker was patrolling near the other side of school. 

When I arrived at The Black Lake, he was already there, wearing a long cloak and holding a lit wand. It was freezing outside and snowing, I forgot to bring a cloak.

“You’re five minutes early,” he said, smirking. “I didn’t know that you were that excited.”

“You were early too.” I pointed out. 

“True. Are you cold?” He asked, walking towards me.

“Freezing.” I replied. He draped his cloak around me. 

“What a gentleman,” I muttered. He raised an eyebrow.

“Really?” He asked, I nodded, wondering what he’d do next. He made a snowball and threw it at me, aiming at my head. He was a good thrower, that was a problem because he played Seeker on Slytherin’s team. I made a few snowballs two, and threw it at him, expecting him to dodge it. But he didn’t, he let it hit him, square in the face. He grinned, “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time though I expect Filch will be here soon.” 

“Ugh! But if we do get caught; again, it’s my fault this time” I groaned, I wished that the bloody caretaker didn’t have to come. We heard footsteps in the snow. It was Filch. We looked at each other.

“Hide!” He mouthed, he ducked behind a big rock, and he pulled me with him.

“Children in the snow!” Cackled Filch. “I’ll make sure the Headmistress knows.” It was rumoured that he was crazy, ever since Umbridge died. “Come out and show yourself!” He shouted, heading to the Forbidden Forest. I sighed in relief, but it was a trick, Filch was behind us, grinning to himself.

“Caught you! Which one of you wants to face torture?” He asked. My boyfriend looked at me, he mouthed, “sorry!” And then he did the stupidest thing ever. 

“It was me, Sir. I made Alison come. It is I who should be punished, not her.” He said bravely- I mean stupidly. It was a very nice thing for him to do, but I didn’t want him getting hurt.

“You? Alright, follow me.” Said Filch. I shook my head no, but my stupid boyfriend followed Filch. I knew that I wouldn't ever make that mistake again; letting him face the consequences.

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