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The next day, Ella slept in a little later than she had planned, but the sun was only just rising so she let herself slide. She was always the one to wake up before dawn, it was the only peaceful time she had.

Ella quickly changed into her normal uniform, and stepped outside is the carriage. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday, maybe because she wasn’t wearing the fine silk, but rather thick, layered fabric.

The air outside was crisp and clear, something she enjoyed since it wasn’t the same at the orphanage. Ella was glad she didn’t live in the orphanage anymore, the Delacours has taken her in when they found out where she was living.

Ella closed her eyes and let the wind touch her face. After awhile, she felt something fall onto her face.

She looked down at where it had fallen and saw a letter. Ella thought it was quite weird because she had never gotten a letter from anyone other than Fleur and Amélie.

She reached down and picked up the letter, when she opened it, she realized it was from Dumbledore.

Miss Riddle,

Please meet me at my office.

-Professor Dumbledore

Why would she meet him at his office, she didn’t even know where it was. Ella decided it was ok for her to go anyways, as she had nothing else to do.

She walked towards the looming castle, it seemed eerie with the way the sun was hitting it.

She stepped inside and had no idea where she was going. She decided she would check the Hall where she had been the day before.

She walked in and saw one person. Ella walked towards the girl, she had beautiful, long red hair Ella couldn’t see the color of her eyes though.

”Excusez-moi,” Ella said.

The girl looked at Ella. The sunlight hit her brown eyes and made them look like honey. 

“Can ‘ou direct me to ze ‘eadmaster’s office?” Ella asked.

”Sure,” the girl said. She got up and walked, Ella followed.

”Your from Beauxbatons?” she asked.

”Yes,” Ella replied.

”That’s cool. I’m from Hogwarts, obviously,” the girl started. “I’ve always wondered, is your school different from ours?”

”Very. Your school— iz more, uh, medieval, zhan ours,” Ella explained. “Beauxbatons iz more like a palace.”

”That’s cool,” the girl said.

They had already gone up several flights of stairs, and down a few corridors when they stopped.

”Dumbledore’s office is right up there,” the girl said. Ella looked up at the staircase she would have to take. It was quite large, so large Ella couldn’t see the end of it.

”Merci,” Ella said.

”I’m Charlotte Adams,” she said, sticking out her hand.

”Ella Riddle,” Ella replied, shaking her hand.

Charlotte didn’t seem to realize who her father was, giving Ella hope Harry might not either.

”It’s nice to meet you,” Charlotte said.

”You too,” Ella replied before walking up the staircase. About halfway up the staircase, Ella started getting tired, but she could finally see the ending and decided to push through.

Finally, she got to the landing and saw a hippogriff statue, but nothing else. She waited, thinking that this could be a prank, when a boy came up. 

“Who are you?” he asked.

”Vhy should I tell ‘ou?” Ella replied.

The hippogriff statue than turned and another staircase was revealed. Ella walked up the staircase and the boy followed.

Ella came into a room with many trinkets of all sizes. In the middle of the room, sat Dumbledore.

”Ah, welcome. Please sit,” he said gesturing towards two chairs in front of his desk.

Ella took the seat on the left and the boy took the one on the right.

”You must be wondering why I have summoned you,” Dumbledore said. “You two, are related in a way no other person is related.”

Ella thought this was absurd and definitely a prank.

”Harry Potter,” Dumbledore continued.

Ella then changed her mind, this was definitely not a prank.

”I would like you to meet Ella Riddle.”

Harry turned toward Ella with a look of shock and fear. Of course, Ella had to be introduced to the one person she was trying to avoid.

”Ella, I know you’re upset about this—“ Dumbledore started.

”Very,” Ella interrupted, standing up. “Now, I vill be leaving and good luck trying to get back to me. No, I vill not ‘urt ‘arry, but I vill not tolerate zhis. Au revoir”

She then left the office leaving Harry wondering how anyone could do such a thing in Dumbledore’s presence.

As Ella was walking back down the staircase, she walked by a window and saw the sun had risen. Her stomach growled and she decided it was time to eat something.

When Ella got to the Great Hall, she quickly found Fleur and Amélie eating at the blue tabl, where they had sat last night.

”There you are!” Amélie exclaimed as Ella sat across from them.

”Where have you been?” Fleur asked.

Ella rolled her eyes and replied, “Dumbledore asked me to meet him in his office, and told Potter who I was.”

”Oh, that—“ Amélie began.

”Shh,” Fleur calmed. “We don’t want to anger anyone.”

”Sorry,” Amélie said. “I forgot we”

”I’m starting to like this school less,” Ella replied.

”At least it’s only for this year, and we don’t have to converse with the Hogwarts students,” Fleur reminded.

”Except for the Yule Ball. Madame Maxime will require us to have a date,” Amélie said. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Ella would ever accept someone’s offer.”

Fleur laughed and Ella said, “Hey! I would too, depends though. I don’t want to go with some random person.”

”Please, there isn’t anyone here who isn’t random,” Fleur replied.

”True, very true, but we can at least find someone who isn’t absolutely awful,” Ella suggested.

The three of them laughed.

”What’s so funny?” Gabrielle asked, sneaking up behind them.

”Oh, nothing,” Amélie said.

Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders as she sat next to Ella.

”What class do you have first?” Ella asked.

”Umm... I don’t know, but I’m meeting with someone named Charlotte Adams, she’s going to be in all of my classes,” Gabrielle replied.

”I met with her this morning. She seems older than you,” Ella said confused.

”Apparently I’m smarter than the kids my age here,” Gabrielle replied grabbing a croissant.

”You should be, the kids here are stupid. This morning, one thought Amélie was from their school,” Fluer told Gabrielle.

”Harry asked me if I was from Beauxbatons. They really are stupid,” Ella commented, rolling her eyes. “Stupid Hogwarts students.”

”Wow,” Gabrielle said. “I’ve got to go meet with Charlotte now.”

”Bye,” Ella, Fleur, and Amélie said.

When Gabrielle had left, Fleur asked, “Did he really ask if you went to Beauxbatons?”

Ella was about to answer when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a bushy haired girl.

”Are you really Ella Riddle? And you walked out on Dumbledore?” she asked.

”Yes, and yes,” Ella replied turning back to Fleur and Amélie.

”Anyways, yeah, he did. He’s stupid honestly—“

”Why did you do that?” the girl asked.

”Dumbledore vas rude. I don’t understand vhy ‘e is ‘eadmaster. Madame Maxime is much better,” Ella said.

”Dumblydore shouldn’t ‘ave put Ella in ze same room as ze stupid Potter,” Amélie replied.

”He is not stupid!” the girl defended.

Ella rolled her eyes and replied, “‘e asked me if I vas vrom Beauxbatons. ‘E’s stupid.”

”Ok, that was, a little stupid,” the girl admitted. “But you still shouldn’t say that.”

”Vell, ‘ou are talking to Ella. Ella only zpeaks ze truth, no matter if it might ‘urt someone,” Fluer said.

”Fine, but I have to know. Are you going to hurt him? Is that your mission here?” the girl asked.

Ella was very frustrated with this girl so she decided to ignore her.

”This girl, I swear, she just gets worse,” Ella told Fluer and Amélie.

”Answer me!” she exclaimed.

Ella turned to her and said, “It vasn’t originally, but if ‘ou don’t ‘old your tongue, I might ‘urt you, and trust me, I am more powerful zhan your precious Potter. I am a Riddle after all.”

This seemed to scare the girl as she turned around and walked away.

“Well, she’s gone,” Ella said turning back towards Fleur and Amélie.

”Finally. I hope she doesn’t come back, or you might hurt her,” Amélie replied.

”No, she’ll definitely hurt her, unless she apologizes,” Fleur corrected.

Ella rolled her eyes and said, “Your both wrong. If she comes back, I will most likely hurt her, and then, if she apologizes I’ll stop, but if she doesn’t, I will continue.”

“Well, now that I remember, we need to put our names in. So we’d better get back to the carriage,” Fluer said.

”Your right,” Amélie replied. The three girls got up and began walking down the Great Hall. Ella overheard the girl from earlier talking to Harry.

”I’m not sure Dumbledore should let her stay, she even said she’d hurt me,” she said.

“Yes, but she told Dumbledore she wouldn’t hurt me,” Harry replied.

”I don’t care, she could’ve been lying, plus, the other girls all said they were scared of her and her friends.”

Ella had had enough of this girl, so she walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “‘Ou best be careful. ‘Ou zpeak too loudly and ‘ou don’t seem to recognize vhen someone is eavesdropping.”

Ella then walked to Fluer and Amélie who were waiting by the entrance to the Great Hall. 

“What was that all about?” Fluer asked.

”Oh, nothing,” Ella replied.

”She should just give it up, really,” Amélie said.

Ella smiled and replied, “She should worry about her, not the boy.”

Then they walked back to the carriage to prepare to enter the tournament.

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