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Axim wasn’t back in class until next tuesday, James had done such damage. What was funny was, James didn’t even remember pulling out his wand and jinxing Axim. He only remembered lunging at him and then being pulled off by Professor Longbottom.

“I’ve got my last detention tonight” James said, while struggling with his broom polish, “Then we’ve got tryouts tomorrow and I’ll stay out of trouble.” Freddie, Euen, Reese, and Max were sitting at the table in the common room. 

“Good,” said Freddie, “I’m going to hold you to that, James.”

Reese grabbed James’ hand, and took the polishing rag from him. She began to help him clean up his polishing job, and pulled off some loose twigs.

“Thanks,” he said nervously. 

“No problem” she said back to him, smiling. The girls then headed up to their dormitory to grab their Herbology textbooks before their class. 

“He likes you, Reese” said Max quietly 

“No he doesn’t,” she said, quiet sadness in her voice, “Anyways, I told you, I’ve moved on, I’m hanging out with Oscar later.”

“Whatever you say,” said Max, obviously not convinced. They girls headed to Herbology. 

Reese was struggling with her Snargaluff pod, and a hand reached over and pulled it out for her. She looked up to see a sandy blonde haired Ravenclaw holding the pod.

“Oh, thanks, Oscar,” she said happily 

“You’re late, Mr. Finnegan” Professor Longbottom said “One more and that’s a detention,”

“Sorry, Professor,” said Oscar, “Got distracted while flying, won’t happen again.” Oscar was the Keeper for Ravenclaw. 

“Grab a pod,” the Professor said, walking to go help another student, and Oscar picked one right next to Reese’s.

“We still on for after class today?” He asked

“Yeah,” she said “Looking forward to it,” Oscar smiled, and pulled out another pod. 

After all of the pods had been pulled out, and their last class for the day was over, Reese and Oscar headed to the Black Lake to have a small picnic. 

“What a tool,” James said, 

“I thought you were over your little crush on her,” Linden said.  

“I am,” James said, unconvincingly, “But he’s still a tool” 

“James is right” said Euen, coming up from behind him “He is a tool,” he said as they watched Reese and Oscar walk away, hand in hand.

“Calm down boys” said Max, walking up to them “Euen, just because you’ve never had a girlfriend doesn’t mean you have to not be ok with Reese having a boyfriend,”

“So he’s her boyfriend now?” Euen asked, ignoring the rest of the sentence she said.

“No, but I bet he will be pretty soon” she said, walking away.

Reese had a good time with Oscar, and headed to dinner, then back to the common room. 

“Did you have fun?” Asked Max

“I did, I really like him, we’re going to hang out for a bit in hogsmeade next weekend.”

“You’ll still hang out with me though, right?” Max asked

“Yeah, of course,” Reese said, “We’ll go to honeydukes and zonkos before I meet Oscar”

“Where are you meeting him” she asked

“Nowhere” Reese said 

“Its Madame Pudifoots isn’t it?” Max asked, laughing

“Ok, it was his idea, and its not really my thing, but he wanted to go!”

Max just kept laughing at her and Reese started to walk out

“No, I’m sorry,” she said, still laughing. “Stay, cmon,”

Reese smiled at Max and they went up to the dormitory together.


James was up bright and early on Saturday, it was the day of quidditch tryouts. He got a shower, then woke up Euen. Linded had just opened his eyes as well. 

“You all got tryouts today?” Asked Linden groggily. 

“Yeah,” Euen replied. 


Reese, Euen, James, and Max all headed down to the pitch after getting changed. Freddie began tryouts with a lap around the pitch, which eliminated about a fourth of the players. He then separated all of the players into positions, and began with picking the second beater. He chose Max pretty quickly, she was very strong. Chaser tryouts were hardly necessary, with James and Euen getting immediate spots, and a 7th year named Lauren Davis getting the third. Freddie then chose a surprising Keeper, a muggle-born 3rd year named Cassie Stallion. She was really good. Finally, there were only two seekers that had lasted the rest of tryouts, Reese and last years Seeker, a 6th year called Devan Markwell. He was decent, but was not a team player, and Freddie absolutely hated him. They were all praying that Reese flew better than he did. And she did. She flew amazingly and caught the snitch extremely quickly all three times, including an incredible dive during her last one.

“Come on, Fred, I was so much better than her,”

“I don’t want to hear it, Devan,” said Freddie “She’s a better teammate and team player, and a hell of a better Seeker than you’ll ever be,”

“She’s awful, Weasly, you can’t actually be putting her on the team, this has to be some kind of joke,”

“Hey,” said James as he walked over, “Shut it” he said to Devan

“You protecting your little girlfriend, Potter, she’s not even good enough to be a chaser, and neither are you, none of you should be on the team.” 

James lunged at him. 

“James! No!” Said Freddie, pulling him off, but the damage was already done, Devan was lying on the ground, blood uncontrollably spurting from his nose, and Professor Xavier was looking at them from the stands. 

“James, I’m not going to give you detention,” the Professor said as he sat behind his desk. “But I have to inform your parents, they should know”

“I know” James said, “Thanks for not giving me detention” 

“James, I know people make mistakes, but this has always been a repetitive thing for you. Maybe you should talk to your parents, because it doesn’t seem to be something you can control,” 

“Ok, Professor, thanks again, see you in class tomorrow”

“Bye James”


“No detention” he told Freddie

“Thank God, how are you so lucky. If it was literally any other Professor”

“I know, and I’m going to try to stop,” he said

“No more fights” Freddie said

“No more fights” James repeated.


Reese and James sat on the common room floor, finishing a potions essay due tomorrow

“Counterclockwise 13 times you said?” He asked 

“Twelve” she replied, “And you spelled Burboton wrong, there’s only one t”

“Thanks,” he said

“So you agreed to Freddie no more fights?” She asked

“Yeah,” he said

“Why do you do it” she asked

“I don’t even know” he replied “I just get so freaking angry and the next moment I’m on top of someone and they have boils all over their face,” 

“You need to just stop and think before that happens” she said. 

“Yeah,” he said


The next morning, James’ family owl, Kit, a beautiful snowy owl flew towards him during breakfast, carrying a red letter in her beak. 

“Oh, no” Lily said, sitting next to James, “Mums sent you a howler,”

James reluctantly opened the letter, knowing what happens if you don’t. 


James laughed, he hadn’t gotten one of these in a while. He wasn’t embarrassed, but his siblings were. He knew he just needed to talk to his mom during Christmas and tell her what’s going on , like Professor Xavier suggested.

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