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The next day as Hugo dressed, he stared out if his wagon at the sun looking at the same patchwork of fields he had seen the previous day. Something inside him was making him hurry up, he opened a wooden wardrobe next to his bed and found gold ties and black and purple uniforms. He had to change the clothes he had already put on and thought to himself about how he should have remembered that work had uniform and he was wasting time. He eventually walked out if his wagon and found his way to the red velvet curtain.


Mr.Potter was waiting behind the desk. “The only downside to travelling by floo is the mess it makes.” He said expecting Hugo to know all about it. “Opening night is tonight and I expect you to be ready?”

“Tonight? Ok! Wait, how come the customers haven’t seen the shop yet? Ohh I know they can’t see it yet can they?”

“No the cannot...”

Mr Potter walked away beckoning him to follow and after a minute or two if silence he finally said, “I wish to give you a quick tour, not of the Emporium but I wish to show you my, well let’s just call them my entertainers.” And with that he turned a corner and walked on. After a moment two tall people could be seen flying and having a competition on who could fly best.


“Hannah, Dillon come and meet Hugo, he is my knew assistant.”

“Assistant! Wow! Hi I’m Hannah nice to meet you! Where do you come from? How old are you? What doe# the real world look like?”

“Enough Hannah that’s  enough.”

“Hi I’m Dillon! And this is Mr Gi Gi! I’m very proud to have him.”

“Sorry about him a customer left him behind one day and Dillon hasn’t taken it out his hands ever since!” Exclaimed Hannah.


“Well we had better get on then Hugo! It may seem early but you have slept in. It’s opening time!” Hugo felt a little ashamed he had slept in but still followed along excitedly. He was led back behind the red velvet curtain and to the front door if the shop. “It’s showtime!” He heard Mr Potter say trying to make his hair a bit less tangled but was unsuccessful. The door of the shop cracked open. Silence poured through the building. Hugo held his breath, listening to the drumbeat of his own heart.


Mr Potter held out his right hand, then waved his left hand over it. Where only a moment ago there had been nothing but empty silence and space, a dove sat in his Palau tweeting in excitement, white feathers glowing in the light of the fire. Hugo breathed a hundred different scents, cinimon, HoneyDukes sweets, Zonko’s flavours and they could go on and on... “Welcome to opening night Hugo Granger-Weasley.”

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