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Typical Harry, always the hero. Harry steps up to Buckbeak and bows. After some time, Buckbeak bows back. Harry starts petting Buckbeak and Buckbeak leans into his touch. Then, Hagrid lifts Harry onto Buckbeack’s back! Harry looks VERY unsure and nervous. He was obviously not expecting this part. That’s what you get for being a show-off. Buckbeak launches into that air with a wobbling Harry on his back. They fly out of sight and I start to get slightly nervous. I smirk at the way Hermione clutches Ron’s hand and then how they both look away awkwardly. Harry finally lands with a smile on his face, so I guess it wasn’t that hard. People hoot and clap for Harry. Big whoop! It’s not THAT big of a feat! Draco seems to think so too, although he always turns his thoughts into actions (stupid idiot).


Draco steps up to Buckbeak, “You’re not that dangerous are you? You great, ugly, brute!” I repeat, Stupid Idiot. I cringe as Buckbeak uses his big talons to shred open Draco’s robes with his claws. Hagrid calms Buckbeak down and lures him away from Draco with dead ferrets. Draco rolls on the ground shouting in agony, “It’s gonna kill me! It’s gonna kill me!!!!” I can’t help but laugh just a little, he’s such a wimp. But my laughter ceases when I take  a better look at his arm, all the skin is ripped up and blood is seeping from everywhere, I think I even see a speck of bone! Pansy screams and for once, I feel her. Blaise, Theo, the Goons, and I share a horrified look. 


“Someone needs to take him to the Hospital Wing!” I shout. 


“Oh, I’ll do it!” Hagrid says, picking Draco up. “I’m the teacher!” I don’t really feel like entrusting Draco’s care to Hagrid, who is the reason Draco’s hurt in the first place! Sure, Draco ignited the flame, but the spark was already there! Hagrid shouldn’t have brought out such big, sharp, creatures on our FIRST lesson! Don’t get me wrong, I like Hagrid, he’s a really sweet bloke, but he’s an awful teacher! I wish he’d just stayed a gamekeeper. 


“You wait until my father hears about this!!!” Draco bellows. For the first time, I am relieved by those familiar words.



After COMC, there is free time before dinner. I find my feet hurriedly driving me to the Hospital Wing. Draco is sitting up in a cot, his arm is in a sling and he looks, angry, annoyed, and the most in pain I have ever seen him. 


“Does it hurt?” I ask, sitting on a small chair by his cot.


“What do you think?! I only got slashed by a humongous hippogriff!” He snaps. I don’t say anything back, he deserves to be grumpy. 


“What's the damage?” I ask after a couple moments of silence. 


“Broken bone, flesh damage, blood loss.” He mumbles bitterly. “Dislocated elbow.” I wince. From what I’ve heard from my healer sister, those are the worst. That, and when you tear your ACL. He turns his head quickly, but I catch sight of a small tear falling down his face. “The quidditch game was coming up soon. Against Gryffindor. Without me, we’re dead!” he says VERY bitterly. I can’t help but smirk slightly and shake my head at how arrogant he still is. 


“We’re not playing until you're better. We don’t have a reserve.” I say, trying to cheer him up. “And anyways the weather’s awful! Best we wait it out. Make Hufflepuff suffer instead.” A small smirk appears on his pale pink lips and I know I’ve done well. 


“Well, I’d better get going. I don’t fancy facing the wrath of Parkinson, if she catches me in here.” I say, standing up from the small chair I was seated in beside his bed.


“Wait.” He says, grabbing my arm with his non-injured one. I can tell the movement still pains him, though. “Stay.” 


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww + Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo+


What I think ur all probably feeling right now. 


I know this chapter was short but I REALLY wanted to end on "Stay.". It makes me melt SO MUCH inside, but I'm going to have to disappoint you, it really doesn't mean a lot more than just, "Stay." in the long term. I know, I know, but do me a favor and don't ruin ur computer/iPad/phone screens by throwing rocks at them and hoping they'll get across to me. They won't (Haha! :P). PLEASE don't stop reading tho, I PROMISE there WILL be some romance and things will get rly DARK soon. Ah, love and hate at the same time, isn't it amazing? 


Anyways, I want 2 thank:








Sophie Black


Sophie Lupin




Golden Trio




Sarah Lovegood




Penelope Gryffin_Pygmy Puff




Her my own




Aru shah


All the people who have ever reviewed this story! THANK U!!!! If u want ur name added to this list, feel free to put in ur own review! I answer them all ASAP and and LOVE getting thoughts/comments/feelings/critiques/feedback abt FLAMES! So if you can and want to, I would really love it! 


Lastly, last chapter I mentioned that I would put a question you can answer in the reviews if u want at the end of some chapters, here is todays: Would it be helpful if I only updated on a certain day of the week, that way u all know when to look? 



Baby nargle!


ps. If u see some weird things in the reviews, those are my friends who I luv & hate and luv to hate and luv to luv, so yeah. :)

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